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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Teleport spell 2

Teleport Spell

Scriptname extends activeMagicEffect

ObjectReference property TeleDest auto
Event OnEffectFinish(Actor target, Actor caster)
  Target.MoveTo(TeleDest) ; Xmarker reference = TeleDest

Spell: Teleport Spell is a Magic Effect, add to Teleport Spell
Add Duration (1 or 2), Edit an existing Teleport Spell and rename it
Edit Script properties – Add location of Xmarker Ref and Cell name, then save
Add restoration or alteration to effect when for using spell.  Check “painless.” Uncheck unnecessary effects or keywords.  

M7 2015.


Teleport Spell

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Talopolis video

Talopolis - The Lost City of Talos, by M-7

M7 2015.

Talopolis - The Lost City of Talos


Talopolis - The Lost City of Talos:
Uses: Dawnguard / Hearthfire DLC:

Centered in a hidden lake high above somewhere west of the Dawnguard Castle is Talopolis. You can access it via a Mage Portal (see Map Marker).  The Main Building is Talos Castle (COC Talopolis01). 

Inside Talos Castle (Player Home) are:

First Level:

Main Halls + Statues (etc.)
A Great Hall with Throne, tables for Knights, and restroom access;
A Private Dining Room, Kitchen, & Pantry. Harvestable Food & Drink (wine, milk, steamed crab legs, lavender dumplings, breads, snowberry dessert).

The Teleporter Chamber - Accesses the following Cities:

1. Dawnstar, 2. Falkreath, 3. High Hrothgar, 4. Whiterun (Dragonsreach), 5. Windhelm, 6. Riften, 7. Markarth, 8. Morthal, 9. Riverwood, 10. Solitude (Blue Palace), 11. Dragonshire (Tavern), 12. The Temple of the Divines (Talos Castle). 

Imperial Baths (2), with heated pools + statues + Diving board.

Temple of the Divines (with fluted columns, statues & Shrines)
The Lost City of Talos - via Teleport in Pantry near Kitchen, (for viewing only).
Sewer Access outside near Supply Tower (underwater).

Second Level:

Barracks for Knights (bedroom) + beds, furniture, containers.
Utilities - Skyforge, Forge, Tanning Racks, Workbench, Grinding Stones.
Storage rooms

Master Quarters - Bedroom, Library/Study, Store, & (Armory) Storage, Bar (with Soup/Wine kegs).
Access to Hidden Mage Tower (with Scroll Maker + Doomstones).


Wine Cellar
Storage rooms (with Storage Crates)
Wine Maker, Beer Brewery, & Meadery (uses ingredients).
Soup/Wine Kegs
Practice Areas (Dummies, Archery Targets)
Security Room (with simulated computers).
Royal Crypt
Sewer Access (In case you get stuck in the Lost city).
Prison with prisoners (via Pantry Teleport).

Other Features:

Fully Navmeshed for NPC Traveling
Marked Respawn Containers
Many Safe (non-respawn) Containers
Toilets with Potions
Harvestable Food/Drink
Custom Textures (Gold Teleport Pad, Fluted Columns)
Wood Chopper outside
2 other Buildings (Tower, Inn)
Boat Docks with boats
Custom Worldspace
Scroll Maker makes Magic Scrolls in Mage Tower (see Teleport in Master Bedroom).
Plantable Gardens (outside near Inn).
Ore Mines in the Lost City of Talos (on ground nearest Bridge.  Note the protective wood fences).



About 7 Knights, a Mage, a singing Bard, Store Merchants, Inn Keeper.

Pets: Caesar (dog).


M7 2015.

Note: The Ice on the ceiling or ground in the Lost City of Talos is NOT SOLID.
In case you get stuck there, find the stairs to go up to the walk path and to the door to the Sewer System.


M7 2015.

Friday, December 4, 2015

New Mods by M7


Better Drops Mod by M7

In Better Drops Mod by M7, you can find more items on dead creatures, about 33 creatures in fact.  Among these creatures with added loot are as follows:

Cave Bears (Bear Meat - see Cooking), Snow Cave Bear (Bear Meat), Chickens (Eggs), Deer (Lavender, arrows), Dogs and Wolves (Dog Meat, Collar), Fox (Juniper Berries, Frost Salts), Ice Fox, Frostbite Spider (Spider Meat), Goats, Rabbits (Rabbit Pelts), Horkers, Horses, Ice Wraith, Mammoths, Mud Crabs (Pearls), Sabre Cats, Skeevers, Slaughterfish, Spriggans, Storm Atronach, Trolls, Frost Trolls, Wisps, Ice Wolves, etc. 

Some have added ingredients, food items, weapons or armor, lockpicks, or jewelry. 

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Good Hunting!

M7 2015.


DragonMilk is found on Dragons. By itself it can fortify your health for one day by 999x points, or be used in Blacksmithing to create Dragonplate armor [with Perk] or Dragonmilk arrows and a dagger [without Perk]. No DLC Required. Please Rate and Subscribe. :)

The armor is enchanted and needs Dragonmilk as a reagent. So one armor fortifies Carry, another will fortify Destruction or Health, etc. (Cuirass, Gauntlet, Helmet, Boots, & Shield).

M7 2015.


More Gold on Animals by M7

This Mod adds a greater chance to earn gold on animals and some people, including a Lucky Lottery Ticket worth 1000 Gold. Redeem Ticket at any General Store or Forge, Cooking Pot, Smelter or Sky Forge. Animal kills are worth 5x more gold than original (random). NO DLC needed.

M7 2015.

M7 2015.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Victory Towers


Victory Towers - A Player Home by M7:

Located next door to Twilight Sepulcher is this Towering Castle. Some distance to the West of Falkreath and Lakeview Manor lay this 4-tower Fortress, complete with Meadery, Chapel, Armory, Plantable Gardens, A Hidden Treasury, General Store, Pool room; harvestable Ingots, Cheese and waterfalls; Underground Mines, Catacombs, lots of non-respawning storage, Servants (Food Merchant, Bard, Follower, Shopkeeper, & Priest), and other amenities.  If you choose to purchase the Deed and fashion a key from a gold bar you can access the Hidden Treasury (with a substantial reimbursed Gift) in the Master Bedchamber, and the Catacombs. This Mod Requires: Dawnguard & Hearthfire DLC and is recommended with the Custom Family Home Mod to move your family into it. 

version 1.1

M7 2015.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Siege Cavern Mod by M7

Siege Cavern

Your Mission: Clear out the Bandits and you can keep the Castle.

The Cavern is accessible from a boat in the Lake  Ilinalta near Falkreath (near Lakeview Manor in Hearthfire DLC). No DLC are needed. Once inside you must vanquish the Bandits who have settled in the Fortress. Each Bandit has a key to the Castle. The Castle comes with a Servant and 2 Followers, Main room, Kitchen and Pantry, Armory Cellar, and Bedchamber. All utilities are included. The [27] Bandits do not respawn.

M7 2015.


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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Mods by M7



Sara has inherited her ancestral sword, the Deathbane. Unfortunately for her, it was fragmented in 5 pieces and scattered all across Skyrim. Find each piece to craft this legendary weapon.


1 - Outside Riften Bee & Barb - look for a strongbox near a bench/ guard.
2 - Solitude's Bits & Pieces - a strongbox on the floor near entrance.
3 - Winterhold College Arcanum - a strongbox on a table.
4 - Whiterun Dragonsreach - a strongbox on the floor near a table / near Court Wizard table.
5 - Deathbane Sanctuary - near Morthal to the East.

Find all 5 parts and craft Deathbane sword. It has a fire effect and over 200+ hit points of damage.
(Sword Handle, Sword Blade, Stone rubbing, Sian's Moonstone, & The One Ring.)

M7 2015.

M'aiq the Liar's Lair

A House for M'aiq the Liar. East of Whiterun. No DLC needed.


- A bedroom with furniture
- A training area
- Kitchen with Dining area
- Utility room (Blacksmithing, Smelter, workbench, grindstone, tanning rack)
- Cave with waterfall / well
- Mage Doomstone
- Navmeshed interior
- Ore Mines

Of course this is designed for M'aiq the Liar only, so all items are marked in red (set ownership to M'aiq).

M7 2015. :)



The Alchemist Stone

Using a Smelter and Cooking Pot you can create the Alchemist Stone, which can turn base metals into gold or silver and create the Elixir of Life. (No DLC needed).


Alchemist Stone:

1. Fire Salts.
2. Frost Salts.
3. Void Salts.
4. Salt Pile.
5. Chicken Egg.

Gold or Silver ingots:

1. Alchemist Stone + any other metal ingot (except gold or silver).


1. Alchemist Stone. The Elixir of Life restores health, cures illnesses, and fortifies health for 10 minutes.

Salts and Chicken Eggs are available for purchase from the Cooking Pot or any Merchant.



M7 2015. :)


M7 2015.

Friday, August 21, 2015

On Connecting Navmesh Lines to Green

To connect Navmesh lines in the Skyrim Creation Kit:

1.  (Worldspaces): Line up two Navmesh lanes (lines), add vertices (red dots) along each lane, as close as possible.  Highlight each line first with CTRL, then Press the Finalize button (Check symbol on toolbar).  This adds a Green Line clamping the lanes together like stitches in a quilt.  The NPC can then follow the Player over this area.
2.  Continue to add Green Lines up until both red areas are connected.  The Worldspaces also have "preferred paths" which may be similar (I have yet to use one).
3.  If the Green Lines disconnect, redo this and Finalize it until it is one complete line.
4.  This does not occur in Interior Cells - only Worldspace cells.
5.  The red dots should be opposite each other, facing the opposite dot/vertice before connecting.  

M7 2015.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Touring the Imperial City Mod

Touring the Imperial City:

This is a Work-in-Progress at the moment. From either Solstheim (Raven Rock Docks) or Windhelm Docks you can access a small island in Septimville. From there an Imperial Fort harbors another island with a Mage Portal to the ruins of the Imperial City.


To access these regions go to the docks in either Windhelm (see map marker) or Solstheim and click on a small steel rowboat.  The first island on Septimville has a tent with bedroll and some furniture, and a small tower belonging to the Imperial Colony.  Across the bridge leads to the Imperial Fort.  The Fort is Navmeshed and has guards with timed activities.  Another boat in Septimvile leads to a small island with a town.  The island has a Mage Portal to access the Imperial City.  The Imperial City is not fully Navmeshed yet as it is a World Space (not an interior cell). 

- An Arena with combatants (marked Essential / immortal) of Bandits in armor and Sabre Cats.
An Adoring Fan sits on the top of the Arena entrance watching it (he will sometimes enter the Arena Bloodworks and engage in battle, via the trapdoor).
- You can increase stats by fighting (use God Mode for this; ~ TGM).
- The Palace has a Dragon statue representing Martin Septim (from Oblivion game).
- other parts of the City are also represented.
- Talos Plaza has a Talos shrine and pillared section.
- (More to Come)...

Dragonborn DLC, Dawnguard DLC, Skyrim Game.

_ This Mod was started on August 12, 2015 to August 16, 2015 (Version 1.0).

M7 2015.
version: 1.0

** Thanks to the Skyrim Forums for information about how to Navmesh in World Spaces! :)


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dayspring Castle Mod

Dayspring Castle in Dayspring Canyon. 

This Mod places a Castle in Dayspring Canyon on the way to Fort Dawnguard. Vampires may be hesitant to use this, but should be okay. I plan to use this Castle Mod myself. It has working Gardens from Hearthfire DLC and currently 1 Merchant and 2 Followers. More features expected in the future..



- Main Castle area with furniture
- Washroom (private bath/pool)
- Armory with tons of storage
- Great Hall with tables and a throne (etc.)
- Working Gardens
- General Store with Merchant
- Main Bedchamber
- Sewer and Catacombs below Gardens
- 2 Companion Followers for your adventures (1 Spellsword, 1 Warrior)
- 1 Merchant in General Store
- Set in the beautiful countryside of Dayspring Canyon
- Port Docks are not accessible to followers (use Map Markers or Fast Travel from Castle), because of World Space issue with Navmeshing over major boundary lines (green lines); you can avoid this by using Map Marker from Castle to Dayspring Canyon Map Marker -- not run through Docks or NPC will stop walking.
- Access to fish in lake.
- NPC Followers have Perks (list of abilities)
- Chests are marked (R = Respawn, Safe = safe storage, non-respawn); non-marked chests are okay too.

M7 2015. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Skyhold - Cloud City Mod (WIP)


Welcome to Skyhold - the Only Skyrim Hold up in the Air over Falkreath!
Journey to the (Map) entrance to Falkreath and touch the Magic Book on the Altar to enter this City.
The City is very dense. It is populated by several people, including a Bard, Guards, Citizens, Merchants, a dog, etc. There is a General Store, an Inn, a Bank, extensive underground Mines, a Player Home that is purchased (see Jarl's Steward for Deed), A lighthouse, Government building, houses, and outdoor merchants.


Skyhold Cloud City (A Work-in-progress Summer Project by M7) is a city resting on an island of rock in the sky over Falkreath, thanks in part to the strange gravity field of the region. The City is in 2 parts - the City itself and the property of its Jarl adjacent nearby. The Jarl visits his Manor house at night. His estate comes with farmland, a swimming pool, statuary, lumbermill and grain mill. Guards protect most areas, except inside his Manor. The City has an Inn, a General Store, a number of independent merchants, a Bank, Ore Mines, the Government building and a buyable Player Home.

 Update: 06-27-2015:

I added the Jarl of Skyhold's Manor and its surrounding land to the City. He works in the Government building during the day, and sleeps in his Manor house at night. If you can kill him there, take his heart to the Keymaster device that you used to buy the Skyhold Estate key with and make an enchanted sword there. (Don't worry, he respawns so the City will always have its Jarl...).

Mines have Miners who work there. The General Store has 2 hireable followers and a little boy who visits areas of the City. There is a Bank with added access once you obtain the Skyhold Estate key. The Bard sings all day / night outside (street musician). The Inn and some outside merchants sell food and drink. Other merchants sell jewelry and clothing, armor, arrows, food, etc. This city has a lot of immersion considering it's located on an island in the sky due to Skyrim's strange Gravity. I hope Dragons don't ram into the City. The Skyhold Estate (i.e. buyable Player home) has interesting decor and widescreen TV (non-functional); the entrance to the City has a wall of computers there, probably for security reasons. 2 types of guards are available, both with Falkreath Crime Faction and weapons. Citizens also roam about.

Update: 6-27-15:

I added a landing site with Lift on the Floating Rock above Falkreath (for Flying Mods).
It also has a small tower. Next I added 7 Village Houses, with keys for NPCs and their independent AI (for sleep, work, etc.). Mostly these houses are for merchants, the 2 followers, and the Boy.

I also added a Barracks for the Guards (see trapdoors on surface in City); 2 door locations.

M7 :)

This is a WIP [Work in progress] for now.
M7-1.0 2015.

Please rate/subscribe/enjoy.


Saturday, June 6, 2015



Dragonshire by M-7:

This is a Player Home south of Raven Rock, Solstheim.

It requires Dawnguard / Dragonborn DLC to Play.

(Castle/Palace Mod).

M7 2015. ver.1.1

Thursday, May 7, 2015

City of the Dead (Suteni)


Suteni - City of the Dead:

Suteni is a Potential Player-owned City, the only problem is that Undead have taken over. Once you clear them out, the City is yours to keep. You may need some help from companions inside the Keep, as the Undead only fight when attacked first... (In Solstheim - Far East). This mod uses Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC.

** Note: Keys are on the Undead - to open locked doors.


Entrance on Solstheism in the Far East (Right side of Map) region, with Map Marker.
Walled-City, Castle, Bakery, Chapel, Blacksmith, Farmer's house. Castle has bedroom with bath, kitchen and Great Hall.
NPCs = 3 Companions/Followers with weapons/armor.
Dozens of Undead (Mage, Warrior) that heal themselves and are set to the Player's level.
Ice Box(es) that can keep ale cool and other food items.

Future ideas: More Servants and Vendors, 3 houses interiors, more Followers. etc.

M7 2015.
Version 1.0
Last update: May 7, 2015.

Uses Skyrim, Updates, Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLC.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Akaviri Insurrection - Video

Akaviri Insurrection


M7 2015.

This is a Follower Mod using Dawnguard DLC.
The Akaviri have returned to Tamriel in this secret base. Look for "An Ancient Well" near Windhelm City (on Map).

You can hire about a dozen Followers from the secret Akaviri Base inside the Ancient Well near Windhelm. Look out for Spiders, too. The Blades (Akaviri) are not marked Essential - meaning you the Player can kill them (they respawn). Also the Base can be a suitable Player Home if desired.


Version 1.0
April 28, 2015.

Hints: The Key to the Ancient Chateau is in the closet (Stronghold) or on one of the Spiders as you enter the Well.


Most Utilities, some Doom stones, beds, chairs, benches, Shrines, NPC Followers, 2 Pools, Spiders, Webs, A singing Bard, Navmeshed Interior for NPC movement, lots of storage ("Safe Chests"), No Vendors, No Mannequins or Weapon racks, etc. Also included are the Akaviri Mines.


Friday, March 6, 2015

The Unfinished City

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim presents...

The Unfinished City - Mod by M7.


I stopped working on this Metropolis in March 2015. So I am offering it as a Modding Resource, as is, to anyone else willing to build upon it and make something from it. It is a City worldspace separate from Tamriel. There are several buildings, farms, castles, etc. Some Navmeshing included. A wall surrounds it. The entrance is via a Mage Portal on a hill in Markarth region. You need DAWNGUARD DLC and Skyrim Updates.

M7 2015.

version 1.1
March 6, 2015.


Harvestable Apple trees
Bard & Merchant in Ahhotep Keep
Horse stables
Farm house
Farms - Cows, Chickens, etc.
Map Markers
Landscape - I added roads so the landscape glitch in Skyrim doesn't cause the disappearing texture.
Custom textures
Navmeshed interior and some exterior (though limited)
Lots of room to explore or add stuff
Well-planned City layout
Castles exterior
Mage Portal to Markarth
Walled Estates

M7 2015.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Legend of the Red Tiger - Mod by M7


A long time ago, in a Provincial Palace not far away, a Khajiit known for his bravery and cunning once conquered the lands held by the Skyrim despots and bandits. His true name escapes History, and is only known from Legend as The Red Tiger. Here in Markarth Province is the lair of the Red Tiger.

M7 2014.

A new Player Home by M7.
Dragonborn & Dawnguard are Required.


Royal and Servant Bedrooms, Royal Bath and Boudoir, Hidden Armory and other facilities, Garden Tower, Wine Cellar, Main Hall, Storage rooms, kitchen, Gallery, Chapel, Den, Ballroom, 4 Servants/Followers, etc.

M7 ver.1.0