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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lakeshore Palace & Skytown by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Lakeshore Palace & Skytown
A Skyrim Mod by M7

An Island Palace in Lake Ilinalta.  A craftable Fort. A floating City called Skytown. 
Plus, NO DLC REQUIRED!!! See your Real Estate Agent (Automaton) for details. 

M7 2017.

October 7, 2017.

LP Tower:
* Master Bedroom
* Bathroom
* Guest Room
* Cafe Dragonborne + Food vendor
* Tailor shop
* Greenhouse + Plants
* Skytown Teleporter Chamber
* Dining Room
* Pantry
* Medical Clinic
* Bank with Stock Vendor (Automaton) + .99999 Safe Storage chests
* Children Bedroom (sleeps 10+)
* Library (empty bookshelves)
* Pool Room
* Practice Room + Arrow Fletcher
* Winery / Meadery / Ale Maker + Plants
* Water Well
* Servants: Cook, Junk Seller, Musician, Companion
* Entrance Hall
* Top Exits (2) with view of Lake Ilinalta
* Electric Lights
* Working Fireplaces
* Mead Barrels + Working Winery
* Recycle Bins, Safe Storage, and Marked (Respawning) Containers
* Custom graphics
* Buyable Tower (3,000 Septims) + Teleport Spell/Power
* As Island in lake
* Retextured Boat +  Docks
* Stone Ore Mine
* No Mannequins or other items found in previous Mods (for better Immersion)
Craftable Fort:
* Supplies Crate
* Workbench
* Anvil
* Water Well
* Map Marker appears when Land is bought for 1000 Septims
(See Real Estate Agent/Automaton on Boat)
* Instructions (hint: Build: In Order of Appearance!)
* Once built, the personal Fort has a Farm house and Tower
* Fort 1 is North of Palace
* Stone Ore Mine

* Hovering over Lake Ilinalta like a UFO is Skytown
* Accessible via Map Marker (Player only) or via Teleporter from Tower
(Due to having a mass overlapping ground Navmeshing in Lake)
* Inn (Tent) with Innkeeper
* Khajiit Merchant / Caravan
* Blacksmith
* Real Estate (Automaton) Agent
* Water Well
* Fort Supplier NPC
* Custom banners
* Shrine of Mara (Statue)
* Simulated Town exterior
* Jets below Skytown

Note: "M7" is not a Trademark! It is my name abbreviated. 


M7 2017.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Skyrim Renaissance - retexture mod by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim Renaissance - Retexture Mod by M7.
Sept. 24, 2017.
This Mod does not require DLC.
This Mod may be incompatible with other
retexturing mods (buildings). 

Changes: (Exteriors):
Imperial (Forts), Farm houses, WhiteRun, & Winterhold.
(Not all buildings are retextured).


Red Wood, Gold, Hieroglyphs, Limestone, other Stone, Red Tile, Banner design, some Marble.  (Public Domain).  No Interiors are affected.

M7 2017.

Friday, September 22, 2017

New Summon Spells

The Last Greybeard
A Follower / Magic Spell Mod by M7

At High Hrothgar lives the Last Greybeard in his humble abode. You can summon 4 of his friends with a spell tome on the central altar or buy it from him. The Greys all can use Shouts. The spell is a lesser Power.

M7 2017.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim : Conjure Legions/Stormcloaks - Spell
If you are ever in danger, in place of a follower you can summon your own Army.

- Choose from Legion Infantry, Archers or Mercenaries.
- Choose from Stormcloak Infantry, Archers or Mercenaries.
(10 + 10 + 5) in either set.

No DLC needed. Either Spell is sold by an Army Merchant at Winterhold College exterior.

M7 2017.

Friday, September 8, 2017


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
Lordship - a Player Home Castle Mod by M7:
Situated near Fort Amol (North of Lake Geir/Ivarstead) this majestic Castle has 2 Tower-Keeps near a cascading waterfall with view of the countryside. This mod Only Requires Skyrim - No DLC are needed.  It has lots of marked Safe Storage containers (Crates, Chests, Barrels, etc.), utilities, casks/barrels/automatons, custom textures (Banners, tower stairs, posters), fishing poles that 'catch fish', bathroom suppplies, a bridge connecting both Tower-keeps, anti-Dragon Defenses, (Dragon Flesh on Dragons that you can cook), and several levels/rooms.

First Tower:
* Entrance Tower/stairs.
* First Tower Keep Hall
* Chapel of Mara with underground Catacombs.
* Cellar with storage, casks, Smelter, chests, oven, etc.
* Underground Varied Mines (below Cellar) & Soul Gem Mines.
* Utility Room (Forge, Workbench, Grinding Stone, Tanning rack, etc.).
* Servants' bedrooms with bathroom.
* Living Room with 2 Bedrooms.
* Servants' Dining room with kitchen.

Second Tower:
* Large Great Hall with separate Dining room, Kitchen, Servant's bedroom, Throne room with furniture.
* Outside Fishing utility.
* Hall with stairs (3 levels).
* Outside Tower with Anti-Dragon Defenses.
* Baths (pool with water fountains).
* Master Bedchamber.
* Library (empty bookshelves for storage).
* Conservatory (plants, mushrooms).
* Armory (w/ Viceroy, Book Publisher automatons).
* Barracks with Training Area.
* Children's Bedroom (with Dummy, and 9 beds).
* Tower Prison.
* Boiler Room (Steam Engine uses Firewood), below Prison.
* Stores (+3 Merchants).
* Treasury-Bank (storage).
* Art Gallery.
* Mage Tower (alchemy, enchanter).
* Hireable Servants - Bard, 6 Guards, Chef, Blacksmith, Gardener, 2 Knights (M/F), Wizard, Squire + pet dog.
* Automatons (use these in place of subtitled NPCs).

* A Magic Spell Tome that does the following:
1. Teleports to First Tower & Great Hall
2. Marks/Recalls location.
3. Summons/Banishes: your Horse, a Merchant (with lockpicks), and 6 Barbarians.
4. Summons 5k in Gold.
5. Summons Food and First Aid.

* Safe Storage is marked on storage units such as Crates or Chests.
* There are Recycling Containers/Garbage Baskets (Do Not Store inside these or contents are deleted!).
* Respawning Containers are Marked ("Do Not Store in Here").
* Dragon Flesh may occur in Dragons. (** If any bugs occur with Dragons, the issue corrects itself later.)
* Dragon Flesh recipes - Cook Grilled Dragon, Broiled Dragon, or Dragon soup.
* New Ebony M7 Arrows (Forge).

* New Quests:
1. Harem Book - Go to the Harem to find a autographed copy of Lifts Her Tail's best seller.
2. Cook Grilled Dragon .
3. The Last Crusade (Side Quest). Find the Lost Holy Grail Cup of Mara, & choose from 3 rewards, too!

M7 2017.
Version 1.0 - September 8, 2017.

This Mod can be used with Custom Family Home Mod and Roman Armor Replacer Mods.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Spell

Hurricane Spell - by M7
What is that over Texas?

So I basically modified the settings on the Storm Call shout and made it a Lesser Power with more damage.  And increased the time to 1 hour. You can buy the Spell Tome at a local Forge for 10 Gold.

M7 2017.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Alexandretta by M7...

Alexandretta - a Skyrim Mod by M7.

Skyrim uses words from Ancient History. Septim is from Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. Alexandretta is a city made by Alexander (the Great) on his Eastern Conquests. He made many cities to establish his Empire. One of which is now accessible via Skyrim using a teleport spell. Look under your Alteration list for the spell of "Traveling to and from Alexandretta." The Town has a Jarl's Palace, working Inn, Temple/Bank (with lots of safe chests to store your things), a Museum-Library, and a Fight Club to practice sparring. The spell will allow you to return back from the entrance point to Alexandretta.

August 2017. Dawnguard/Dragonborn DLC are needed.
Alexandretta is a hidden town accessible by a teleport spell (Alteration). 

A working Inn + Bard + Patrons
A Museum & Library
A Fight Club - earn gold fighting combatants (up to 14 randomly selected/resurrected).
An outdoor park with in-ground heated Swimming Pool.
A Temple/Bank (with lots of safe storage)
The Jarl's Palace + Guards
An outdoor Theater + Bard + Audience
An outdoor Shrine
Custom textures
Navmeshed Interior/Exterior
Teleport Spell is found under Alteration Spell List
Teleport can send you back to former location or Alexandretta
Map Markers are for Skyrim Map
A Fence/Merchant (Ahmosis) in Temple
A Lockpick Training Safe (uses Lockpicking skill), in Bank
Concrete Tile Floors outside.

(COC M1, COC M2)


Combatants appear without clothing due to Resurrection Bug, but sometimes will wear it. 

M7 2017.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to Fix Low Memory Issues with Windows 10

How to Fix Low Memory Issues with Windows 10

1. Go to Task Manager
2. Select Processes
3. Select program (McAfee Web Advisor) and End Task
4. Memory is reduced to lower number. Programs are not harmed by this.
M7 2017.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Landowner - Mod by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
A Skyrim Mod by M7 (2017).
This Mod is Dedicated to: Avalon the Fox,
(whom is waging war on Cancer) on behalf of
Darren "the Dog" (his friend).
Landowner is a new Castle Mod.  The Castle is called IronGate Keep. The Entrance is across from Robber's Gorge. The Castle leads to a small island with a sandy beach (real sand texture from Hawaii), an oasis, and other locales. The Castle is a retextured Dawnguard Castle, both interior/exterior. It contains a Dining room, Kitchen, Mage area upstairs with alchemy/enchanter/staff, private forge/workbench/anvil/grinding stone/tanning rack, etc.; Bedroom with 4 child beds and 2 adult beds, mannequins/weapon racks/book shelves in the Castle, waterfalls, Pool with island, and of course Avalon with his pet Darren.  Outside is a Well, Fletcher to make arrows/bolts/bows/crossbows, targets, stables, tiled flooring, and a non-functioning iron gate (use Map Markers).  The gate is non-functioning on purpose. You can acquire a spell book that fulfills other needs, in the Castle (use it for summoning a horse, butler, follower, Mark/Recall locations, Gold, and other items).  The Spell uses Alteration Magic skill (+20 magn). A Smelter is outside the Castle.
Skyrim, Updates, Dawnguard & Dragonborn DLC are required.
This mod works with original Skyrim
(Legendary Skyrim may have issues with any mod made with original Skyrim).

Report any Bugs to the Comments section.
M7 2017. Version 1.0 - July 17, 2017.

* Made on Request

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Little Grass Hut in the Snow - Mod by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Little Grass Hut in the Snow

A Skyrim Mod by M7. (2017).
I retextured the Farm Inn and gave it some new furniture.
(new sofas, rugs, red wood wardrobe and dresser, and interior/exterior of the Inn).
Safe Storage in the form of Wardrobes, Dressers, Chests, & Barrels.
A Follower and a Merchant.
Location is near High Hrothgar area.
Cooking Fire, Anvil, Workbench, Grinding Stone, Enchanter, Alchemy, Tanning Rack.
Two levels - bedroom is upstairs.
Navmeshed interior.
Lots of retexturing. (I hope it doesn't cook your video card.)
This is a Player Home and it should be compatible with Custom Family Home Mod.
2 Sofas and rugs.
A hot-tub.
Table and counter.
Some beds.
Map Marker on Map.
Partial Bath room (with tissue paper & body wash).

update: July 4th 2017 - (USA)

I added a children's bedroom
and a practice lock for Lockpicking skill
and more furniture/storage.

M7 2017.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Septim Ring (Quest) by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Presents... A Skyrim Mod by M7:

The Septim Ring.
Listed under your Conjuration Spells is a Party Invitation spell.  Use this to conjure a Party Invitation, then read it. You will be sent to the Basement of the Blue Palace where M7 is holding a social party and you are invited. Buy from him a Party Favor, then stand back.  Whenever you receive books or papers, please read them to progress the Quest.  Wear the Septim Ring when needed, and re-equip it for options.  Books or papers are constantly  added to your inventory on each Quest stage, so keep checking your inventory.  All you need for the Quest is provided.  Thank you for playing. 

Dawnguard + Dragonborn DLC are Required.

M7 2017.
June 26, 2017.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Biopolis - City of Life - by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Biopolis - The City of Life by: M7
This City Mod requires 3 DLC - Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfires.
(For Modding Assets)

Entrance is a Gate on a hill near East of Markarth City. See Lighthouse Map Marker on Map.
The City is larger than Solitude and Whiterun combined.
Fast Travel is not used in this city - use Subways instead.
June 4 2017 (Start Date) - June 16, 2017.
In this unique large-scale City, you can:

- Earn gold at the Casino (downstairs) or some Quests
- Buy and Furnish a Player Home, prefurnished Shack, Castle or Tomb
- Furniture is purchased in the Furniture Store (touch the Beds for details)
- Homes and Tomb are purchased at the Bank (Biopolis Savings & Loans); Read the Deeds for keys.
- Visit the local Mage College (with Master Destruction Trainer)
- Buy a Summonable Horse(s) or Mark-Recall Spell at the Stables Office
- Travel on the Subway underground
- Harvest Plums, Apples and Wood from trees.
- Mine Salt, Ebony, Clay, and Stone in the Ebony Mines
- Hire or Fire workers in the Castle (Fort Snowmarch)
- Get a drink from the Cafe and other shops
- Acquire Bottled Water from Wells and Marble Sinks
- Make Blue Dye from Bottled Water and Blue Mountain Flowers
- Harvest Cotton and Clay for use in Tailoring or Ceramics
- Spend the Night at the Fireside Inn
- Visit the City Park
- Be Healed at full size Shrines
- Visit the Temple of the Divines with its Restoration Trainer/Healer
- Shop in numerous Stores along the roads
- Get Quests from the Employment Center
- Visit the Hall of the Dead and local Cemetery
- Furnish your own Mausoleum (for Vampires)
- Buy City Cash at the Bank (1000Gold = 1, 10,000 Gold = 10x)
- Buy Fresh Lemonade, Iced Coffee, Soap, First Aid Kits, etc.
- Visit the Gun Shop for all your field Artillery needs (with craftable Timed arrows & bolts).
- Visit the Museum of Nordology
- Visit the Airport via Subway Terminal C
- Earn Gold from as many as 23+ Mini Quests
- Harvest plants from sprawling fields
- Make books from the Printing Press
- Create clothes from the Tailoring shop
- Create Alcoholic drinks from the Distillery
- Cook with new food recipes
- Visit the Dwarven ruins
- Meet Horus M7 (Follower who works at the College in daytime)

Misc. Quests: (@ Employment Center):
Group 1:
1. Kill Caligula in the Hall of the Dead (if you can).  This spawns his Ghost, so kill the Ghost and retrieve the Artifact (Skull) for your reward. Be careful though - Caligula can summon Dragon Priests and other Demons, and resurrect them, too (as can his Ghost). 
2. Make 25 Blue College Robes for the EC (Crate).
3. Make 25 Ceramics for the EC (Crate).
4. Cook 25 Salads (Crate) for the EC.
5. Bring the Bandit Outlaw to Justice. He is loitering in the Cemetery.

Group 2:

6. Make 4 Books, one of each topic, and deliver them to the EC for the College's students.  Books are printed in the Printing Press using Black Ink (from powdered Ebony + Bottled Water), Quils or Hawk Feathers, and Blank Paper (from wood piles or vendor).
4 topics: History, Biography, Sci-Fic, or Occult.

7. Enter the Dwarven Ruins for the next several quests. 
Return the "Eye" Artifact to the EC for your reward.

8. Kill the Centurion.
9. Find a book - Expedition Journal.
10. Return Dwarven Oil to EC.

Group 3:

11. Visit the Airport for next quests.
Return the Captain's Log to EC.
12. Kill an Escaped Alien Troll.
13. Repair the ship's engine with tool kit.
14. Fill the tank with Dwarven Oil (from Ruins).
15. Kill an escaped Wraith.

Group 4:

16. Cooking Quests: Make 10 Mashed Potatoes.
17. Make 10 Veggies.
18. Make 10 Cookies.
19. Make 10 Ice cream.
20. No Quest for #20.

Group 5:
21. Distillery Quests: No Quest for #21.
22. Make Cyrodiilic Brandy.
23. Make Cordials.
24. Make Nordiilic Whiskey.
25. Make Vodka.

M7 2017.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Solved: Why Skyrim Guards attack for no reason.

Skyrim Guards are sworn Enemies of the Thieves Guild.  If you fall into the Thieves Guild Faction the Guards will be hostile to you.  Also do not use "Guard Post" when placing Guards or they draw their swords near you if you are too close to them. 

M7 2017.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mark or Recall Script for Skyrim

Mark or Recall Script: (Skyrim):

ObjectReference Property Marker Auto ; initial location in tamriel where spell is purchased

Actor Property Caster Auto
Message Property A1 Auto

Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)

Caster =(Game.GetPlayer())
Int iButton = A1.Show()

if iButton == 0 ; move marker 1 to player MARK


elseif iButton == 1 ; move player to marker RECALL

elseif iButton == 2 ; nothing


- I tested this in a mod and it works.  On Properties - check the cell where the X-marker is initially, and the Message-Box. 

M7 2017.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Eternal War - Mod by M7...

Required Files for Eternal War Mod (By M7):
DragonBorn & Dawnguard DLC
Enter via: Display Case is in Back Gate of Riverwood, leads to Everland.
or: (COC One01; COC Two02; COC Three03; COC Four04).
House of Audemar (A1)
House of Berengier (B1)
House of Courtois (C1)

Credits: This Mod was assisted by:
AntiSocialEd = for the idea of having Houses of royalty
Snow Peach = for ideas relating to another unfinished Chinese Mod, which I admire.
Peyton = for modding support (My #1 Fan).

(For names); Other ideas were inspired by:

15th Century Steel Helms - Baraban

Hedge Knight Armor - Hothtrooper44
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
3 Kingdoms, 1 God of War.

A Skyrim Mod by M7, 2017.
In Eternal War, you enter a new World. Spread out across Everland are 3 Separate Kingdoms, each with their own Castle for the Knights, an Inn, and at least one Farm with workers.  The Cities are walled and protected. Bandits occasionally attack them.  The 3 Kingdoms are in a state of perpetual war against each other, but are friendly to outsiders (You).  Visit the Control Tower on the Field of Battle and pit each legion against one of three sets of combatants.  Or perform Misc. Quests (5) near the entrance of Everland.  Or purchase the Jarl's Longhouse to the West.  Or visit Shrines of Ares for his blessing. 

Misc. Quests:
1. Bring Wine Shipment to Quest Receiver (QR = Dwarven button near Quest Chest at entrance), shipment is a crate inside Northern Castle towards the hall.
2. Bring 10 Special Firewood to the QR; as found in certain Aspen trees.
3. Make or bring 10 Courtois Ales to QR (Wheat + Bottled Water); in a chest in Castle Courtois Kitchen.
4. Make or bring 7: 16-Gauge Steel Daggers to QR, from Northern Castle.
5. Bring or Make 15 Alms Taxes (ingots) to QR; Northern Castle's Bank (Vault) in City.

Each Quest rewards the Player with gold.


Yes my Mods do work, though occasionally people find something doesn't work.  In which case, I recommend Players:
1. Read All Instructions, see Photos or Videos of the Mod.
2. Ask someone else who has played it or works when they played it. Don't bother the Author.
3. Explore, and Don't give up! Reload the Game after first exiting it completely.
4. Be Patient. Sometimes exiting Steam and reentering works after you hit Subscribe.
5. Don't pay attention to Spammers.
6. Don't be afraid to try something new. Solutions may be right in front of you.
7. Make sure you have all DLC and Mods are in correct load order. 

If using any Mod that alters the back gate of Riverwood, where the Display Case is, try using COC one01.
This Mod should be compatible with the Custom Family Home Mod.
Mod was Tested by Author. Navmesh are associated with Fast Travel mostly as the land is mostly separated by water or by land/mountains. Lod didn't work since Battlescar, though I used the Video by the maker of Falskaar, I may have placed files in wrong folders resulting in Skyrim map clipping.  If anyone has a solution please tell me this. Thank you, M7. Yes, I do sleep. :)

M7 2017.

This Mod was created the last week of May 2017 to First Week of June 2017.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Moon Colony Secunda

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Moon Colony Secunda
A Skyrim Mod by: M7
(Dragonborn, & Dawnguard DLC
are required)
On the surface of Skyrim, air is plentiful.  But, up on the Moon of Secunda, you have to wear Oxygen Helmets made from local Moonstone Ore just to breathe.  But that's not all.  A city was designed but was never finished. It seems the resident Alien Frost Trolls took over and have claimed it as their own.  Moonstone Ore also allows construction of special arrows and armor, ideal for target practice in Troll City.  There are 9 Alien Frost Trolls who respawn.

The Moon Colony has Colonist Miners who sleep in Apartments at night, eat at a local Bar in the morning, and work in the Mines.  Two possible companions reside in the Moon Inn.  There are a few stores in the Colony: a Bar, an Inn, clothing store, The Pickaxe store, Moon supply store, Apartments for the colonists, the Mines, and an anvil with Smelter outside the Mines.  Entrance is from a portal at Fort Dawnguard Castle.  (COC Base01). 

The Mod is Navmeshed for NPC movement, and is surrounded by Volcanic Water using Height Mapping.  Safe Storage Crates are available in the Mines and in other areas.  You can sleep in the working (Functional) Inn.  You can build (Ebony) Moonstone Armor with Marksman enchanting, Moonstone Arrows with explosive power, Moonstone Oxygen Helmets, and a Moonstone (Ebony) Bow at the Forge/anvil.  A book is also available in the Inn.  Make sure both DLC are working before playing this mod. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Niihau Island Mod

Welcome to Niihau!
This is a small island accessible from a display case outside Fort Dawnguard.
On this island is a working Inn, General Store, Sake Bar & Grill, Docks, and a Castle on the hill overlooking the town.  I may add to this project later, as there is space for improvement.   Storage Chests are marked "Safe."

(coc beach1) - access code.

M7 2017.

Game requires Dawnguard DLC.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

NPC in Skyrim

If you have NPCs who are female that "walk like a man" or males who "walk like females" try unchecking the box for "opposite gender animations."  This box is on the front Stats section.  

M7 2017.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

DIY Village. Castle. Pyramid.

TES-V: Skyrim
DIY Village. Castle. Pyramid.
By: M7
Uses 3 DLC - Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn
No Quests needed. You can build right away.
First: Enter the tower near Fort Dawnguard (To Bastt Isle).
On entering, the first area is naturally empty, except for an Inn.  Enter the Inn.  Although this is optional, you can ask for a room, and enter one of the bedrooms - look for a secret exit and search any containers for a key. This key will save you some time in case you are in a hurry. 

(HOWEVER if you want to build, ignore this)...

The Village is built using local resources:
- Clay from Clay pits, plus Straw can make Clay Bricks (fired at the Ceramics & Metals Kiln). 
- Stone Blocks, lime, limestone, sand, etc. from Stone boulders. These make Concrete.
- Purified Water - from Wells. Used to make Concrete.
- Iron ore, Gold ore - for parts (hinges, nails, fittings, locks, etc) & a Circlet.
- Trees - acquire a log to make 40 wood piles at a wood pile location.
- Steel (Smelter, Kiln) to make ammunition and weapons (archery).

The Castle is mostly built of Concrete, Wood, Metal parts, etc.
You can also build Horse Stables and a Shrine. 

The Pyramid is of Concrete, Limestone, etc.  Statues and the tomb are extra. Do visit inside the tomb.

There are Workbenches and a Computer per each area. The Workbenches use diagrams as the object, & the Computer "places the items."  Kilns, Smelters, workbenches, etc. are also helpful.  There are 6 buildings in the Village, each with NPC Merchants.  The Castle (Player Home) has a Knight and a Cook NPC. The Hunting Grounds & "An Ancient Palace" are elsewhere, and accessible from the Village (Bastt City).  The "Ancient Palace" has Bandits, Necromancers, and Bosses inside - so the OP Weapons can be fired in there, as these enemies will respawn later. 

The Inn has an Innskeeper, Bartender, Child (sweeps floor), and singing Bard.  The Ancient Palace has a Farmer and 2 Children in a tent near the Stables.  The Pyramid entrance is near the farm along one wall.  Map Markers work.  You can summon a horse and a Dremora Butler (5 Minutes); in a knapsack at the Stables.  

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Battlescar: Order of Knighthood by M7

TES-V: Skyrim (original),
Battlescar: Order of Knighthood
By: Horus Mike (M7).
This Mod has no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no added content from other Mod Authors, no borrowed Resources.  It is 100% M7's Mod design.  Donations are welcome (https://www.paypal.me/HorusMikeM7).
Battlescar is a new Worldspace accessed by boat from Northern Skyrim, near the Jetty boat to the Vampire Castle.  (Dawnguard, Dragonborn DLC are required).

M7 2017
This Mod contains:
1. 3 Castles (one is a future Player home): Battleborn Castle, Immortal Stronghold, & Castle Emeraldvale.
2. Battleborn Hold (town) + Jarl's Longhouse (with Inn).
3. Lighthouse + village.
4. Mines (Gold, Corundum ore).
5. Island Worldspace.
6. Docks, and Boat.
7. Ammenities (working campfire that uses firewood, light switches, water wells, wash basins, etc.)
8. For Castles: Mannequins, Weapons racks, display racks, book shelves, display cases, Safe Storage, etc.
9. Lots of Storage (Barrels, crates, chests).
10. Bolt Fletcher (makes bolts) in Castles.
11. Battleborn Hold has "defenses" (be on the inside for your safety); i.e. automatic cannons.
12. Ocean waves in island bay.
13. Waterfalls.
14. Custom food options.
15. Private Basement level with Bartender in Player Castle.
16. Quests (includes Main Quest with Misc. Quests)
17. Guide book in a chest near the Docks/statue. Touch the Dibella Statue to begin the Quest.

Note: I attempted to include LOD for this Mod, but when I did so it caused normal Skyrim to become corrupted, so I left it out using an earlier version of the Mod = I followed the directions for the video by the maker of Falskaar, but he left out the part where if done wrong, the worldspaces are affected (as in data folders locations).  I also tested the Mod multiple times while developing it. 

M7 2017.
Vers. 1.2: March 17 2017.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Recall Spell #1

TES V Skyrim
Recall Spell by M7:
This Magic Spell will send you a Map Marker wherever you are in Tamriel, so you can return to the location. The Spell Tome is in a chest outside Winterhold College near the entrance. You can select up to 7 Marker locations. Each will remain there until moved. Each marker is a Landmark symbol. It only works in Exteriors in Tamriel.

M7 2017.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

AU - Akaviri University by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
AU - Akaviri University.
(Dragonborn/Dawnguard DLC Needed):
A Skyrim Mod by M7-2017.
It's time to go to College, Dragonborn.  Master Trainers of all schools are available for education purposes. There are 4 Colleges on the island - College of Warriors, Magic, Stealth, and Culinary Delights.  Nearby are some stores and an Inn.  The University is accessible near the Boat Jetty for the Vampire Castle in Northern Skyrim.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to make an Innkeeper in Skyrim

How to make an Inns Keeper in Skyrim
© M7 2017:

1.    NPC = Rent Room Script (Add Bed Ref# in Properties; & WI)
2.    Factions = JobInnKeeper Faction, JobRentRoom Faction, Job Merchant Faction (all = 0), + CustomMerchant Faction.
3.    VendorFood; Keyword: JobInnKeeper, helps Friends, Allies.
4.    AI = DefaultSandboxHomeOwner
5.    Voice = Female Commoner; NordRace Female
6.    Unique, Essential.
7.    Make certain Navmesh path is clear and not blocked.
8.    (Quest: WIRentRoomWalkT0)
9.    Add gold and leveled items to NPC. 

To create your Innkeeper, make an NPC with RentRoomScript added. In Properties, select the Bed Reference # in your Inn and select WI for the 2nd option. 

Factions on the NPC:
JobInnkeeper = 0
JobRentRoom = 0
JobMerchant = 0
(Custom)Merchant = 0 ; M7Merchant

Stats - VendorFood
Keyword on NPC: JobInnKeeper
helps friends and allies

AI = DefaultSandboxHomeOwner

Voice = I used Female Commoner, NordRace Female
Unique, essential

Add gold and leveled items to NPC or chest reference in Custom Faction.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Summon or Banish an Army

Summon/Banish Army:

This Mod allows you to summon/banish 4 Soldiers to you at any time. They will fight for you and are designated as Friends to the Player. The spell book is in Urag's bookstore in the College of Winterhold. 2 have Guard Dialogue, one can sell things to you, and one has Greybeard Shouts. No DLC needed. Look under Conjuration for the spell.

M7 2017.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Flash Floods! Solitude

Local Weather Forecasts: Flash Floods Warning in Solitude!

This mod adds the ability to release Flash Floods in Solitude City.

M7 2017.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


The Elder Scrolls: V: Skyrim:
Soap, by M7.
Now you can be clean with your own bars of Soap!
You need: Troll Fat, Salt Pile, and Snowberries to make it in a Cooking Pot.
What it does: increases Magicka by 100 pts for 3600 seconds and Bows do more damage by 990%  (instant kills on most targets) for 4+ hours, and cures all diseases.

M7 2017.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Build Your Own Resort

Build Your Own Resort:

This Allows you to create your own Hotel Resort near Fort Dawnguard (to the left of Dayspring Castle Mod). All materials and construction are included. There are 2 ways of building it -- you can mine the materials below the ground in the Mines or Dwarven Ruins; or buy them at the Resort Interior room (shop keeper). The Steam Engine and Construction workbench are behind the wall / Gate. The Dwarven Ruins has enemies (traps) and Dwarven Oil used by the Steam Engine and Workbench to make items.

Items to make:

Concrete - uses Sand and Lime from Stone Blocks/Ore
Fiberwood Walls - from Firewood
Titanium Ingots - from Titanium Ore
Titanium Steel Ingots - from Titanium Ore and Dwarven Alloy Ore
Hotel Wings - from Walls and other items
Titanium Nails, Fittings, Hinges, - from Titanium Ingots
Ring of Feathery (carrying weight reduced by 7000 points) - from Titanium Ingot
Hotel - from an assortment of items
Hotel Interior - from furniture mostly
Wardrobes - from firewood, nails, etc.
Weapons and Armor - from Titanium Ingots and Titanium Steel Ingots, Dwarven Oil.

Skyrim, Updates, Dawnguard, Hearthfire DLC.

Mod by M7, 2017.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

NIRN WARS 1: Aldmeri Insurrection


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Presents... Nirn Wars (#1): (WIP-2017):

Nirn Wars is about the Emperor's Cousin - Lucius Septim - who was kidnapped by the Thalmor and is being held hostage by them in the Imperial Palace in Cyrodiil. You rescue him, then learn that he was turned to the Thalmor as their Commander. He gives you a choice: accept his offer of wealth and power, or decline and plunge all of Tamriel into Civil War. All 9 Provinces of Tamriel are represented in this epic Mod via Gates found in central Skyrim. 

 Upon entering Cyrodiil you enter the Mausoleum there to "return a letter" to the undead who pops out of his coffin to greet you. In a chest you find a book "Aldmeri Insurrection" - read it and this starts the quest. A Thalmor agent hears you and investigates - you fight him and his summoned Daedra and he dies, then you awaken in a Thalmor Prison on Summerset Isle. Read a book and find a key to the cell. Then you see a Thalmor Overseer of the Mines who is selling Child Labor Contracts, read one and follow the directions (liberate the Children slaves in the Soul Gem Mine just outside the Prison). Go to Hammerfell and to the Spice Mines. Mine some Spice, smelt it, and sell it to an Automaton (Droids) outside. Do so again until The Falcon ship arrives then enter it. Bring Spice Elixir (which fortifies health and stamina by 30% for one day) to the Rebel Base on High Rock, and sell it to the Automaton. Read every book and letter as they are part of Quests. Then return to Cyrodiil to the Imperial Palace and liberate Lucius Septim who is in a locked room upstairs. Press buttons for actions. Read his book in the safe and decide whether to accept or decline his offer. Two quests result from this - either enslave Tamriel as its new Commander or unite Tamriel against the Thalmor and Lucius, culminating in an epic battle onboard the orbiting Death Moon.

A Skyrim World by M7, 2017.
The Science Fiction films Star Wars & Dune inspired this Mod.

At the Nirn Circle of Gates you find a long-lost love letter meant for the occupant in the tomb at Cyrodiil in one of the Gates of the 9 Provinces of Tamriel.  You embark on the journey to Cyrodiil, enter the tomb (Cyrodiil Mausoleum) and find him... Inside the chest is a Map of Tamriel and a book; read the book to begin the Quest: Aldmeri Insurrection. 
First Quest: Aldmeri Insurrection
1. Use the Key found with the letter in the Nirn Circle of Gates to open the Mausoleum in Cyrodiilium Magna (Cyrodiil).
2. Enter the tomb.  Find the chest and get the Map, and Book. Read the book and follow instructions on Quest found in your Quest Journal (top of screen).
3. The Thalmor Agent will then start looking for you in the tomb.  Kill him. 
4. You were arrested and placed in the Thalmor Prisons in Summerset Isle. 
5. In the Prison cell is a book and a key (in cupboard).  Escape the Cell. Follow Quest data.
6. Go to Hammerfell Mines in Hammerfell. 
7. Mine some Spice.  Bring 20 ingots (see Smelter) to the Automaton at the Market Stall outside of the Mines.
8. Read the Information he gives you.  Mine additional Spice for profit on the 2nd Option.
9. Spice can also be made into an Elixir that fortifies Health and Stamina by 30% for 1 day. (etc.)
10. Go to Cyrodiil to "warn the Emperor that his cousin was kidnapped by the Thalmor."
End of First Quest.


Misc. Quest: Child Labor:
While in the Thalmor Prison you find the Overseer selling Child Labor Contracts (i.e. slave labor).
Buy one from him and read it.  Then follow instructions (kill Overseer to get key).  Then enter the Mines.  The Children slaves are there, with pickaxes.  Press the button to release the Children; they will appear in the Thalmor Temple of the Dark Sun just outside the Prisons. 


Visit Dagoth Ur's Tomb in Morrowind:
(I wonder if he's home?)


Note: Unless you like breaking Quests, DO NOT USE CONSOLE Commands like "Unlock doors." The Quests have locked doors for preventing quest stages from improper access, or interruption. 


Quest #3: He who has the Spice controls the Empire:
1. An Automaton buying Powdered Spice and Elixir shows new customers in the area. Sell Powdered Spice and Elixir to the Automaton (for key to ship). Go to the newly arrived Airship and enter it.
2. Once inside (see floor panel) the Falcon, you are instructed to find more information about the Spice Trade.
3. Trade with Jawdrop and find a book about the Spice Market (Manifest). Read it.
4. Talk to the Automaton Locksmith and purchase a key to the Rebel Base.
5. Create more Elixir. Bring Elixir to Rebel Base and Speak to the Automaton near the Ship/Portal Door to Falcon.
6. Sell Elixir to Automaton for Spice Secrets. Read it. 
Completes Quest.  (Suggestion: go to the Trade Base via the Falcon for more information).


Quest #4: Imperial Seduction:
1. Make a key from the Locksmith Automaton on the Falcon Ship, then Go to Cyrodiil and enter the Imperial Palace.
2. Kill the Thalmor Guards to get a key and access the room on top level.
3. Enter locked room and press Liberation Release button; Lucius Septim disappears.
4. Open his Safe and read his book "From Lucius Septim."
5. When you are ready to decide, press the new button on top of the Safe. 
6. If you decline the offer, the Provinces are divided and war will happen against Cyrodiil/the Thalmor.
7. If you accept the offer (failed), you will enslave Tamriel for Spice Trade Markets. 
Completes Quest.  (Suggestion: enlist help from the Rebel Alliance or the Dragon Knights Council in Cyrodiil).

Quest #5: The People Strike Back:
1. Recruit soldiers against Lucius and the Thalmors.  Do this by performing 9 Misc. Quests to enlist support from the Provinces of Tamriel. Earn Task Gems per Quest. Collect 9 Task Gems.
2. Once done with Misc. Quests, use the Automatons technology to get the Key to the Death Moon.
3. Enter Death Moon (2 entrances) and press the button to start the Battle.
4. Find and kill Lucius Septim and take his Crown.
5. Wear the Crown.  This ends the Quest.
This Completes Quest.

Misc. Quests for Task Gems:
1. Free the Children (see above) and get the Child Drum from the Soul Gem Mines.
2. Obtain 10 Moon Sugar for Elsweyr.
3. Obtain 10 Iron Daggers for the Orcs.
4. Kill the Giant Rat in the Hammerfell Store Basement + get Gem.
5. Obtain the Amulet from Dagoth Ur in Morrowind (see above).
6. Mine Powdered Spice (40).
7. Obtain Special Arrows for Valenwood (100). (use Store in Hammerfell or other Merchants).
8. Obtain 10 Dinner Bread for High Rock.
9. Obtain Dragon Scales (10) for Skyrim.


Quest #6: Evil Empire:
Should you accept his offer, the following options are available. (See lever on crate).
1. Hire Miners in Hammerfell Mine.
2. Kill Dragon Knights in their Council in Cyrodiil (collect Death Cubes, 2x).
3. Spice the Weather (see stone outside Palace), uses 10 Spice ingots.



A Cheat Chest is in the room with Lucius Septim. Guide books are also in the game.

M7 2017.