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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Victory Towers


Victory Towers - A Player Home by M7:

Located next door to Twilight Sepulcher is this Towering Castle. Some distance to the West of Falkreath and Lakeview Manor lay this 4-tower Fortress, complete with Meadery, Chapel, Armory, Plantable Gardens, A Hidden Treasury, General Store, Pool room; harvestable Ingots, Cheese and waterfalls; Underground Mines, Catacombs, lots of non-respawning storage, Servants (Food Merchant, Bard, Follower, Shopkeeper, & Priest), and other amenities.  If you choose to purchase the Deed and fashion a key from a gold bar you can access the Hidden Treasury (with a substantial reimbursed Gift) in the Master Bedchamber, and the Catacombs. This Mod Requires: Dawnguard & Hearthfire DLC and is recommended with the Custom Family Home Mod to move your family into it. 

version 1.1

M7 2015.

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