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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Neterworld Mod


Neterworld Mod by M7.

Neterworld Skyrim Mod by M7, Version 1.0 (this uses all 3 DLC):

From Ancient Egyptian Mythology there was a place called the Neterworld, where the dead souls visited in the afterlife.  This Modification adds several Cities and other monuments to Skyrim, but first you must visit the College of Winterhold and find the trapdoor in the Arcanaeum leading to the Neterworld Player House.  Use the Magic Book on the table in the far back of the room. Then enter Neterworld from the ladder, and you will find a large area of land surrounded by walls.  There is a possible Player Home in the Fields of Reeds, but first you must find all 7 Parts of the dismembered Osiris in order to receive a key.  Each part is found scattered all across the Neterworld as indicated on a Cheat List that is purchased near the entrance of the Fields of Reeds.  


Apu City – A City with farms and working mines, General Store, & Town Hall.
Antes Fort – Complete with Guards in custom uniforms.
New Amenta – First Player Home (temporary).
Camp Anubis – A Part of Osiris is found here.
Giza Pyramids.
The Great Pyramid.
The Great Sphinx.
Bubastis – home of the Temple of Bast (Cat Goddess).
Lake Victoria – Source of the Neterworld Nile River.
The Fields of Reeds – A possible Player Home with its own temple, mines, farms, etc.
Temple of Amun-Ra – contains the Tomb of Osiris.


Mostly I noticed graphics errors like missing land textures.  If you fall into one you will land on a landscape not water; entering buildings sometimes fixes this.  Also some rooms may have “grass” in them occasionally, this also fixes itself.  Horses and people tend to levitate sometimes, due to Navmesh issues, which is fixable by riding the horse or moving the people. The exterior (world space) has some Navmesh, though I don’t recommend using a companion or follower here (there is no need to bring anyone yet).

Parts of Osiris are in Closed Reed Baskets.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Custom Book Interiors

<img src=’img://Textures/mybooks/book01/book01_picture.png’ height=’471’ width=’296’>

Add a .png picture file in the folder for Custom Book images (Textures) that is 471 pixels in height and 296 pixels in width (maximum).  You can customize the actual size of the picture in game by modifying the above link.   Use Gimp or Photoshop for the image resizing.  In making the Archive (.BSA file) drag the picture file from its directory to the Archive in the Creation Kit.  Then save. 

(mybooks/book01 = book image file folder; book01_picture.png = your image name).

M7 2014.

How to Make Working Ore Mines in Skyrim Mods

How to make Working Ore Mines in Skyrim:  Nov. 19, 2014 M7:

1.  Add Ore (any type) to Cell.
2.  Add "PickaxeMining Table Marker" touching the ore, (from Furniture).
3.  On Ore: select Linked Ref: the "PickaxeMining Table Marker" Reference
4.  Add Pickaxe to Cell from Weapons.
5.  Save Mod and Test in-game.

M7 2014.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To Activate Parent on Doors using a Switch

In case you want to open or close a door using an Activator (switch, button, pull chain, etc.) without needing a Script:

1.  Make a Ref name on the Activator (Switch, Button, Pressure Plate).
2.  Go to the Door or item to be activated.
3.  Activate Parent Tab on Door.
4.  Add the Activator Switch Ref to Activate Parent tab in the Cell selected, or use Target.
5.  Add a Time Delay (5.0 = 5 Seconds) - optional.
6.  Save Mod.
7. Test in-game.

This should open or close the door after 5 Seconds have elapsed.

* There may be a limit to how many Activators exist in one cell.

M7 2014.