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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Akaviri Insurrection - Video

Akaviri Insurrection


M7 2015.

This is a Follower Mod using Dawnguard DLC.
The Akaviri have returned to Tamriel in this secret base. Look for "An Ancient Well" near Windhelm City (on Map).

You can hire about a dozen Followers from the secret Akaviri Base inside the Ancient Well near Windhelm. Look out for Spiders, too. The Blades (Akaviri) are not marked Essential - meaning you the Player can kill them (they respawn). Also the Base can be a suitable Player Home if desired.


Version 1.0
April 28, 2015.

Hints: The Key to the Ancient Chateau is in the closet (Stronghold) or on one of the Spiders as you enter the Well.


Most Utilities, some Doom stones, beds, chairs, benches, Shrines, NPC Followers, 2 Pools, Spiders, Webs, A singing Bard, Navmeshed Interior for NPC movement, lots of storage ("Safe Chests"), No Vendors, No Mannequins or Weapon racks, etc. Also included are the Akaviri Mines.