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Thursday, August 25, 2016

CYOT2 - Most Popular Mods

My Create Your Own Town #2 - Most Popular Mods of (this) the Week.
(Steam Workshop - Skyrim Game)

- M7

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Create your own Town 2


Create your own Town #2:
by: M-7

This is a simplified version of my previous Mod,
"Create your own Town."  Only Skyrim /Updates / Hearthfires are required.

1. Use the available resources to build the Town.  Cut the log (requires Axe), Mine Limestone ore (requires Pick), or acquire water from the Well = wood, stone, and water for Concrete bricks and lumber.
2.  Use the Finalize Computer to "place items." 
3.  A Cheat Chest is provided in case you are in a hurry.

You can build:
1. Farm Houses (3)
2. Stores (2) - General Store, Clothing-Steel
3. Mill (with grindstone)
4. Guard Tower
5. Inn
There are cows and horses on the land once Farms are built.
Farmers (3) till the fields.
A Child sweeps the Inn's front porch.
A Guard stands near the Tower.
A Bard sings in the Inn.

The Town is located near Anise's Cabin Exterior / Bleak Falls Barrow,
or use "COC ABC201".
M-7 2016.
August 21, 2016.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dovahland - Mod by M7

Dovahland - Requires Dragonborn & Skyrim / Updates:

A Worldspace by M7

The Lost Province of the Dovah is revealed.  The first Quest, "Enter the Dovah" brings you to Dovahland to solve the murder of a Dovah Priestess before your eyes. The clues point to the Dovah Cult - who are they? What is their connection to the Dragonborn?

Dovahland consists of 4 Islands.  The Temple of the Dovah is high above the center of an atoll.  You can summon Dragons, change the Weather, or encounter the Temple Guards, a Bartender, and a couple Priests.  Below you have ocean waves crashing gently along the coast of the atoll.  Farmers work in the fields.  On Dovah Isle is a reward Estate for the Player, and across the bridge is Dovah City.  The City has over a dozen houses, 3 stores, patrolling guards, and City Hall. Here is the site of the Main Quest. 

There are hidden dangers pertaining to the Dovah Cult and you should be prepared to meet that challenge, as by crafting armor or weapons from Arrow Fletchers (Anvils) found there.

IMPORTANT!! - The entrance to Dovahland is a Mill along a road leading from Winterhold region. The Main Quest activates upon entering the Mill (this uses a floor panel because the triggerbox wasn't working properly).


Remember to restart Steam when subscribing to Skyrim Mods, so that they load properly, and to check the Mod in Data Folder.  Don't try to play the Mod before doing so because you won't find it.


M7 2016.

July 21, 2016.

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Mahalo, :)



You need Dovah Gems to summon Dovah, found on Dovah Cultists who respawn.  The Dragons seem to spawn 2 at one time, which is a bug in Skyrim according to the scripts found on Dragons. Summon Anti-Dovah to counter normal Dovah.  The Guards will try to kill them.  

Check the corpses of NPCs for items such as keys, books, Gems, or other items needed by Quests. 

There are exploding Arrows in the Game.  Be aware of this (or play using God Mode, ~ tgm).  It only takes one arrow to kill an NPC.

NPC animation is via IdleMarkers listed under Misc. and AI Packages. 

Storage Chests are marked "Safe Chests" for Player to use.  All others will respawn.

The Cult arrow found in a quest is evidence - do not remove it from inventory until it is needed. 

Most NPCs will respawn/reappear if killed.

Take the Boat from the entrance island atoll to the Dovah Isle by touching it.  Or use Fast Travel.