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Friday, June 26, 2015

Skyhold - Cloud City Mod (WIP)


Welcome to Skyhold - the Only Skyrim Hold up in the Air over Falkreath!
Journey to the (Map) entrance to Falkreath and touch the Magic Book on the Altar to enter this City.
The City is very dense. It is populated by several people, including a Bard, Guards, Citizens, Merchants, a dog, etc. There is a General Store, an Inn, a Bank, extensive underground Mines, a Player Home that is purchased (see Jarl's Steward for Deed), A lighthouse, Government building, houses, and outdoor merchants.


Skyhold Cloud City (A Work-in-progress Summer Project by M7) is a city resting on an island of rock in the sky over Falkreath, thanks in part to the strange gravity field of the region. The City is in 2 parts - the City itself and the property of its Jarl adjacent nearby. The Jarl visits his Manor house at night. His estate comes with farmland, a swimming pool, statuary, lumbermill and grain mill. Guards protect most areas, except inside his Manor. The City has an Inn, a General Store, a number of independent merchants, a Bank, Ore Mines, the Government building and a buyable Player Home.

 Update: 06-27-2015:

I added the Jarl of Skyhold's Manor and its surrounding land to the City. He works in the Government building during the day, and sleeps in his Manor house at night. If you can kill him there, take his heart to the Keymaster device that you used to buy the Skyhold Estate key with and make an enchanted sword there. (Don't worry, he respawns so the City will always have its Jarl...).

Mines have Miners who work there. The General Store has 2 hireable followers and a little boy who visits areas of the City. There is a Bank with added access once you obtain the Skyhold Estate key. The Bard sings all day / night outside (street musician). The Inn and some outside merchants sell food and drink. Other merchants sell jewelry and clothing, armor, arrows, food, etc. This city has a lot of immersion considering it's located on an island in the sky due to Skyrim's strange Gravity. I hope Dragons don't ram into the City. The Skyhold Estate (i.e. buyable Player home) has interesting decor and widescreen TV (non-functional); the entrance to the City has a wall of computers there, probably for security reasons. 2 types of guards are available, both with Falkreath Crime Faction and weapons. Citizens also roam about.

Update: 6-27-15:

I added a landing site with Lift on the Floating Rock above Falkreath (for Flying Mods).
It also has a small tower. Next I added 7 Village Houses, with keys for NPCs and their independent AI (for sleep, work, etc.). Mostly these houses are for merchants, the 2 followers, and the Boy.

I also added a Barracks for the Guards (see trapdoors on surface in City); 2 door locations.

M7 :)

This is a WIP [Work in progress] for now.
M7-1.0 2015.

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