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Enter Skyrim
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Portal


The Portal ==  Skyrim Mod by M7

M7 2013.

The Portal

by Iapana7

This Mod adds a Portal room to Skyrim where the Player can enter from one of 9 locations.
The Portal room can also serve as a base.


- Whiterun Portal (near signpost and Stables)
- Riften (near City)
- Windhelm (near bridge)
- Winterhold (near College)
- Solitude (near Blue Palace)
- Dawnstar (near houses)
- Markarth (on walkway)
- Falkreath (near town entry)
- Morthal (near houses)


- 2 Beds
- Dresser / cupboard
- some chests (safe, no respawn)
- Display cases
- Utilities (Forge, Workbench, Sharpening wheel, Cooking fire, Alchemy, Enchanting, Smelter, Woodchopping block)
- Chairs, benches
- Navmeshed interior
- Dwarven button (portals)

M7, version 1.0
July 17, 2013.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Player Home Ideas for Mods on Skyrim

Some ideas for Custom Player Homes in Skyrim Game:
  1.  Non-respawning chests (uncheck respawn box on custom named chests). Then add weight to .99999
  2.  Vendor/Fence (Khajiit), at least one in home, with general store (items.misc) effect, with chest.
  3.  Limited loading-doors (people don't like waiting in between rooms; use one cell for mod).
  4.  Companions/followers accessibility (via Navmeshing interior/exterior).
  5.  Bedroom with optional bathroom.
  6.  Secret passages or doors/rooms.  Ideal for added storage.
  7.  Weapon racks/shields, Player Mannequins, player bookshelves, etc. (duplicate Proudspire Manor and extract or copy these.
  8.  Good Lighting.  Though darkness and special lighting is good, most players complain about "too dark."
  9.  Utilities.  Forge, Enchanter, Alchemy, Cooking, Tanning rack, etc.
 10.  Special Effects (FX): waterfall fountains, music, sounds, activators, etc.
 11.  Constructable items.  Recipes for making things.
 12.  New Magic spells, weapons, armor, items, etc.
 13.  Leveled items.
 14.  Water-breathing devices if near watery areas like swimming pools.

  M7 2013.