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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Euclidia City Mod

Euclidia City is a very, very large City & an Imperial Province.  I named it after the Greek Mathematician Euclid whom was a lecturer in Alexandria, Egypt.  This Mod does not require DLC.  There are Farms outside the City, and the Farmers will buy produce from you, also Miners will buy ore from the Mines.  You can also build a small Mining Village for the Iron Mine.  There is much to do and explore.  I included several Quests, including 12 Artifact Quests for the Museum, Mage Guild Quests, Morag Tong Quests, etc.  I was going to include custom NPCs (that is currently on hold), so the mod is a Work in Progress for now.  Please rate & enjoy.  M7. 

Euclidia City by M7 (WIP/Work In Progress: June 11, 2018)
Euclidia City is based on the Modders Resource "One More Fork" by IDefender on Skyrim Nexus.

IdeFender started this Mod by saying:

"The city is a very big, corrupted city with lot of rich peple but much more poor people.
The inspiration to this city is of course Terry Pratchett's 'Ankh Morpork'- hence the name 'One More Fork'.  I was tired of the small villages they called cities in skyrim, so I made this one HUGE."

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ankh-Morpork (Novels).

Project started: May 18, 2018.

M7's contributors:
Snow Peach - NPC Creation
Roy D. Loudbark (Peyton) & his friend Scott - Ideas
IdeFender - for basic structure of City (Skyrim Nexus).
Nifskope, BSA Browser, GIMP (Editing software).
Inscribe 2004 (Hieroglyphs).
Bethesda (DLC parts, Skyrim).

M7 2018.

Euclidia City by M7:
The Main Quest begins when you enter the Imperial Province of Euclidia, and there are 2 ways to enter. One is North of Skyrim near Dawnstar (touch the Boat, after using Map Marker/Shipwreck symbol), and the other is North of the Lake near Falkreath (Tower); enter the Tower and touch the gold Telepad then exit Tower.

The Main Quest will want you to find some items. Follow the Quest for these items.  If it asks you to place an item on an altar, touch the altar once you have the items.  Also talk to the Characters if they sell items, or trade with a follower for an item (such as a Drum). 


This Arena is SE of the City.  Touch the gold Telepad to enter it in the Center of the Arena.  Use the Dwarven Buttons to control the Arena matches.  Touch gold Telepad again to exit.  You can fight a Mage, Warrior, Giant or Cat/Khajiit.  If their armor is not visible the first time, touch the button again to reload the armor texture.

Thieves Grotto:
The Grotto is home to the Thieves Guild.  Ask the Fence to sell Quests or buy stolen items.
The Grotto is under the Docks (see Map).

Ebony Mines:
SE of the City are Ebony/Gold/Silver Mines.  Mine Diamonds to make Carbon.  Use Carbon to make Diamond Glass Armor or Weapons.  Use the Fletcher to make arrows/bows/Diamond Glass items. 

Salt Mines:
Mines for various Salts; near Ebony Mines/Coast. 

Maritime Museum:
A Maritime Museum is on the peninsula (Docks) near a tower. Entry is free. 

On one side of a Stone Tower is a Theater (see Map); the other side is the Real Estate Office; near Docks.
The Theater has a singing Bard.

Dwarven Ruins:
Inside (for Quest) are Dwarven enemies, used for a Quest to find an item.  Location is SE of the City, near Arena. The enemies are leveled in difficulty. 

There are farms south of the City.  One Cabbage Farm has a Farmer who buys Cabbage.  One Wheat Farm has a Farmer who buys Wheat, and another one buys Potatoes. 

Low Income Housing (1 level Apartments) are North of the City, along Coast. 

City Estate: (Player Home)
This Estate is a reward from the Main Quest (ask the Jarl for a Spelltome there).
It is a 2 level home with enclosed yard and locked gates.  Use the Teleport reward to go there (ask Jarl, after Quest is done). Also visit the Real Estate Office on the 2nd level near the Main Docks to purchase up to 5 additional Houses in the City. 

Real Estate: (Additional Player Homes)
1. House with an Ocean View - 5000 gold.
2. Duplex - 7000 gold.
3. Upper Class Home - 10,000 gold.
4. Noble Class Home - 12,000 gold.
5. Noble Palatial Estate - 20,000 gold. 
The Real Estate Office is on the other side of the Theater, near the Main Docks, upstairs. 

Build Mining Village: (Quest)
You can build a Mining Village near the Iron Mines/Dwarven Ruins.  Use the Workbench to build the Houses (2), crate of iron nails, or wooden planks (from logs on a Log Pile near the workbench), and straw bales from Wheat (for the roof). 

The Palace is the Government base.  It is West of the City.  You do not own it.  There is a Master Bedroom, Courtyard, Bath (w/ healing pool), Servant's room, Great Hall and Pantry.  It is 2 levels.  The Automatic Steward pops up once the Main Quest is done (near throne). 

Nobles Court:
The Upper Class live in Noble Houses, which are 2 levels. 
(Note: Not all Houses are accessible). Other housing is near the Docks (Houses, Duplexes).

There are 2 Inns - one in the Farming Community and one in the City (Restaurant/Inn/Bar).  In the Village Inn (near the Farms) are 2 Miners and a Lumberjack who will buy Gold/Silver/Ebony ore, or Firewood (from a wood pile at the entrance to the Inn). 

Most Markets are either in the Market District or the Docks (see Map).  They are marked with signs. 

Public Baths:
Located at the Center of the City. It has 2 Baths - Frigidarium (Cold Bath) that increases Stamina for 1 day, and the other is the Tepidarium (Warm Bath) that increases Magicka for 1 day.  Another Bath is in the Palace (Healing Bath).  Opposite side of the Baths is the Forum. 

Jewelry & Clothing
Magic & Blacksmithing
Apothecary & Antiques
Clutter & Books
Pastry & Liquors
Pelts & Cobbler (shoes)
Dive Shop & Pets
General Store
Hall of the Dead (buy your own tomb - Quest; The Haunted Pharaoh - Quest)
Fish Monger (Mr. Chips)
One Septim (Thrift Store - near City Estate)
Open Grill Restaurant (near Talos Temple)
Sushi Bar (Middle City)
Horses Stable (Sells Horses-spell tomes)
Real Estate Office (sells houses)
plus 12 Vendor-Automatons in the outdoor Markets.
Food Automaton at the Public Baths.
Automatons are also in the Main Docks. 

Industry: (Above Markets)
Bakery & Brewery
Soap & Perfumery
Scriptorium (book publisher, paper maker)
Cheese Maker
Candlestick Maker
Salted Fish (Sushi Maker)
Casino (see Altar Marker)

There is a working Prison (West of City) for the Thieves Quest.  It has 3 cells for prisoners.

The Legion Barracks is central to the City in one of the Towers. 

There is a Cemetery near the Cabbage Farm, with Doomstones.  You can sell Cabbage to the Farmer. 

Character names are a memorial to some past people I knew (deceased), or to honor the living. Some custom NPCs are courtesy of Snow Peach.

Imperial Museum of History:
Located near the Palace this Museum is a start-up.  You must buy it for 350 Septims then take orders (Misc. Quests) from the Museum Director, and place artifacts from quests on display inside.  There are 12 Artifacts for the display, therefore 12 Misc. Quests to find and return them to the Museum.  You use the Dwarven Buttons to place the Trophies; one per level (3 level Museum). 

Trophy Quests: (Always read the Quest Document First!)
1. Kill the Necromaster at the Necromancy Temple / Fort.
2. Kill the Giant at Elder's Gaze. 
3. Kill the Giant Rat at the Ebony Mines.
4. Kill the Flame Wolf at Burnt Ruins.
5. Kill the Bandit Master onboard the USS Nord.
6. Answer correctly to 1 - 3 Trivia Questions about Skyrim.
7. Kill Dragon Warrior (for Key to chest with 25 Dragon Bones) in Dragon Mound.
8. Investigate Sarayn Vendu's Home.
9. Investigate Mavon Saren's Home.
10. Investigate Dram Varro's Home.
11. Kill the Lurking Giant in the Sports Arena, top level.
12. Kill the Wraith in the Blades' Tomb near the Docks.

Mage Guild:
This is found on the top of a tower near the Maritime Museum/docks.  The ArchMage sells Magic items.  A Mage practices Magic when awake (and asleep).  A Mage Guild Quest will ask you to return an artifact to the Talos Shrine in the Guild; this can be found in the Dwarven Ruins (use the letter to make a Key there). 

Entrance to the City:
1. By Boat (North of Dawnstar).
2. By Tower (North of Lake Ilinalta).

Morag Tong Quests:
1. Enter the Morag Tong Lair using a key found in the Museum Trophy Quests, opposite the Maritime Museum at the Docks. The Morag Tong are an Assassins Gang from Morrowind, suspected of several Murders in the City. See trapdoor to enter the Lair, near a Portcullis. 
2. Use inkwell to graffiti a poster as Morag Tong Initiation rite. 
3. Morag Tong Agent is also a Fence. 
4. Kill 2 people in the City (see Assignment chest after pressing button). 

Taxes are issued by the Jarl and are processed by the Office near the Palace using a Tax Preparation chair.  Most are based on goods or services rendered.

M7 2018.


Note: Due to limited Space, the instructions are included in the Imperial Museum of History in a Guidebook.

Contents (Abbreviated):
Arena - SE of City. Use gold telepad to enter.
Thieves Grotto - below Main Docks.
Mines - Ebony, Iron (with Buildable Village), and Salt mines.
Museums - Maritime and Imperial (+12 Quests for artifacts).
Dwarven Ruins (2 Quests).
Farms (3 Farmers who buy produce).
Player Houses (6)
Palace + office.
Inns (2).
Public Baths + Forums
Shops (In Market and Docks).
Industries (Above Markets).
Prison, Barracks, Keep.
Mage Guild, Morag Tong, & Hall of the Dead.
Waterfall Park.

M7 2018.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Follower Memorial Mod

TES-V: Skyrim:
A Skyrim Memorial Mod by M7.
I dedicate this Mod to my dear friend, Vienna, who died on May 3, 2018 from complications with Cancer treatment.

This is a Follower Mod. Vienna's home is near Pinewatch and Falkreath.

You can use the spell (after you trade with her) to summon or send her away or visit her home.

She is a spellsword (Magic/weapons) with Elven Armor and has spells/perks.

M7 2018.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Morrowstorm Castle Skyrim Mod by M7 2018.

TES-V:Skyrim / Dragonborn DLC:
Morrowstorm Castle ~ by: M7.
First go to Raven Rock along the shore of the bay harbor until you find a small boat with the corpse of Lord Horus Mike (apparently who died after his Castle was confiscated by the Bank for not paying his taxes, due to "an influx of Ebony Bandits"...).  Search him for a Key and the Morrowstorm letter.  Read it.  This starts the Quest.  Use the key on the boat and travel to Morrowstorm Castle on its own island.  It is called Morrowstorm by the occasional ash storms from Morrowind.  On arrival you can purchase the Deed title from a shopkeeper in the Marketplace Courtyard (at the hours it is open; after 8am). Read the Deed and the Castle is yours.  Yay!!!

Custom Retextures
Partial Navmesh (I only placed Navmesh at the entrances, the town and a camp.  On another mod I had unexplained CTD using Navmeshing on an island; the interiors are all Navmeshed, so you can bring family there or followers).
Rolling snowy hills, trees, and an impassable mountain on the edge of the town (I used a small part of a larger island for the Castle).
Castle Village with Farms (& "Peyton" Farmer who buys firewood) and interiors.
Guards = both Day and Night Guards who alternate but share a meal in the Banquet Hall from 8am to 10am.
Working Prison (Cellar).
Self-closing entrance Gate (uses Triggerbox).
Summonable Pet Cat (not yet tested for battle) (Conjuration).
Lesser Powers = Morrowstorm Menu Spell (can teleport to 3 interior locations and Raven Rock; summon 3 Followers including Housecarl; Summon 3 horses all different; Mark/Recall location; and random Food conjuration (1-9).)
Waterfalls in entrance along the integrated bridge (and exit in case you jump in).
Upper level/Lower level/Main level.
Master Bedroom with children room/closet/bathroom.
Servant room.
Banquet Hall with Kitchen.
Private Garden.
Throne Chamber and Office.
Marketplace Courtyard with Merchants.
Hall of Valor.
Forge & Mines.
Vault with plenty of storage.
Theater with 2 Bards (Day/Night).
Bath pool (for healing).
Upper Level has 2 roof access.
Armory (mannequins, weapon racks, library bookshelves, display cases).
Cellar - with working Laundry Machine.
Lots of Storage chests (Vault).
Lots of interior space for conjuring.
Mage Tower with alchemy/enchanting.
Town with Farmer.
Storm Camp.
Docks with fishing poles (catches fish).
Water Wells.
Mead / Wine casks.
Custom Banners.
Grain Mill.
Practice Safe for lockpicking Skill.
Arrow Fletcher/Anvil (in Town) for exploding arrows/enchanted bow.
Crypt in Cellar.

M7. 2018.

(Morrowstorm Castle).

Postscript: Custom Family Home is an option for adding Family to the Mod.


Roy D. Loudbark (for Testing, observation).
Bethesda (DLC) (Skyrim).

Modding Tools used for Morrowstorm Castle:
NIFskope (retexturer), Gimp (Graphics Editor), BSA Browser, Digital Camera, Inscribe2004 (for Egyptian Hieroglyphs on ceiling), Dawnguard/Dragonborn DLC (for components that are retextured), & Skyrim (for components retextured).

M7 2018.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

BYO Township

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / Hearthfires DLC / Dragonborn DLC:
BYOT: Build Your Own Township (Build your own Town #3 by M7).
Arrive by boat from Solstheim onto this sandy island, to build your own Township with local materials: [sewn] logs from Aspen Trees (to the Wood Mill for Wood Piles), Gold and Iron Mines, Tundra Cotton and Blue Mountain Flowers, Clay (Pits) Mines and Stone Mines, and added Sand (Stone Mines) for making glass.  Use the Carpenter's Workbench, the Computer, and the Shipment Computer (for making gold from crafting items to sell overseas) to make the component parts, or buy them at the Jarl's Longhouse across from the (Player's) Lodge.  Included are a Cotton Gin Loom for clothing related items, and a Smelter for making necessary parts (Carbon Steel Ingots, etc).

The Township:

Build Khajiit Town First, then Upper Quarter, and Nord Lane.  Next hire workers, and Collect Receipts.  Complete the Township by constructing Your Estate.  Reside in the Lodge until you are done constructing the Township.  You need to build 4 House Parts & 1 Furniture Crate per section of the Town. Then 1 Estate House and 1 Furniture Crate for Your Estate.

Khajiit Town:
- Blacksmith
- Grocery Store
- Chapel of Mara
- Fish & Chips restaurant

Upper Quarter:
- Bank
- Inn
- Clothes Store
- Farmhouse 1

Nord Lane:
- Magic Shop
- Cornerclub Bar
- (2) Farmhouses

- Merchants (Stores, Restaurant, Bank, Bar, etc.)

- Farmers (Farm houses)
- Trainer (Speechcraft, Bank)
- Hireling (Jarl's Longhouse)
- Bard (Cornerclub Bar)
- Priest (Chapel, bottom level)
- Cook (Restaurant)
- Maid (Magic Shop)
- Blacksmith (Blacksmith shop)

Others, etc.:
- Jarl's Steward (Merchant)
- Peyton (Follower)
- Horus Mike Sobek (Follower)
- A Housecarl (inside Your Estate)
- A Mine with Iron, Gold, Stone & Clay Mines.

You need the Pickaxe or Woodcutter's Axe EQUIPPED in order to Mine the Ores or Cut Lumber!  Look in a few Strongboxes (Jarl's Longhouse, or Mill) for these.  The Quests are in Order of Appearance.  The Receipts are needed until all workers are hired, then are recycled/counted (try reading them for + Skill).  Earn gold by making extra items into Shipment Crates.  Sell the Crates at the Shipment Computer.  All NPCs are set to "ally with Player" to prevent them being harmed accidentally. If you have enough gold, you can buy the House Parts and the Furniture Crates in place of building them.  Each worker selection costs 100 Gold each.  Harvest logs from the Trees with the bright green leaves. 



Sunday, April 1, 2018

Windhelm Gladiators School by M7

TES-V: Skyrim / Dawnguard DLC.
Windhelm Gladiators School
By: M7.2018.
Enter the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm and go to the golden telepad disc on the left side of the room to enter the Windhelm Gladiators School. First you need your Dragonscale Uniform (found in a chest on the bottom). Wear it. Then you can choose from your Arena Team (Blue, Red, Yellow or Green) and Creature Sets. You earn Truth Gems from each kill (including Teams). Truth Gems are for erecting Honorary Statues in the back room or sell for gold. You reset the NPCs with the Reset button under Select Creatures. You can also receive an instructions book. You can either take combat yourself or watch from the Tower above. Healing shrines are available. Teams cost 10 Gold each. Rewards per kill are 100 gold each plus Truth Gems.

Happy Holidays 2018.


Friday, March 30, 2018

Cold Wars: Vladimir

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Presents... Cold Wars: Vladimir
A Skyrim Mod by M7. 2018.
Found in a strongbox inside Dragonsreach (Whiterun City) is a spell tome to summon your Cold War Villain, Vladimir. He will attack you when you do so. Then after you vanquish him, his Skeleton will attack you, then his Ghost. The level of the NPC is equal to level 77 of the Player. Provided are a Daedric Bow and some arrows. He will appear each time he is summoned. So you can have endless fun attacking him.

M7 2018.