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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Daymares - Mod by M7

Daymares = A Skyrim Mod by M7
(Requires: Skyrim & Dawnguard DLC)

For 3000 Gold Septims you can buy a new Castle, and take over as its governing Lord.  The Castle includes a town with a Temple, Bank, Inn, horse stables, and walls.  You can make a profit by creating items to export outside using a workbench and Exporter Automaton (in Bank or Castle).  Outside of these walls are another Town, Village, 3 Mines (Ebony, Gold, and Iron), a Shopping Mall, and an Abandoned Castle with a Bandit infestation (for raids). You may want to find the Spell Tome for the "Middle-Aged, Fierce, Unstoppable Argonians" as accessory followers for raiding;
or the Daymares Menu Spell Tome (with horse) and Feast Summoning Tome.  Yes, all this for 3000 Gold Septims!

Entrance to this glorious realm is via a Portal (touch the dragon statue) near the junction point to WhiteRun on a cross road near the river.  Use Map to find it. 

Happy Holidays Steam Workshop (2017)!

From: M7.
Thank you for your support.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My work

Skyrim Mods: (M7): (On Steam Workshop):
1. Feudalism: King Torygg's Heir.
2. Stainless Steal
3. Kemt (Ancient Egypt)
4. Lakeshore Palace & Skytown
5. Skyrim Reborn (Retexture Mod)
6. Conjure Legions/Stormcloaks
7. The Last Greybeard.
8. Lordship.
9. Hurricane Spell.

10. Alexandretta.
11. Landowner.
12. Free Mod Resources by M7.
13. The Hearthfire Chef.
14. Little Grass Hut in the Snow.
15. The Septim Ring.
16. Improved Recall Spell by M7.
17. Tree Top Villa by M7.
18. City of Life.

19. Eternal War.
20. Junxu (Quartermaster).
21. Moon Colony Secunda.
22. Ni'ihau Island.
23. Electrum Alloy.
24. DIY Village. Castle. Pyramid.
25. Leeann.
26. Timed Arrows.
27. City-Shrines.

28. Battlescar.
29. Recall Spell by M7.
30. AU Akaviri University.
31. Win the Lottery!
32. Dragonstone Castle.
33. Summon Banish Army.
34. Summon Banish Merchant.
35. Flash Floods! Solitude.
36. Soap.

37. Build your own resort.
38. 12 Towers.
39. Nirn Wars 1: (WIP-2017).
40. Vendor Food Item Fix.
41. Egg Nog & 19 other recipes.
42. Aircastle.
43. Floating Bank.
44. Vivec City.
45. A Sovngarde Home.

46. For Sovngarde.
47. (Limitless) Assorted Mines.
48. Craftable Enchanted Forsworn Armor.
49. Dragon Soul Chicks.
50. Enter Blackreach.
51. Museum of History.
52. Castle Falls.
53. Custom House by M7.
54. Igloo.

55. The Cursed Citadel.
56. The Mall.
57. Multispell.
58. Buildable Dungeons.
59. Blind Cliff Castle.
60. Summon ingots & HF supplies.
61. Casino Skyrim.
62. My Yacht.
63. Printing Press.

64. Steel-thread Armor.
65. Seadogs.
66. Hidden Valley Castle.
67. Create your own Town 2.
68. Rio Olympics 2016 Archery.
69. Dovahland.
70. Nomarch (Custom home).
71. Think Tiny. Tiny Tower.
72. Highlander.

73. Dragonborn Pub.
74. Southern Garrison.
75. Transportation spell.
76. Undersea - Player home.
77. Kill the Trolls!
78. Be a Jarl - rule a Hold.
79. Emergency Kit by M7.
80. The Golden Egg.
81. Create your own City (Imperial city).

82. Vipsania Manor.
83. Archives.
84. Dragon Shelter - Helgen.
85. Enter the Arena
86. Chrysopolis (City of Gold).
87. TESV Arena Bloodworks.
88. Prince's Pad by M7.
89. Create your own Kingdom 2.
90. Mall Cafe Inn.

91. BYOE - Lady of the Ring
92. Shadowking.
93. The Kingdom of Tamery.
94. Create your own Pyramid.
95. Dragonblade (Mod Request).
96. Create your own town.
97. Dragonborn sewing kit.
98. Craftable Atomic.
99. Custom home mod request.

100. Create your own Castle mod.
101. Icarus.
102. Cheat: Conjure 1st Aid kit.
103. Cheat Summon 3k gold.
104. Thunderfalls Island.
105. Markarth Estates real estate.
106. Technopolis (Talopolis).
107. The Pirates of Ion Cove.
108. Bleak Falls Mummies.

109. House under Well.
110. Better drops mod by M7
111. Dragonmilk.
112. More gold on animals.
113. Season's Greetings by M7.
114. Thanksgiving Banquet Hall.
115. Victory Towers.
116. Carpentry Refined.
117. Hearthfire Smithing skill misc.

118. Hearthfires Ceramic & Basket weaving mod.
119. Hearthfires Metal & Glass recycling.
120. Siege Cavern.
121. The Alchemist Stone.
122. Recovering Deathbane.
123. M'aiq the liar's lair.
124. Rorikstead Buffet pub.
125. Skyrim Liquors Bartending mod.
126. Karnak Temple.

127. Bleak Falls Bungalow
128. Micronation of Moku Island.
129. Touring the Imperial City.
130. JB Lair Player home.
131. Dayspring Castle.
132. Tutankhamon.
133. Fancy House by M7.
134. Skyhold Cloud City (WIP).
135. Hearthfires: Sub Cellars

136. Q-Branch by M7.
137. My Hearthfire Farming Mod.
138. Throwable Rock spell.
139. Exploding C4 Gold Coins.
140. Dragonshire by M7.
141. Aspen apple trees.
142. Starter Follower mod by M7
143. Anubis the Protector.
144. City of the Dead (Suteni).

145. Akaviri Insurrection.
146. Clutterhouse.
147. Metropolis - A City Mod by M7.
148. Comfort Food Mod.
149. Escape from Cyrodiil the Imperial City.
150. The Hatch.
151. The Mummy Apocalypse.
152. The Legend of the Red Tiger.
153. The Mummy's tomb.

154. Free Sabre Cat Mount.
155. Chateau Darbyshire.
156. The City of Rome - a Historical Mod.
157. Sky Mall - A Skyrim Shopping Mall.
158. Neterworld.
159. Skyvale hotel resort.
160. Intrepidus Warrior-Prince.
161. Ouranpolis: city in the sky.
162. Skyrim Subway System.

163. Scorpio Pyramid.
164. Hearth Hub Pub in Falkreath.
165. Erik the Bold Companion.
166. Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis
167. Dawnfire Keep.
168. Caliphate of Necromancy.
169. Dwarven Engineering.
170. Craftable Molotov Cocktail.
171. Your own little tree house.

172. Majestic Mountain Keep.
173. Corundum Conversion Mod.
174. Mike's Private Island Mod.
175. First Aid Spell.
176. Solstice Manor.
177. Cyrodiil the Imperial City.
178. Superfood.
179. Craftable Bandages!
180. Hatshepsut's Palae.

181. Skylord Manor Air Fortress.
182. Euphoria Drug Mod by M7.
183. Skyrim MiniMall Hearthfire Edition.
184. Ebonheart.
185. Craftable God items by M7.
186. Fort Skytrek.
187. Create your own Mansion Interior.
188. Feasts of Skyrim.
189. Imperial Legion Supply Tower.

190. Chateau Le Dragonborne.
191. Revenge of the Piranha Chihuahua!
192. Piranha Chihuahua
193. Underville.
194. In Color Books Mod.
195. Holiday Towers.
196. The Emerald Palace.
197. M7 Manor (Dragonborn Starter Home).
198. Thalmor Towers.

199. Drip Drop Mansion.
200. ATM Banking.
201. Skyrim Cruises LTD.
202. One-stop Shack.
203. The Portal.
204. Solitude Confinement.
205. Stone Circle Mansion.
206. Skyscraper.
207. General Tullius Imperial Villa.

208. Skyrim Junk Food Mod.
209. Liberty of the Seas Shopping Mall.
210. Whiterun Treasure Map.
211. Sensei Mastery.
212. Hale Alii Real Estate Mod.
213. Improved Carpentry.
214. Tsunami.
215. TT Island Fortress.
216. My Abode.

217. Imperial Bath House.
218. Food Fight by M7.
219. The lost city of Djoser.
220. Icefall player home WIP.
221. The Falmer Bar & Grill Mod.
222. Skyrim house boat.
223. Be a scribe!
224. Be your own Tailor.
225. Falcon Rise.

226. IG-77 (Engineering Lab).
227. Flatlander.
228. Icy Towers.
229. The Solitude to Winterhold Transport.
230. Horu Manor.
231. Craftable Pizza Pie.
232. USS Starship Imperium.
233. Fee Fi Foh Fum Giant Killer.
234. Serpent Below.

235. Whiterun Valley Hotel resort.
236. Skyrim Mini Mall Expanded Edition.
237. Whiterun Sewer Hideout.
238. The Philosopher's Stone.
239. Book Publisher Mod.
240. M7's Falmer Hold.
241. M7's 8 Cuisine Test Mod 001.

M7 2017.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Feudalism: Heir of King Torygg (Skyrim Mod)

Feudalism: King Torygg's Heir
From the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
A Skyrim Mod by M7
Ulfric Stormcloak murdered King Torygg of Skyrim with the Power of the Voice. Now his heir seeks revenge against the Stormcloaks. Born as Prince Lucius Torygg, son of King Torygg, he was forced into hiding when Ulfric murdered his father and usurped the throne.  Lucius built a small base on an island North of Solitude Lighthouse called Feudalism.  You are to go to Solitude City and find Lucius and read his biography (he sells it), then unite all the Holds by visiting the capital cities and collect Pledges of Allegiance from the Pledge Sellers.  Read Lucius's book once done.  Then you will raise an Army and wage a Civil War on the Stormcloaks.  If successful, a reward awaits you.  Other Quests are included.  Note: this Quest occurs decades AFTER Ulfric killed Torygg.
DLC - Hearthfires, Dawnguard are required.

A 9 Level Castle with many rooms to explore.
A working Prison with things to steal or sell to a Fence.
Many shops in the Castle and in the town outside.
Healing Pools.
Hirable Guards (day/night) and Servants (using Book).

Bakery, Butchery, Meadery, Chapel, Bank, Inn, Prison, Army Barracks. 

Keep with thrones.
Great Hall with dining, kitchen, pantry, side doors to Courtyard (Archery range and livestock).
3 separate Halls/sets of stairs for 9 levels total.
Royal Bath with Restoration Master Trainer.
Armory with custom Mannequins and vaults for your treasures.
Theater with Bards (3).
The Blue Khajiit Lounge and Library.
The Tomb of King Torygg (Quest). comes with Vampire coffin/bed and barrel of fresh blood.
Servant rooms (Quest).
Kings' Bedroom.  Queen's Bedroom. Children Bedroom. Children Playroom.
Shops and specialty stores.
Safe Chests for storage.
Boiler room.
Exterior Farms in the town and outside the walls on the island with Tower.
Ebony & Iron Mines outside in town (see trapdoor).
Owned Horses.

You will need to visit each Skyrim Hold to acquire Pledges from Ebony-wearing Pledge Sellers.

1. Blue Palace - Solitude
2. Highmoon Hall - Morthal
3. The White Hall - Dawnstar
4. Jarl's Longhouse - Winterhold
5. Understone Keep - Markarth
6. Dragonsreach - Whiterun
7. Palace of the Kings - Windhelm
8. Jarl's Longhouse - Falkreath
9. Mistveil Keep - Riften

Then follow all instructions by referencing Lucius's book. This activates parts of the Quest. He has it on his possession (as a Follower). He currently visits the Blue Palace in Solitude where his mother (the Jarl) lives. Bring him with you.

Other Quests:
In Servant's Room C is a quest NPC (buy her book), originally inspired by one in Morrowind.
In the Tomb of King Torygg is another quest (in coffin).

M7 2017.


Monday, October 30, 2017

No Mod Conflict with Imperial City

There should be no mod conflict between Imperial City Mod and Skyrim Bruma because I only used Interior Cells for IC. 

M7 2017.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Healing Pool script uses default trigger box script

scriptName DefaultCastAtLinkOnTriggerSCRIPT extends objectReference
{Configurable Custom Script.  Be default: when triggered, it will cast the spell from a linked ref at the triggering actor}

Message Property Effect Auto ; uncheck Message Box
bool property playerOnly auto
{if true, only works on the player}
bool property doOnce auto
{fire multiple times?}
float property delayBetween auto
{seconds to wait between shots.  Only relevant if doOnce == false}
spell property mySpell auto
{spell to cast onTriggerEnter}
auto STATE active
                EVENT onTriggerEnter(ObjectReference actronaut)
                                if playerOnly == true && actronaut == game.getPlayer() || playerOnly == false
                                                mySpell.Cast(getLinkedRef(), actronaut)
                                                gotoState ("inactive")  ; don't cast subsequent spells until told to do so
                                                if doOnce == true
                                                                ; and don't come back!
STATE inactive
                ; nothing happens here.

; defaultCastAtLinkOnTriggerSCRIPT

This script will cast the specified spell from the trigger's linked ref at the triggering actor. This only works for triggerboxes! I.e. a trap that casts spells at you from a stone (linked ref, any static item) when you enter the area. 

If doOnce is not checked it will cast multiple times or every time you enter it.
Add  a static item in the pool (item like a block in the perimeter of the pool or stone parts) with a reference on top, on the Trigger Box select Linked Ref with the Cell it appears in and the Reference of the object on the perimeter of the pool to cast the spell from.  

This is used for a Healing Pool effect.  (Kemt Mod by M7).

M7 2017.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Kemt (Ancient Egypt) by M7 Skyrim Mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
Kemt - A Mod by M7, October 2017
Entrance to Kemt is on a stairwell on Bleak Falls Barrow (Statue).
Touch the Statue to enter Kemt. [See Map Marker.]
Kemt is worldspace based on Ancient Egypt (KMT) / "Pharaoh" City-Building Game (on Steam).

Project started: Oct. 11, 2017 - Oct. 23, 2017 CE.
version 1.0
M7 2017.
Features: Industry:
Tailoring Loom - make green hooded & grey robes from Linen rolls, Linen rolls from Flax plants, Pomegranate Dye, Bandages, Linen wraps from Flax plants.

Copper Anvil - make Copper (i.e. Dwarven) weapons/armor; Smelt Copper Ore to Ingots (with firewood). Copper Ore Mines. Copper Scissors (for Tailoring).

Papyrus & Glass Maker - make Papyrus Paper, Glass bottles (from glass in ores), Paintings, & Hemp products. Hemp Incense & Hemp Baskets (Nirn root is known by this other name in Kemt).

Kemtic Oven - make breads, Pomegranate Pie, salad, stuffed grape leaves, Baklava (pastry), Desert Fruit Pie.

Brewery - Make beer, wine, Blue Lotus Perfume/Incense, olive oil, Date Beer, Raisin Vinaigrette, Pomegranate soup, Fig Juice.

Farmed crops: Pomegranate, Papyrus, Flax, Copper, Lettuce, Olives, Grapes, Blue Lotus Flower, Figs (Fig Juice), Cantelope Melon, Watermelon, Kemtic Dates, Chickpeas, Raisins/grape leaves (from Jaz-bay Grapes), Barley, Wheat.
(All were found in Egypt at various times).

Water well - gives 10 water (needed for cooking).

Copper (Smelter) ingots from Copper Ore & Firewood.

Wood stacks - gives 10 Firewood. Or use wood chopper.
Luxury items:
Ivory (horns), Incense (torch), Perfume, Ebony (ingots), Leopard Skins (Horse hide), Wine, Olive Oil.
Quest Items: Crates of Fig Juice, Date Beer, Olive Oil, and Perfume (10 each), Linen Robes, Copper Ingots, Papyrus paper; earn extras of these for payment by a Shabty.
Features: Buildings:
Kemtic Temples - Bast (Bubastis), Osiris (Busiris), Ptah (Mennofer), Hathor (Giza Plateau).
House of Life = inside Temples or Nomarch Manor (with Merchants).

Cities - Bubastis, Busiris, Mennofer, Rosetjau, Giza Plateau.

AmonRa's Tavern (near Mennofer).

Common Houses - 2 level apartments.

Pyramid Complex with Valley Temple (Quest).
Queens Pyramid
Royal Mastaba (with shaft tomb)
3 Giza Pyramids + Sphinx.
Other buildings for decoration (Obelisks, Banners).

Docks + Fishing poles/benches. Poles "catch fish."

Kemtic Obelisks, Pillars, Pylon Gates, Painted Ceiling, Sacred Pools (Temple), walls, towers.

Incense burners (lights).

Nomarch Manor (rewarded for quest completion).

Scribe Center (book & papyrus merchant).

Security Base (Guards).

Oasis + plants & water well.

Forts (2): Fort Djedkara and Fort Waset (east/west of map).

Entrance Statue (Near Bubastis; Bleak Falls Barrow).

AmonRa's Tavern + Horse Seller near Busiris.

+ other NPCs (including Firewood buyers, a Drunk, and a Beggar).

Quest: (Oracle) - "Cleomaatra's Ring:"
1. Using the available resources, farm or acquire (buy) ingredients for shipping in Crates. You can always sell extras to a Shabty at each Temple. The Queen lost a shipment from a cargo ship at sea. Supply her with one of each type of item Crate - 7 total. Make crates at the Shabty (tall golden Kemtic Statue). Report back to Oracle.
(Oracle is located near Busiris City and the Nomarch Manor).

2. Make Copper Arrows (100), Copper Bow, Copper Armor and Helm, into a shipping Crate at the Shabty. Copper ore is found in Kemt, and needs a pickaxe.

3. Pay Kingdom Taxes (1000 Gold) to Oracle.

4. Acquire or Farm Tomb Provisions (crate): Roll of Linen, bandages, perfume, incense, date beer (5 of each) at Shabty.

5. Find the lost book in the Pyramid. (Hint: look for a strange urn or vase).

6. Go to the Catacombs in the now revealed trapdoor in the Pyramid. Find and return (wear) Cleomaatra's ring.
(Hint: kill all Undead in the Catacombs, get the keys to unlock doors).

7. Return to Oracle for your reward (Nomarch Manor key, + Gold).

M7 2017.
October 11 - 22, 2017.

Quest 2: "Curse of the Pharaoh":

1. What is killing the Citizens of Kemt? You find a love letter on a corpse in the Catacombs and read it. It directs you to visit the Temple of Ptah in Mennofer.
2. There you find another corpse, this time of a High Priest. He has a love letter on him. You read it.
3. A stone mason's corpse is found in the Temple of Hathor at Giza Plateau with a love letter. This one directs you to visit the Queen's Pyramid at Bubastis.
4. A royal guard's corpse is inside. Read a note on him. Suddenly his ghost appears, offering to sell you something. It's a ring. You wear it and are transported to the Queen's Crypt.
5. After defending yourself from awakened undead, you place the ring on the Altar and are transported outside the Pyramid.
6. A note was placed into your possession, you read it and the Curse is lifted. You receive a magical necklace as a reward. All of the corpses were buried afterwards.

(Note: ALL 3 DLC are Needed for the Mod - see upper right panel.)

1. Occasional grass error in Catacombs.
2. ... (tell me if any exist, if Mod is properly installed).



Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lakeshore Palace & Skytown by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Lakeshore Palace & Skytown
A Skyrim Mod by M7

An Island Palace in Lake Ilinalta.  A craftable Fort. A floating City called Skytown. 
Plus, NO DLC REQUIRED!!! See your Real Estate Agent (Automaton) for details. 

M7 2017.

October 7, 2017.

LP Tower:
* Master Bedroom
* Bathroom
* Guest Room
* Cafe Dragonborne + Food vendor
* Tailor shop
* Greenhouse + Plants
* Skytown Teleporter Chamber
* Dining Room
* Pantry
* Medical Clinic
* Bank with Stock Vendor (Automaton) + .99999 Safe Storage chests
* Children Bedroom (sleeps 10+)
* Library (empty bookshelves)
* Pool Room
* Practice Room + Arrow Fletcher
* Winery / Meadery / Ale Maker + Plants
* Water Well
* Servants: Cook, Junk Seller, Musician, Companion
* Entrance Hall
* Top Exits (2) with view of Lake Ilinalta
* Electric Lights
* Working Fireplaces
* Mead Barrels + Working Winery
* Recycle Bins, Safe Storage, and Marked (Respawning) Containers
* Custom graphics
* Buyable Tower (3,000 Septims) + Teleport Spell/Power
* As Island in lake
* Retextured Boat +  Docks
* Stone Ore Mine
* No Mannequins or other items found in previous Mods (for better Immersion)
Craftable Fort:
* Supplies Crate
* Workbench
* Anvil
* Water Well
* Map Marker appears when Land is bought for 1000 Septims
(See Real Estate Agent/Automaton on Boat)
* Instructions (hint: Build: In Order of Appearance!)
* Once built, the personal Fort has a Farm house and Tower
* Fort 1 is North of Palace
* Stone Ore Mine

* Hovering over Lake Ilinalta like a UFO is Skytown
* Accessible via Map Marker (Player only) or via Teleporter from Tower
(Due to having a mass overlapping ground Navmeshing in Lake)
* Inn (Tent) with Innkeeper
* Khajiit Merchant / Caravan
* Blacksmith
* Real Estate (Automaton) Agent
* Water Well
* Fort Supplier NPC
* Custom banners
* Shrine of Mara (Statue)
* Simulated Town exterior
* Jets below Skytown

Note: "M7" is not a Trademark! It is my name abbreviated. 


M7 2017.