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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lakeshore Palace & Skytown by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Lakeshore Palace & Skytown
A Skyrim Mod by M7

An Island Palace in Lake Ilinalta.  A craftable Fort. A floating City called Skytown. 
Plus, NO DLC REQUIRED!!! See your Real Estate Agent (Automaton) for details. 

M7 2017.

October 7, 2017.

LP Tower:
* Master Bedroom
* Bathroom
* Guest Room
* Cafe Dragonborne + Food vendor
* Tailor shop
* Greenhouse + Plants
* Skytown Teleporter Chamber
* Dining Room
* Pantry
* Medical Clinic
* Bank with Stock Vendor (Automaton) + .99999 Safe Storage chests
* Children Bedroom (sleeps 10+)
* Library (empty bookshelves)
* Pool Room
* Practice Room + Arrow Fletcher
* Winery / Meadery / Ale Maker + Plants
* Water Well
* Servants: Cook, Junk Seller, Musician, Companion
* Entrance Hall
* Top Exits (2) with view of Lake Ilinalta
* Electric Lights
* Working Fireplaces
* Mead Barrels + Working Winery
* Recycle Bins, Safe Storage, and Marked (Respawning) Containers
* Custom graphics
* Buyable Tower (3,000 Septims) + Teleport Spell/Power
* As Island in lake
* Retextured Boat +  Docks
* Stone Ore Mine
* No Mannequins or other items found in previous Mods (for better Immersion)
Craftable Fort:
* Supplies Crate
* Workbench
* Anvil
* Water Well
* Map Marker appears when Land is bought for 1000 Septims
(See Real Estate Agent/Automaton on Boat)
* Instructions (hint: Build: In Order of Appearance!)
* Once built, the personal Fort has a Farm house and Tower
* Fort 1 is North of Palace
* Stone Ore Mine

* Hovering over Lake Ilinalta like a UFO is Skytown
* Accessible via Map Marker (Player only) or via Teleporter from Tower
(Due to having a mass overlapping ground Navmeshing in Lake)
* Inn (Tent) with Innkeeper
* Khajiit Merchant / Caravan
* Blacksmith
* Real Estate (Automaton) Agent
* Water Well
* Fort Supplier NPC
* Custom banners
* Shrine of Mara (Statue)
* Simulated Town exterior
* Jets below Skytown

Note: "M7" is not a Trademark! It is my name abbreviated. 


M7 2017.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Skyrim Renaissance - retexture mod by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim Renaissance - Retexture Mod by M7.
Sept. 24, 2017.
This Mod does not require DLC.
This Mod may be incompatible with other
retexturing mods (buildings). 

Changes: (Exteriors):
Imperial (Forts), Farm houses, WhiteRun, & Winterhold.
(Not all buildings are retextured).


Red Wood, Gold, Hieroglyphs, Limestone, other Stone, Red Tile, Banner design, some Marble.  (Public Domain).  No Interiors are affected.

M7 2017.

Friday, September 22, 2017

New Summon Spells

The Last Greybeard
A Follower / Magic Spell Mod by M7

At High Hrothgar lives the Last Greybeard in his humble abode. You can summon 4 of his friends with a spell tome on the central altar or buy it from him. The Greys all can use Shouts. The spell is a lesser Power.

M7 2017.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim : Conjure Legions/Stormcloaks - Spell
If you are ever in danger, in place of a follower you can summon your own Army.

- Choose from Legion Infantry, Archers or Mercenaries.
- Choose from Stormcloak Infantry, Archers or Mercenaries.
(10 + 10 + 5) in either set.

No DLC needed. Either Spell is sold by an Army Merchant at Winterhold College exterior.

M7 2017.

Friday, September 8, 2017


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
Lordship - a Player Home Castle Mod by M7:
Situated near Fort Amol (North of Lake Geir/Ivarstead) this majestic Castle has 2 Tower-Keeps near a cascading waterfall with view of the countryside. This mod Only Requires Skyrim - No DLC are needed.  It has lots of marked Safe Storage containers (Crates, Chests, Barrels, etc.), utilities, casks/barrels/automatons, custom textures (Banners, tower stairs, posters), fishing poles that 'catch fish', bathroom suppplies, a bridge connecting both Tower-keeps, anti-Dragon Defenses, (Dragon Flesh on Dragons that you can cook), and several levels/rooms.

First Tower:
* Entrance Tower/stairs.
* First Tower Keep Hall
* Chapel of Mara with underground Catacombs.
* Cellar with storage, casks, Smelter, chests, oven, etc.
* Underground Varied Mines (below Cellar) & Soul Gem Mines.
* Utility Room (Forge, Workbench, Grinding Stone, Tanning rack, etc.).
* Servants' bedrooms with bathroom.
* Living Room with 2 Bedrooms.
* Servants' Dining room with kitchen.

Second Tower:
* Large Great Hall with separate Dining room, Kitchen, Servant's bedroom, Throne room with furniture.
* Outside Fishing utility.
* Hall with stairs (3 levels).
* Outside Tower with Anti-Dragon Defenses.
* Baths (pool with water fountains).
* Master Bedchamber.
* Library (empty bookshelves for storage).
* Conservatory (plants, mushrooms).
* Armory (w/ Viceroy, Book Publisher automatons).
* Barracks with Training Area.
* Children's Bedroom (with Dummy, and 9 beds).
* Tower Prison.
* Boiler Room (Steam Engine uses Firewood), below Prison.
* Stores (+3 Merchants).
* Treasury-Bank (storage).
* Art Gallery.
* Mage Tower (alchemy, enchanter).
* Hireable Servants - Bard, 6 Guards, Chef, Blacksmith, Gardener, 2 Knights (M/F), Wizard, Squire + pet dog.
* Automatons (use these in place of subtitled NPCs).

* A Magic Spell Tome that does the following:
1. Teleports to First Tower & Great Hall
2. Marks/Recalls location.
3. Summons/Banishes: your Horse, a Merchant (with lockpicks), and 6 Barbarians.
4. Summons 5k in Gold.
5. Summons Food and First Aid.

* Safe Storage is marked on storage units such as Crates or Chests.
* There are Recycling Containers/Garbage Baskets (Do Not Store inside these or contents are deleted!).
* Respawning Containers are Marked ("Do Not Store in Here").
* Dragon Flesh may occur in Dragons. (** If any bugs occur with Dragons, the issue corrects itself later.)
* Dragon Flesh recipes - Cook Grilled Dragon, Broiled Dragon, or Dragon soup.
* New Ebony M7 Arrows (Forge).

* New Quests:
1. Harem Book - Go to the Harem to find a autographed copy of Lifts Her Tail's best seller.
2. Cook Grilled Dragon .
3. The Last Crusade (Side Quest). Find the Lost Holy Grail Cup of Mara, & choose from 3 rewards, too!

M7 2017.
Version 1.0 - September 8, 2017.

This Mod can be used with Custom Family Home Mod and Roman Armor Replacer Mods.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Spell

Hurricane Spell - by M7
What is that over Texas?

So I basically modified the settings on the Storm Call shout and made it a Lesser Power with more damage.  And increased the time to 1 hour. You can buy the Spell Tome at a local Forge for 10 Gold.

M7 2017.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Alexandretta by M7...

Alexandretta - a Skyrim Mod by M7.

Skyrim uses words from Ancient History. Septim is from Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. Alexandretta is a city made by Alexander (the Great) on his Eastern Conquests. He made many cities to establish his Empire. One of which is now accessible via Skyrim using a teleport spell. Look under your Alteration list for the spell of "Traveling to and from Alexandretta." The Town has a Jarl's Palace, working Inn, Temple/Bank (with lots of safe chests to store your things), a Museum-Library, and a Fight Club to practice sparring. The spell will allow you to return back from the entrance point to Alexandretta.

August 2017. Dawnguard/Dragonborn DLC are needed.
Alexandretta is a hidden town accessible by a teleport spell (Alteration). 

A working Inn + Bard + Patrons
A Museum & Library
A Fight Club - earn gold fighting combatants (up to 14 randomly selected/resurrected).
An outdoor park with in-ground heated Swimming Pool.
A Temple/Bank (with lots of safe storage)
The Jarl's Palace + Guards
An outdoor Theater + Bard + Audience
An outdoor Shrine
Custom textures
Navmeshed Interior/Exterior
Teleport Spell is found under Alteration Spell List
Teleport can send you back to former location or Alexandretta
Map Markers are for Skyrim Map
A Fence/Merchant (Ahmosis) in Temple
A Lockpick Training Safe (uses Lockpicking skill), in Bank
Concrete Tile Floors outside.

(COC M1, COC M2)


Combatants appear without clothing due to Resurrection Bug, but sometimes will wear it. 

M7 2017.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to Fix Low Memory Issues with Windows 10

How to Fix Low Memory Issues with Windows 10

1. Go to Task Manager
2. Select Processes
3. Select program (McAfee Web Advisor) and End Task
4. Memory is reduced to lower number. Programs are not harmed by this.
M7 2017.