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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Teleport spell 2

Teleport Spell

Scriptname extends activeMagicEffect

ObjectReference property TeleDest auto
Event OnEffectFinish(Actor target, Actor caster)
  Target.MoveTo(TeleDest) ; Xmarker reference = TeleDest

Spell: Teleport Spell is a Magic Effect, add to Teleport Spell
Add Duration (1 or 2), Edit an existing Teleport Spell and rename it
Edit Script properties – Add location of Xmarker Ref and Cell name, then save
Add restoration or alteration to effect when for using spell.  Check “painless.” Uncheck unnecessary effects or keywords.  

M7 2015.


Teleport Spell

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Talopolis video

Talopolis - The Lost City of Talos, by M-7

M7 2015.

Talopolis - The Lost City of Talos


Talopolis - The Lost City of Talos:
Uses: Dawnguard / Hearthfire DLC:

Centered in a hidden lake high above somewhere west of the Dawnguard Castle is Talopolis. You can access it via a Mage Portal (see Map Marker).  The Main Building is Talos Castle (COC Talopolis01). 

Inside Talos Castle (Player Home) are:

First Level:

Main Halls + Statues (etc.)
A Great Hall with Throne, tables for Knights, and restroom access;
A Private Dining Room, Kitchen, & Pantry. Harvestable Food & Drink (wine, milk, steamed crab legs, lavender dumplings, breads, snowberry dessert).

The Teleporter Chamber - Accesses the following Cities:

1. Dawnstar, 2. Falkreath, 3. High Hrothgar, 4. Whiterun (Dragonsreach), 5. Windhelm, 6. Riften, 7. Markarth, 8. Morthal, 9. Riverwood, 10. Solitude (Blue Palace), 11. Dragonshire (Tavern), 12. The Temple of the Divines (Talos Castle). 

Imperial Baths (2), with heated pools + statues + Diving board.

Temple of the Divines (with fluted columns, statues & Shrines)
The Lost City of Talos - via Teleport in Pantry near Kitchen, (for viewing only).
Sewer Access outside near Supply Tower (underwater).

Second Level:

Barracks for Knights (bedroom) + beds, furniture, containers.
Utilities - Skyforge, Forge, Tanning Racks, Workbench, Grinding Stones.
Storage rooms

Master Quarters - Bedroom, Library/Study, Store, & (Armory) Storage, Bar (with Soup/Wine kegs).
Access to Hidden Mage Tower (with Scroll Maker + Doomstones).


Wine Cellar
Storage rooms (with Storage Crates)
Wine Maker, Beer Brewery, & Meadery (uses ingredients).
Soup/Wine Kegs
Practice Areas (Dummies, Archery Targets)
Security Room (with simulated computers).
Royal Crypt
Sewer Access (In case you get stuck in the Lost city).
Prison with prisoners (via Pantry Teleport).

Other Features:

Fully Navmeshed for NPC Traveling
Marked Respawn Containers
Many Safe (non-respawn) Containers
Toilets with Potions
Harvestable Food/Drink
Custom Textures (Gold Teleport Pad, Fluted Columns)
Wood Chopper outside
2 other Buildings (Tower, Inn)
Boat Docks with boats
Custom Worldspace
Scroll Maker makes Magic Scrolls in Mage Tower (see Teleport in Master Bedroom).
Plantable Gardens (outside near Inn).
Ore Mines in the Lost City of Talos (on ground nearest Bridge.  Note the protective wood fences).



About 7 Knights, a Mage, a singing Bard, Store Merchants, Inn Keeper.

Pets: Caesar (dog).


M7 2015.

Note: The Ice on the ceiling or ground in the Lost City of Talos is NOT SOLID.
In case you get stuck there, find the stairs to go up to the walk path and to the door to the Sewer System.


M7 2015.

Friday, December 4, 2015

New Mods by M7


Better Drops Mod by M7

In Better Drops Mod by M7, you can find more items on dead creatures, about 33 creatures in fact.  Among these creatures with added loot are as follows:

Cave Bears (Bear Meat - see Cooking), Snow Cave Bear (Bear Meat), Chickens (Eggs), Deer (Lavender, arrows), Dogs and Wolves (Dog Meat, Collar), Fox (Juniper Berries, Frost Salts), Ice Fox, Frostbite Spider (Spider Meat), Goats, Rabbits (Rabbit Pelts), Horkers, Horses, Ice Wraith, Mammoths, Mud Crabs (Pearls), Sabre Cats, Skeevers, Slaughterfish, Spriggans, Storm Atronach, Trolls, Frost Trolls, Wisps, Ice Wolves, etc. 

Some have added ingredients, food items, weapons or armor, lockpicks, or jewelry. 

Please rate and subscribe.
Good Hunting!

M7 2015.


DragonMilk is found on Dragons. By itself it can fortify your health for one day by 999x points, or be used in Blacksmithing to create Dragonplate armor [with Perk] or Dragonmilk arrows and a dagger [without Perk]. No DLC Required. Please Rate and Subscribe. :)

The armor is enchanted and needs Dragonmilk as a reagent. So one armor fortifies Carry, another will fortify Destruction or Health, etc. (Cuirass, Gauntlet, Helmet, Boots, & Shield).

M7 2015.


More Gold on Animals by M7

This Mod adds a greater chance to earn gold on animals and some people, including a Lucky Lottery Ticket worth 1000 Gold. Redeem Ticket at any General Store or Forge, Cooking Pot, Smelter or Sky Forge. Animal kills are worth 5x more gold than original (random). NO DLC needed.

M7 2015.

M7 2015.