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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Build Your Own Resort

Build Your Own Resort:

This Allows you to create your own Hotel Resort near Fort Dawnguard (to the left of Dayspring Castle Mod). All materials and construction are included. There are 2 ways of building it -- you can mine the materials below the ground in the Mines or Dwarven Ruins; or buy them at the Resort Interior room (shop keeper). The Steam Engine and Construction workbench are behind the wall / Gate. The Dwarven Ruins has enemies (traps) and Dwarven Oil used by the Steam Engine and Workbench to make items.

Items to make:

Concrete - uses Sand and Lime from Stone Blocks/Ore
Fiberwood Walls - from Firewood
Titanium Ingots - from Titanium Ore
Titanium Steel Ingots - from Titanium Ore and Dwarven Alloy Ore
Hotel Wings - from Walls and other items
Titanium Nails, Fittings, Hinges, - from Titanium Ingots
Ring of Feathery (carrying weight reduced by 7000 points) - from Titanium Ingot
Hotel - from an assortment of items
Hotel Interior - from furniture mostly
Wardrobes - from firewood, nails, etc.
Weapons and Armor - from Titanium Ingots and Titanium Steel Ingots, Dwarven Oil.

Skyrim, Updates, Dawnguard, Hearthfire DLC.

Mod by M7, 2017.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

NIRN WARS 1: Aldmeri Insurrection


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Presents... Nirn Wars (#1): (WIP-2017):

Nirn Wars is about the Emperor's Cousin - Lucius Septim - who was kidnapped by the Thalmor and is being held hostage by them in the Imperial Palace in Cyrodiil. You rescue him, then learn that he was turned to the Thalmor as their Commander. He gives you a choice: accept his offer of wealth and power, or decline and plunge all of Tamriel into Civil War. All 9 Provinces of Tamriel are represented in this epic Mod via Gates found in central Skyrim. 

 Upon entering Cyrodiil you enter the Mausoleum there to "return a letter" to the undead who pops out of his coffin to greet you. In a chest you find a book "Aldmeri Insurrection" - read it and this starts the quest. A Thalmor agent hears you and investigates - you fight him and his summoned Daedra and he dies, then you awaken in a Thalmor Prison on Summerset Isle. Read a book and find a key to the cell. Then you see a Thalmor Overseer of the Mines who is selling Child Labor Contracts, read one and follow the directions (liberate the Children slaves in the Soul Gem Mine just outside the Prison). Go to Hammerfell and to the Spice Mines. Mine some Spice, smelt it, and sell it to an Automaton (Droids) outside. Do so again until The Falcon ship arrives then enter it. Bring Spice Elixir (which fortifies health and stamina by 30% for one day) to the Rebel Base on High Rock, and sell it to the Automaton. Read every book and letter as they are part of Quests. Then return to Cyrodiil to the Imperial Palace and liberate Lucius Septim who is in a locked room upstairs. Press buttons for actions. Read his book in the safe and decide whether to accept or decline his offer. Two quests result from this - either enslave Tamriel as its new Commander or unite Tamriel against the Thalmor and Lucius, culminating in an epic battle onboard the orbiting Death Moon.

A Skyrim World by M7, 2017.
The Science Fiction films Star Wars & Dune inspired this Mod.

At the Nirn Circle of Gates you find a long-lost love letter meant for the occupant in the tomb at Cyrodiil in one of the Gates of the 9 Provinces of Tamriel.  You embark on the journey to Cyrodiil, enter the tomb (Cyrodiil Mausoleum) and find him... Inside the chest is a Map of Tamriel and a book; read the book to begin the Quest: Aldmeri Insurrection. 
First Quest: Aldmeri Insurrection
1. Use the Key found with the letter in the Nirn Circle of Gates to open the Mausoleum in Cyrodiilium Magna (Cyrodiil).
2. Enter the tomb.  Find the chest and get the Map, and Book. Read the book and follow instructions on Quest found in your Quest Journal (top of screen).
3. The Thalmor Agent will then start looking for you in the tomb.  Kill him. 
4. You were arrested and placed in the Thalmor Prisons in Summerset Isle. 
5. In the Prison cell is a book and a key (in cupboard).  Escape the Cell. Follow Quest data.
6. Go to Hammerfell Mines in Hammerfell. 
7. Mine some Spice.  Bring 20 ingots (see Smelter) to the Automaton at the Market Stall outside of the Mines.
8. Read the Information he gives you.  Mine additional Spice for profit on the 2nd Option.
9. Spice can also be made into an Elixir that fortifies Health and Stamina by 30% for 1 day. (etc.)
10. Go to Cyrodiil to "warn the Emperor that his cousin was kidnapped by the Thalmor."
End of First Quest.


Misc. Quest: Child Labor:
While in the Thalmor Prison you find the Overseer selling Child Labor Contracts (i.e. slave labor).
Buy one from him and read it.  Then follow instructions (kill Overseer to get key).  Then enter the Mines.  The Children slaves are there, with pickaxes.  Press the button to release the Children; they will appear in the Thalmor Temple of the Dark Sun just outside the Prisons. 


Visit Dagoth Ur's Tomb in Morrowind:
(I wonder if he's home?)


Note: Unless you like breaking Quests, DO NOT USE CONSOLE Commands like "Unlock doors." The Quests have locked doors for preventing quest stages from improper access, or interruption. 


Quest #3: He who has the Spice controls the Empire:
1. An Automaton buying Powdered Spice and Elixir shows new customers in the area. Sell Powdered Spice and Elixir to the Automaton (for key to ship). Go to the newly arrived Airship and enter it.
2. Once inside (see floor panel) the Falcon, you are instructed to find more information about the Spice Trade.
3. Trade with Jawdrop and find a book about the Spice Market (Manifest). Read it.
4. Talk to the Automaton Locksmith and purchase a key to the Rebel Base.
5. Create more Elixir. Bring Elixir to Rebel Base and Speak to the Automaton near the Ship/Portal Door to Falcon.
6. Sell Elixir to Automaton for Spice Secrets. Read it. 
Completes Quest.  (Suggestion: go to the Trade Base via the Falcon for more information).


Quest #4: Imperial Seduction:
1. Make a key from the Locksmith Automaton on the Falcon Ship, then Go to Cyrodiil and enter the Imperial Palace.
2. Kill the Thalmor Guards to get a key and access the room on top level.
3. Enter locked room and press Liberation Release button; Lucius Septim disappears.
4. Open his Safe and read his book "From Lucius Septim."
5. When you are ready to decide, press the new button on top of the Safe. 
6. If you decline the offer, the Provinces are divided and war will happen against Cyrodiil/the Thalmor.
7. If you accept the offer (failed), you will enslave Tamriel for Spice Trade Markets. 
Completes Quest.  (Suggestion: enlist help from the Rebel Alliance or the Dragon Knights Council in Cyrodiil).

Quest #5: The People Strike Back:
1. Recruit soldiers against Lucius and the Thalmors.  Do this by performing 9 Misc. Quests to enlist support from the Provinces of Tamriel. Earn Task Gems per Quest. Collect 9 Task Gems.
2. Once done with Misc. Quests, use the Automatons technology to get the Key to the Death Moon.
3. Enter Death Moon (2 entrances) and press the button to start the Battle.
4. Find and kill Lucius Septim and take his Crown.
5. Wear the Crown.  This ends the Quest.
This Completes Quest.

Misc. Quests for Task Gems:
1. Free the Children (see above) and get the Child Drum from the Soul Gem Mines.
2. Obtain 10 Moon Sugar for Elsweyr.
3. Obtain 10 Iron Daggers for the Orcs.
4. Kill the Giant Rat in the Hammerfell Store Basement + get Gem.
5. Obtain the Amulet from Dagoth Ur in Morrowind (see above).
6. Mine Powdered Spice (40).
7. Obtain Special Arrows for Valenwood (100). (use Store in Hammerfell or other Merchants).
8. Obtain 10 Dinner Bread for High Rock.
9. Obtain Dragon Scales (10) for Skyrim.


Quest #6: Evil Empire:
Should you accept his offer, the following options are available. (See lever on crate).
1. Hire Miners in Hammerfell Mine.
2. Kill Dragon Knights in their Council in Cyrodiil (collect Death Cubes, 2x).
3. Spice the Weather (see stone outside Palace), uses 10 Spice ingots.



A Cheat Chest is in the room with Lucius Septim. Guide books are also in the game.

M7 2017.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Misc. - Vendor Food Item Fix

Vendor Food Item Fix:

Have you ever noticed why certain Potions or Food items do not show up in game after you added them to the Merchants' lists? The reason was there is a missing "Vendor Food Item" on each object, which is necessary for a Merchant to have in order to sell something. This Mod fixes that for Food Items in Vanilla Skyrim.

M7 2017.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim;
Dawnguard / Hearthfire DLC needed.

Aircastle - A Player Home near Solitude
High above the entrance to Solitude is
this majestic Castle.  If you are already
a Thane to Solitude, the Housecarl will
recognize you; otherwise she is a follower.

The Castle is 2 Levels.
There are 2 entrances - one is alongside a road
for better access, the other one is on a bridge
overlooking Solitude Countryside.

This All New Player Home is part of my
Skyrim Real Estate Collection. 

1. Great Hall with Dining Table/chairs,
throne, cooking pots, enchant/alchemy stations,
planted pots, furniture, & Bard.
2. Bedroom with fireplaces and furniture.
3. Bathroom with bathtub and fixtures.
4. Kitchen / Cafe with Food Merchant.
5. Armory with weapon racks, display cases,
storage chests, & mannequins.
6. Master Bedroom.
7. Den with bookshelves and desks.
8. Vault with ample storage.
9. Smithy - Skyforge, Anvil, Tanning Rack, Alchemy, Enchanter,
Grinding Stone, Workbench, Wood Chopper, Smelter + Blacksmith Merchant.
10.  General Store + Hearthfire Supplies.
11. Children's room (Play area, room for 6 children).
12. Indoor Pool with shrine statues and Gardens.

M7 2017.


COC aaam7ac01

Use with Custom Family Home Mod!

Or: Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions Mod


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Vivec City by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Vivec City, A City Mod by M7
Uses Dawnguard & Dragonborn DLC
A City built by Vivec himself, lost in time...


In the City: (Worldspace is accessible near Dawnstar)
- Houses (15 + interiors)
- an Arena (+ 2 warriors; can be turned on/off)
- Cafe + Merchant, NPCs
- Temple + Priest
- Vivec Stock Exchange/Banking ATM
- Palace (for sale)
- Archery Range
- Pool & Garden
- Farm
- Entrance Tower
- General Store
- Ebony Mines (Non-animation/non-depleted)
- Citizens (People)
- Trees & Rocks
- Shopping Mall
- Patrolling Guard(s)
- Hotel (Near Shopping Mall)
- Doomstones (all)
- Necropolis + Monuments

3 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, Armory (with mannequins, bookshelves), Main Room/Lobby, Hall (with exit), storage crates, storage chests, furniture, cooking pot, Dining Hall, Library/Den, windows; Basement Cellar with Forge, Grindstone, Workbench, Wine and Soup barrels, mannequins, bookshelves, weapon racks, an extra bed/wardrobe, Shrine, Singing Bard, 2 Followers, Child, Etc. Palace costs 7,000 Gold.  Purchase button is on entrance. 
Dragon Souls Stone (gives +1 Dragon Soul; use only after Main Quest)
Weather Changer Stone (Rain, Snow, Clear)
Horse Stable + Horse
Storage Crates + Safe Chests
Pool in separate enclosure
Archery Range
Side Entrance (Locked)
Walled Enclosure
Mead Brewery (uses Well Water + Wheat to make Ale; Honey & Snowberry to make Mead)
General Store

M7 2016-2017.

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Use with Vivec Follower & Custom Family Home Mods.

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