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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Legend of the Red Tiger - Mod by M7


A long time ago, in a Provincial Palace not far away, a Khajiit known for his bravery and cunning once conquered the lands held by the Skyrim despots and bandits. His true name escapes History, and is only known from Legend as The Red Tiger. Here in Markarth Province is the lair of the Red Tiger.

M7 2014.

A new Player Home by M7.
Dragonborn & Dawnguard are Required.


Royal and Servant Bedrooms, Royal Bath and Boudoir, Hidden Armory and other facilities, Garden Tower, Wine Cellar, Main Hall, Storage rooms, kitchen, Gallery, Chapel, Den, Ballroom, 4 Servants/Followers, etc.

M7 ver.1.0