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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Castle Falls

Castle Falls
A Skyrim Home by M7
On Request, this Castle Mod does not require any DLC:
Located near Markarth, this Castle is near a waterfall and has all the refinements of a Skyrim Player Home. 

Main Hall and Entrance.
Great Hall with Bard, 2 Followers, Merchant, and some Knights, and Wine Keg.
Master Bedroom
Childrens Bedroom
Storage Room with Mannequins, Bookshelves, Weapons Racks, Chests.
Garden with plants
Healing Chapel with Shrines

M7 2016.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Cursed Citadel

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The Cursed Citadel by M-7.
A Dawnguard-Skyrim Mod.

So who lives atop the Towering Cursed Citadel in the Western Mountains? I hear people say Vampires reside there. A Vampire Prince in fact, but why is it Cursed, you ask? Go there to find out.  Maybe you can lift the Curse -- if you survive.

This Dawnguard-inspired Mod is both a dungeon and a reward for the adventurous.  The Map Marker shows its location, to the West of Whiterun in the SW Mountains.  (Dawnguard DLC is required).  And bring some friends, preferably one with some bite.



Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Mall

The Elder Scrolls V:
The Mall - A Shopping Bazaar by M-7
(Requires: 3 DLC - Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborne)
Situated near Fort Greymoor and Markarth, this Shopping Mall has over 15 Merchants. Exterior resembles Bard College, and interior is like Dawnguard Castle with skylights.  A Mall Prison is below the Food Court (in case you are sent there).

- Youth Merchant: Wooden Swords, Child Dolls and Clothing.
- Scrolls, Soul Gems, Spell Tomes Merchant
- Clothier (clothing)
- Jeweler (jewelry, amulets, circlets, rings)
- Armor, Ingots (armor, metal ingots)
- Weaponsmith (weapons, arrows)
- Apothecary (Potions, Ingredients, Poisons, Recipes)
- Food Court Merchant (food, drinks)
- Fence (sells Moon Sugar, Skooma, Lockpicks; buys stolen items)
- Bookseller (books)
- Hearthfire Materials Merchant (sells building materials for Hearthfire Houses)
- Gems seller (precious gems; emeralds, rubies, diamonds, etc.)
- Liquors (drinks, food)
- Baker (Pies, Desserts, wines)
- Fletcher (arrows, bolts, crossbows, bows)
- General Goods (junk, baskets, vases, glazed wares)
+ Bank Vault (for storage).
+ Food Court
+ Mall Prison (below).
+ Guards (one Patrolling).

M7 2016.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Buildable Dungeons

TES:V Skyrim - Buildable Dungeons Mod by M7.

Buildable Dungeons:
A TES-V: Skyrim Mod
by: M-7
DLC: Hearthfire, Dawnguard.

This Mod allows the construction of 2 Dungeons in a place near Whiterun City. You can construct the Dungeons using Quarried Stone (Hearthfire DLC) to make Cement and Limestone ingots.  The Engineering Workbench and nearby Computers will show you the steps necessary for items like building Foundations, Walls, hiring Bandits or Dwarven creatures and Armored Trolls (Dawnguard DLC).  Each Dungeon has its own separate Quest line.  An occasional Dragon Chicken is in the Cave once it is complete.  The creatures do respawn.  Each Quest has instructions and the first Quest contains an Instruction book. 

M7 2016.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blind Cliff Castle - Mod Video by M7

Blind Cliff Castle

Blind Cliff Castle - by M7

TES:V- Skyrim (non-SSE):
Blind Cliff Castle
by: M7
(Near Markarth and Blind Cliff Cave; left side of Map)
A Player Home - DLC: Hearthfire & Dawnguard.
Level 1:
Main Entrance Hall
Spell Tomes: Teleporter, Lockpicks, Food Spell, Travel-Ring (+5 locations in Tamriel).
Dining Rooms, Kitchen, Pantry; Ice Box, food items, etc.
Barracks for Knights + Hearthfire Automaton (gives supplies).
Great Hall - with Pool, Thrones, Utilities (Skyforge, etc.), Bartender Automatons(2).
Chapel - with shrines, statues, benches.
Stairs Tower to 2nd Level.
Grotto Access
Cook/Chef in Great Hall.
Followers (2: 2H Warrior, Mage) in Great Hall.
Knights (19)
Dragon Soul Dispenser (useful AFTER Main Quest is done)
Weather Stone (choice of 3 Weather types)
Bridge, Stairs, Map Marker, road access.
Waterfall and River.
Castle Defenses (in case of Dragon).
Healing Shrines.
Level 2:
Upper Hall
Master Bedchamber + Shower/Bathroom
Children Playroom
Bank/Vault + Automaton (sells Bank Notes); lots of storage.
Children Bedroom (lots of beds) + Shower/Bathroom.
Recycling Center - with Recycle Smelter (changes items into ingots).
Brewery Meadery / Bakery.

Level 3:
3rd Level Hallway/Stairs
Tower Gardens - a Tree + other plants.
Don Jon (Prison); a Prisoner, and a dog.
Store (with Khajiit Merchant).
Mage Tower Access.
Thieves Fence
Vampire Room - with Coffins to sleep in
Clothier/Smith Merchant
Fruit Seller Merchant
Practice Locks (for Locksmithing Skill)
Blood Supply Barrels (for Vampires)
Level 4:
Mage Tower.
Alchemy / Enchanter.
Mage Statues on upper tier.

A simple Quest - search the Barrel on the Bridge for the Key and the Ring.
Wear the Ring to start the Quest.  Inside the Castle, search for the Crown. When you find it,
wear the Crown.  This ends the Quest. The Crown has 15000 pt Carrying Enchant, water-breathing, etc.
(Hint: the Crown may be in the Great Hall).

I originally designed this Mod on the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit.
It is far easier to use "Vanilla" Skyrim, than "Double Chocolate" Skyrim.
The SSE Creation Kit lacks the finesse of the original, but then it was Free.
November 7-9, 2016.
M7 2016.

Friday, November 4, 2016

How to Save your Mod in SSE

Skyrim Special Edition -- how to save and test Mods:

By: M7

First - save file in Data folder and push to PC, then at start menu, go to Mods - Load Order (T) scroll down to Your Mod and activate it (check mark it).  This will cause your saved games to show up as Modded.  You can undo this later if necessary.  M7.   

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Skyrim Special Edition - Mods?

For the new SSE Creation Kit - in exploring the features, one  must excuse the unusual black coloration on the top of the screen (bug), and how to save the mod so it will load under the in-game MODS list...

The Preferences section is also interesting (what does it do?).

In creating a new interior cell, do not worry about duplicating an existing cell, rather select under World - Cells - and right click New.  Eventually a more descriptive instruction manual for SSE CK will be in the works over time.