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Friday, August 21, 2015

On Connecting Navmesh Lines to Green

To connect Navmesh lines in the Skyrim Creation Kit:

1.  (Worldspaces): Line up two Navmesh lanes (lines), add vertices (red dots) along each lane, as close as possible.  Highlight each line first with CTRL, then Press the Finalize button (Check symbol on toolbar).  This adds a Green Line clamping the lanes together like stitches in a quilt.  The NPC can then follow the Player over this area.
2.  Continue to add Green Lines up until both red areas are connected.  The Worldspaces also have "preferred paths" which may be similar (I have yet to use one).
3.  If the Green Lines disconnect, redo this and Finalize it until it is one complete line.
4.  This does not occur in Interior Cells - only Worldspace cells.
5.  The red dots should be opposite each other, facing the opposite dot/vertice before connecting.  

M7 2015.

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