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Enter Skyrim
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016




Walking along the path to Dawnguard Fort you discover the Gardens of Icarus Emporium. You enter. You work your way to the Bookseller within the shopping mall. The Fence Khajiit offers many selections of books and spell tomes; you buy one that interests you -- Icarus. What is Icarus? Icarus is the Summonable Dragon (Actually 2 as this is an undefined Glitch I discovered). Why summon a Dragon? You may need to acquire Dragon parts (scales, bones) or clear out a Bandit hideout.

M7 :) 2016.

Version 1.0

Uses Dawnguard / Hearthfire DLC.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Thunderfalls Isle - A Player Sanctuary

Thunderfalls Isle:
A Player Sanctuary
This Modification (MOD) uses Dragonborn DLC + Skyrim Updates.


You, the Dragonborn, won the Lottery!
Your prize is a portion of Solstheim History - a sparsely populated Island off the shores of Solstheim. You can access this charming place by teleportation [or teleporter device in the College of Winterhold] using a Teleport Spell that is accessible upon leaving the startup Menu or loading the game. You can leave by 3 ways: either by Map Markers on Solstheim, by Teleportation to the College of Winterhold (Mages College, upstairs), or teleporter to Winterhold College outside. While here, you can acquire new spell tomes -- magically create 500 Gold or Food items, a Bear or Protector follower (each lasts 1 minute), or the concise history of Thunderfalls Island, available in the Book Emporium or the High Tower (a player home with bedrooms, Living room, Cafe, and storage room). Doomstones (all of them) are found scattered outside. The Island Economy thrives on Mining Gems and Metals, Agriculture/Farming, and Fishing with some light industry.

The City has an Inn with Bard and occupants, Fishermen, Sailors (on the boat), a Baker at the Bakery/Brewery, Farmers, a Child (Tommi, a local boy staying at the Thunderfalls Inn) with his pet dog Ramses, Miners in the Mine, Store proprietors (Gems & Ingots store, the Book Emporium, and the General Store), a Taylor (Tailor) shop for making robes, domestic animals (cows, chickens, owned-horses), and a shrine to the Divines.


This Mod was designed in January 2016 by Skyrim Modifier M7.

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Thank you!

M7 :)


version 1.1 - M7 2016.

M7 2016.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Start Game Scripts

Adding a Spell to Player at Start of Game

First: Create a new Quest.  (Character->Quest).  Type: NONE.  Run Once / Start Game: Enabled = checked. Priority: 0.  Press OK.  Then reopen Quest.  

Second: Create Alias = create new Reference Alias.  Name it M7Playeralias.  Specific Reference (checked).  Rectangle – Forced: NONE (checked).  Cell: PlayerRef (from list).  Press OK.  

Third: click Add Script to Script Box.  (new script).  Name it M7AddSpell01Script. 

Fourth: Script:

Scriptname M7AddSpell01Script extends ReferenceAlias  ; Quest

    Spell Property M7TeleportSpell Auto
    Event OnInit()
         Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(M7TeleportSpell, false)

; referencealias can also be activeMagicalEffect

Fifth: Edit Properties by right-clicking on Properties and Edit Value.  Select your new Spell from list. 


M7 2016.

Custom Script to Add items using Spell

Summon items spell for Skyrim

1.   1.  Create a Magic Effect under Magic – Magical Effects
22.  Set archetype to SCRIPT
3.   3. Set to Fire & Forget
4.   4. Set delivery to Self
5.   5. Add the following SCRIPT: & Edit Properties on it to define “Wine” using Edit Value, see list of items and find whatever you want “Wine” to be (AltoWine, Solitude Spice Wine, etc.).  Right click on Properties to edit it.  Add a keyword "SummonWine" or "SummonGold" to the Keywords box on left side of screen.

Potion Property Wine Auto ; or use MiscObject for Gold
Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
  Game.GetPlayer().Additem(Wine, 4, true)

6. 6. For making the spell, be sure to adjust the delivery on the Spell first to locate your new Spell (Set Delivery on new Spell to Fire & Forget to see all spells under that heading). 
      7. Make new Spell.  Add Magic Effect to Spell from list.  Add anything else if you want.
      8. Add to Spell Tome if desired; set Teaches Spell to your new Spell from list.  Edit the text to match your Spell name. 
     9. Add Spell Tome to a cell in Game, or add to LeveledItem list, or to a chest. 
1             10. Add a price to the Spell Tome if to be sold. 
1          11. Save and Test in Game.

M7 2016.