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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vipsania Manor

Vipsania Manor:

Below Bleak Falls Barrow is Vipsania Manor, a potential Player Home. It can be purchased from the computer for 5,000 Gold (see the outside Tent).  The Manor is surrounded by rocky hills from Bleak Falls.  There is a small pool with Vipsania Shrine, a vegetable garden, trees, and Blacksmith Forge, workbench, grinding stone and Smelter all outside.  Once you have enough Gold to purchase the Manor, you will gain the access Key. The Manor is accessible via a small tower outside via the Map Marker (Lighthouse symbol on Map).


Fully Navmeshed interior
Gold, White Marble, and Grassy Floor tiles
Followers & Merchants
No DLC Needed!
Ice Box, Bandages, Gold walls, Secret Rooms, safe storage crates.


Main Entrance Hall with high ceiling
Master Bedroom with secret Cavern + Temple + Bath (via trapdoor, secret passage)
Dining Hall + secret Storage area/Pantry + NPCs
Servants' Kitchen + harvestable items
Mage Room + Alchemy, Enchant Station
Blacksmith Room + Merchant
Main Stairs (2)
Upper Hall
Lounge + Bar + Bard, Merchant/Bartender
Library + empty Bookshelves
Subterranean Vault (storage room) with Safe Chests
Health Clinic
Bedroom + beds, wardrobes, containers
Practice Area + Archery range/Practice Dummies
Ebony Mines + Temple + Smelter/Forge.

Vipsania is named after a Roman Princess

Vipsania Manor (Mod by M-7),
Version 1.1; M-7 2016.

Uses Skyrim + Updates

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