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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Shadowking & Kingdom of Ta-mery


Shadowking: A Quest Mod by M7

This Quest Mod was originally a Test to see if I could create a working Quest.
First, travel to Windhelm's Palace of the Kings. Go inside a side passage to find a man wearing Ulfric Stormcloak's clothing, then ... close the door and Kill Him. You will be sent to Prison. But not just any Prison -- A hidden Prison.

Find a way out or look for a key. The One Guard must have one.
Next, explore the Castle (and most importantly, Look up your Quest Journal now and then to check your progress).

Two of the residents have an unusual weapon for sale. Perhaps you should buy it?

This Quest "requires all 3 DLC" though I only use Dawnguard in the Mod (I was thinking I needed more at the time I started it). Otherwise it works.

M7 2016.

Vers. 1.0

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Kingdom of Tamery:

Version 1.0 by Skyrim Modifier M7.


Quest #1: Your Mission: Find the Gems of Tamery.

The Kingdom has been overrun by Bandits! Legend has it that one who finds the fabled Gems of Tamery will find a solution and end the Bandits' occupation. Bandit Chiefs are "Protected" status (only Player can kill it). Each Gem is held by one of 3 Bandit Chiefs, located inside 3 residences (via Teleporter Chamber in the Grand Palace):

1. Castle Frostborne
2. Tamery Manorhouse
3. Sol Tower

Another is found on a Chicken you kill in the Grand Palace's Audience Chamber to start the quest (a 5th is in a display case; Loot the Chicken).  Find all 4 Gems to make a key to the King's Tower (Private).  Kill the 2nd Chicken and loot it.  Why are there Chickens inside the Palace, you ask? Apparently the Chickens are venerated in the Kingdom. If you kill one, and it disappears, simply exit and reenter the room for it to reappear. 

On the Chickens are clues to the situation.  The last part of this Main Quest is your choice: do you rescue the King in the Audience Chamber and kill the Bandit Queen? Or do you kill the King and usurp his throne?  Both are set to "Protected" so only the Player can kill either.  If you kill the King, the Queen disappears and a reward is found on his corpse plus the necessary Exit Spell Tome to return to the Docks of Raven Rock, Solsthem.  If you kill the Queen, the same happens. Your reward is a private Vault (Key) with treasures. 

The Characters - Guards, Bandits, Cook - will appear or disappear after parts of the Quest are active.
Followers (3) are in the Grand Palace Banquet Hall. 

*** Important ***

You must Finish the Quest in order to obtain the "Go Home" Spell Tome from the corpses of either the King or Bandit Queen. This teleport book will send you to Raven Rock, Solsthem.


Access to the Kingdom of Tamery is via a Teleport Spell automatically found under your Powers Magic section. 


M7 2016.