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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dayspring Castle Mod

Dayspring Castle in Dayspring Canyon. 

This Mod places a Castle in Dayspring Canyon on the way to Fort Dawnguard. Vampires may be hesitant to use this, but should be okay. I plan to use this Castle Mod myself. It has working Gardens from Hearthfire DLC and currently 1 Merchant and 2 Followers. More features expected in the future..



- Main Castle area with furniture
- Washroom (private bath/pool)
- Armory with tons of storage
- Great Hall with tables and a throne (etc.)
- Working Gardens
- General Store with Merchant
- Main Bedchamber
- Sewer and Catacombs below Gardens
- 2 Companion Followers for your adventures (1 Spellsword, 1 Warrior)
- 1 Merchant in General Store
- Set in the beautiful countryside of Dayspring Canyon
- Port Docks are not accessible to followers (use Map Markers or Fast Travel from Castle), because of World Space issue with Navmeshing over major boundary lines (green lines); you can avoid this by using Map Marker from Castle to Dayspring Canyon Map Marker -- not run through Docks or NPC will stop walking.
- Access to fish in lake.
- NPC Followers have Perks (list of abilities)
- Chests are marked (R = Respawn, Safe = safe storage, non-respawn); non-marked chests are okay too.

M7 2015.