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Friday, August 21, 2015

On Connecting Navmesh Lines to Green

To connect Navmesh lines in the Skyrim Creation Kit:

1.  (Worldspaces): Line up two Navmesh lanes (lines), add vertices (red dots) along each lane, as close as possible.  Highlight each line first with CTRL, then Press the Finalize button (Check symbol on toolbar).  This adds a Green Line clamping the lanes together like stitches in a quilt.  The NPC can then follow the Player over this area.
2.  Continue to add Green Lines up until both red areas are connected.  The Worldspaces also have "preferred paths" which may be similar (I have yet to use one).
3.  If the Green Lines disconnect, redo this and Finalize it until it is one complete line.
4.  This does not occur in Interior Cells - only Worldspace cells.
5.  The red dots should be opposite each other, facing the opposite dot/vertice before connecting.  

M7 2015.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Touring the Imperial City Mod

Touring the Imperial City:

This is a Work-in-Progress at the moment. From either Solstheim (Raven Rock Docks) or Windhelm Docks you can access a small island in Septimville. From there an Imperial Fort harbors another island with a Mage Portal to the ruins of the Imperial City.


To access these regions go to the docks in either Windhelm (see map marker) or Solstheim and click on a small steel rowboat.  The first island on Septimville has a tent with bedroll and some furniture, and a small tower belonging to the Imperial Colony.  Across the bridge leads to the Imperial Fort.  The Fort is Navmeshed and has guards with timed activities.  Another boat in Septimvile leads to a small island with a town.  The island has a Mage Portal to access the Imperial City.  The Imperial City is not fully Navmeshed yet as it is a World Space (not an interior cell). 

- An Arena with combatants (marked Essential / immortal) of Bandits in armor and Sabre Cats.
An Adoring Fan sits on the top of the Arena entrance watching it (he will sometimes enter the Arena Bloodworks and engage in battle, via the trapdoor).
- You can increase stats by fighting (use God Mode for this; ~ TGM).
- The Palace has a Dragon statue representing Martin Septim (from Oblivion game).
- other parts of the City are also represented.
- Talos Plaza has a Talos shrine and pillared section.
- (More to Come)...

Dragonborn DLC, Dawnguard DLC, Skyrim Game.

_ This Mod was started on August 12, 2015 to August 16, 2015 (Version 1.0).

M7 2015.
version: 1.0

** Thanks to the Skyrim Forums for information about how to Navmesh in World Spaces! :)