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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

DIY Village. Castle. Pyramid.

TES-V: Skyrim
DIY Village. Castle. Pyramid.
By: M7
Uses 3 DLC - Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn
No Quests needed. You can build right away.
First: Enter the tower near Fort Dawnguard (To Bastt Isle).
On entering, the first area is naturally empty, except for an Inn.  Enter the Inn.  Although this is optional, you can ask for a room, and enter one of the bedrooms - look for a secret exit and search any containers for a key. This key will save you some time in case you are in a hurry. 

(HOWEVER if you want to build, ignore this)...

The Village is built using local resources:
- Clay from Clay pits, plus Straw can make Clay Bricks (fired at the Ceramics & Metals Kiln). 
- Stone Blocks, lime, limestone, sand, etc. from Stone boulders. These make Concrete.
- Purified Water - from Wells. Used to make Concrete.
- Iron ore, Gold ore - for parts (hinges, nails, fittings, locks, etc) & a Circlet.
- Trees - acquire a log to make 40 wood piles at a wood pile location.
- Steel (Smelter, Kiln) to make ammunition and weapons (archery).

The Castle is mostly built of Concrete, Wood, Metal parts, etc.
You can also build Horse Stables and a Shrine. 

The Pyramid is of Concrete, Limestone, etc.  Statues and the tomb are extra. Do visit inside the tomb.

There are Workbenches and a Computer per each area. The Workbenches use diagrams as the object, & the Computer "places the items."  Kilns, Smelters, workbenches, etc. are also helpful.  There are 6 buildings in the Village, each with NPC Merchants.  The Castle (Player Home) has a Knight and a Cook NPC. The Hunting Grounds & "An Ancient Palace" are elsewhere, and accessible from the Village (Bastt City).  The "Ancient Palace" has Bandits, Necromancers, and Bosses inside - so the OP Weapons can be fired in there, as these enemies will respawn later. 

The Inn has an Innskeeper, Bartender, Child (sweeps floor), and singing Bard.  The Ancient Palace has a Farmer and 2 Children in a tent near the Stables.  The Pyramid entrance is near the farm along one wall.  Map Markers work.  You can summon a horse and a Dremora Butler (5 Minutes); in a knapsack at the Stables.