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Monday, July 23, 2012



Flatlander Town by M-7


Version 1.0

July 18, 2012.


While adventuring through Helgen, you stumbled upon a staircase in the hills nearby.
The stairs led to a small hole in the mountainside, and into this mysterious tunnel you
entered a new realm, hidden by the high cliffs above... The Town of Flatlander beckons.
You peer across the locked gates, wondering who owns this out-of-place village; then you
realize it is largely abandoned, except for the local merchant and the Fence in the Town's
Temple.  Upon further investigation, you are tempted to explore the majestic trappings of
a missing King: his well-kept home with its more than ample storage space; all the craft devices you require in skyrim, and an indoor pool below.


Ideally situated near the start of the game, this town/player home/merchants Mod is yours for the taking, and it has leveled items and some constructive items in the Cooking/Blacksmith skills (the cooking items are based on historical research adapted to Skyrim).  I have tested this mod for conflicts with other mods I designed.  Any feedback for better performance & voting is appreciated! 




- M7, TES-V: Skyrim, 2012.


Rated 3 Stars out of 5 Stars (so far) on Steam Workshop!


The Navmesh had an issue where I could not extend it from the entrance to the Palace, via an "Invisible Wall." So do not use companions in it. 

M7 2012.