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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Free Sabre Cat Mount Mod by M7

Sabre Cat Mod

M7 2014.

I re-skinned an existing Horse to make this Ride-able Sabre Cat Mount. The cat is found lying on a bridge near Whiterun City. It will lower itself for you to mount, you then mount an invisible horse (and WAIT) and then onto the cat itself. From there you can ride it - no jumping though.

Merry Christmas!

M7 2014.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Fixing Screen Resolution For Laptop in Skyrim CK

How to Fix the Screen Resolution on Windows 7 for Skyrim Creation Kit:

There are some Players who cannot see the bottom portion of the screen using a lap top computer, as with "Packages" or "Dialogue" in the Skyrim Creation Kit. 

1.  If you have a spare Monitor from a Desk Top PC, connect the Monitor plug (Blue) from the back of the PC and into the side of the Laptop (separate from an adaptor plug).

2.  Right click on the lap top PC screen (windows 7) and select Screen Resolution.

3.  On Display: select "1. Mobile PC Display - 1366 x 768 (recommended)" & "2. Display device on VGA - 1280 x 1024 (recommended)."  Orientation: Landscape. Multiple Displays: Extend these displays.

4. Select Okay and Keep.

5.  When in the Creation Kit, under "Packages" - move the Packages window to the far right of the lap top screen until it appears on the spare Monitor screen, then edit it from there.  This also works with Dialogue. Also you can use TAB key to scroll through the buttons until you reach OKAY button. 

I hope this helps.

M7 2014.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Neterworld Mod


Neterworld Mod by M7.

Neterworld Skyrim Mod by M7, Version 1.0 (this uses all 3 DLC):

From Ancient Egyptian Mythology there was a place called the Neterworld, where the dead souls visited in the afterlife.  This Modification adds several Cities and other monuments to Skyrim, but first you must visit the College of Winterhold and find the trapdoor in the Arcanaeum leading to the Neterworld Player House.  Use the Magic Book on the table in the far back of the room. Then enter Neterworld from the ladder, and you will find a large area of land surrounded by walls.  There is a possible Player Home in the Fields of Reeds, but first you must find all 7 Parts of the dismembered Osiris in order to receive a key.  Each part is found scattered all across the Neterworld as indicated on a Cheat List that is purchased near the entrance of the Fields of Reeds.  


Apu City – A City with farms and working mines, General Store, & Town Hall.
Antes Fort – Complete with Guards in custom uniforms.
New Amenta – First Player Home (temporary).
Camp Anubis – A Part of Osiris is found here.
Giza Pyramids.
The Great Pyramid.
The Great Sphinx.
Bubastis – home of the Temple of Bast (Cat Goddess).
Lake Victoria – Source of the Neterworld Nile River.
The Fields of Reeds – A possible Player Home with its own temple, mines, farms, etc.
Temple of Amun-Ra – contains the Tomb of Osiris.


Mostly I noticed graphics errors like missing land textures.  If you fall into one you will land on a landscape not water; entering buildings sometimes fixes this.  Also some rooms may have “grass” in them occasionally, this also fixes itself.  Horses and people tend to levitate sometimes, due to Navmesh issues, which is fixable by riding the horse or moving the people. The exterior (world space) has some Navmesh, though I don’t recommend using a companion or follower here (there is no need to bring anyone yet).

Parts of Osiris are in Closed Reed Baskets.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Custom Book Interiors

<img src=’img://Textures/mybooks/book01/book01_picture.png’ height=’471’ width=’296’>

Add a .png picture file in the folder for Custom Book images (Textures) that is 471 pixels in height and 296 pixels in width (maximum).  You can customize the actual size of the picture in game by modifying the above link.   Use Gimp or Photoshop for the image resizing.  In making the Archive (.BSA file) drag the picture file from its directory to the Archive in the Creation Kit.  Then save. 

(mybooks/book01 = book image file folder; book01_picture.png = your image name).

M7 2014.

How to Make Working Ore Mines in Skyrim Mods

How to make Working Ore Mines in Skyrim:  Nov. 19, 2014 M7:

1.  Add Ore (any type) to Cell.
2.  Add "PickaxeMining Table Marker" touching the ore, (from Furniture).
3.  On Ore: select Linked Ref: the "PickaxeMining Table Marker" Reference
4.  Add Pickaxe to Cell from Weapons.
5.  Save Mod and Test in-game.

M7 2014.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To Activate Parent on Doors using a Switch

In case you want to open or close a door using an Activator (switch, button, pull chain, etc.) without needing a Script:

1.  Make a Ref name on the Activator (Switch, Button, Pressure Plate).
2.  Go to the Door or item to be activated.
3.  Activate Parent Tab on Door.
4.  Add the Activator Switch Ref to Activate Parent tab in the Cell selected, or use Target.
5.  Add a Time Delay (5.0 = 5 Seconds) - optional.
6.  Save Mod.
7. Test in-game.

This should open or close the door after 5 Seconds have elapsed.

* There may be a limit to how many Activators exist in one cell.

M7 2014.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ouranopolis - City in the Sky - Superhero Mod by M7


Ouranopolis - City in the Sky - Superhero Mod by M7

Ouranopolis: City in the Sky, by Ahhotep Permaatra M7
(Uses 2 DLC: Dragonborn and Dawnguard); A Superhero Mod
Near Raven Rock, Solstheim.

A well-known, Sky City dweller recently passed away, leaving his property and secrets to the Dragonborn.  You have a choice: take your inheritance in gold and leave, or join him as his heir – as a Superhero of Tamriel, fighting injustice and corruption as a symbol of righteousness for all time.  First, you need a key, so head off to the City Park and enter the spider-filled Catacombs nearby.  From there you will know what to do. 

Version 1.0, October 11, 2014.

M7 2014


- Craftable Superhero Armor and Weapons (Steel Smithing Perk required)
- Private Hot Tub with jets accessible from the Skyroom (bed chamber)
- Cabana with hot and cold swimming pools
- Cabana with Bartender and refillable Wine Bottles
- Cellar with lots of storage
- Well Lit Dining Room
- Stocked Kitchenette
- Hidden passage with Superhero Lair (in Cave)
- Navmeshed interior
- City with City Park
- Public Works room
- Surrounded  by buildings for Cityscape background
- Entrance Lift  with custom sound
- Music Player in Bathroom
- Well Guarded for your protection
- Utilities in Superhero Lair - Forge, workbench, sharpening wheel, Tanning rack, Enchant, Staff enchant.
- Kitchenette has Cooking pots and Alchemy station
- Mannequins, Weapon racks, Book shelves. 
- Catacombs with treasure, corpses, chests,  key, book, webs, and Spiders (in City Park).
- Marked (RS) means Respawning Containers (DO NOT place items inside these). 
- Containers Marked Player Vaults are SAFE TO STORE INSIDE. 
- No Loaded Doors inside.
- Load Screens appear in Raven Rock district.

This Mod was inspired by the film "Batman Begins" from the Batman Superhero genre.

Please Rate & Subscribe. Thank you!  :)
M7 2014.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Why DLC causes CTD on Skyrim Mods.

If you experience the Skyrim game to CTD while using all or some DLC, the reason is because both or all DLC use the same files, causing errors. 

(Downloadable Content = DLC -- Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborn).

M7 2014.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Skyrim Character development



M7 2014.

Start a new game, design a new character (face) and when done go to Console command (~) and press SPF (SavePCFace) and the Character name (SPF + space + Name) to export the face to the Data Folder. Make certain it is spelled correctly. Then exit game.

Create a new NPC.  Add Unique and Essential, with a Voice (for marriage NPC followers find one that matches)from VoicesFollowerAll form list.  Disposition above 75.  Set level (etc.).  Factions: (-1) CurrentFollowerFaction and PotentialFollowerFaction (0).   PotentialMarriageFaction (0).  Relationship = Ally.  AI = Aggression (not anything higher) and Foolhardy (won't flee).  Set Morality to Any Crime.  SAVE MOD.  Import character appearance. Character Gen Parts tab = Import Tab - find character image file and select it (name.npc).  Once you've imported your follower, click OK to save your work then select them in the Object window and press Ctrl + F4 to export their face settings. If you try to export your character's face and nothing happens, make sure that the Is CharGen Face Preset box is unchecked.  SAVE.

M7 2014.

I will try this to see if the above advice works.  (wish me luck!). 



PS: It works!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Future Mod projects

Since the most recent Skyrim Mod I created  -- Cyrodiil the Imperial City (On Steam Workshop) -- several people became interested in asking me to design mods for them.  One was for a mod based on a popular fantasy novel by an author; another asked me to assist the Skyblivion Project (I declined).  And one was from a "legally blind" (JPC)  Musician in Florida (who is into SCA related period genre), whom I am currently designing - something - for, despite headaches from staring at the screen for 5-8 hours per day + insomnia (he wanted me because of quality work + fast results). 

It's nice to step away from the game and help others, rather than write endless novels.

M7 2014.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Imperial City Mod Update...


I am "almost done" working on the Imperial City Mod - though by saying "done" does not infer future work.  I have other work to do outside of computer games this summer.  For the moment, I have most of the structure finished - the re-textured exterior, the arrangement of buildings, some NPC people/citizens, the Arena, the White-Gold Tower (with Skyrim texture), and other items.  


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hmm... new collection for sale?


M7 2014.

Cyrodiil The Imperial City - Mod by M7...


I am working on a replica of the Ancient Imperial City of Cyrodiil using Skyrim Game.

I subdivided the 7 regions using Interior Cells and connected them with walls and gates.  So Market District, Arena District, Elven District, Arboretum, Talos Plaza, Temple District connect to Palace District.  The Palace doubles as a Player Home using the Skyhaven template, also with Arcane University (tower).  I started this project (all by myself) on June 8, 2014.  It is not a part of Skyblivion or Beyond Skyrim Mods.  I am using the Oblivion game guide as my key.  This Mod uses Dragonborn DLC. 

M7 2014.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ebonheart Mod


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Ebonheart


Castle Ebonheart was destroyed following the last eruption of Red Mountain and the rebellion of its Dark Elves.  So the Castle was moved to Solstheim, brick by brick, into its present form near Raven Rock.... You may take the Castle as your own once you clear out the Bandits who are dwelling therein.  The Bandit Chief and some of [her] fellows have the key to the locked rooms.

This Mod requires DragonBorn DLC, Skyrim & Updates to work.

[Potential Player Home; Mini-Dungeon]   near M7ManorHouse & Emerald Palace   [Both separate Mods by M7].

Includes Castle, Farm house, Guard Tower, Farms, Lumbermill, NPCs, and land inside the walled enclosure.  Castle has non-respawned containers unless marked ("Respawn").  Ample storage throughout.  Fully Navmeshed Interior.

Well-lit rooms (using Sovngarde Lighting template), Storage chests, etc.

M7 2014.