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Enter Skyrim
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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Septim Ring (Quest) by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Presents... A Skyrim Mod by M7:

The Septim Ring.
Listed under your Conjuration Spells is a Party Invitation spell.  Use this to conjure a Party Invitation, then read it. You will be sent to the Basement of the Blue Palace where M7 is holding a social party and you are invited. Buy from him a Party Favor, then stand back.  Whenever you receive books or papers, please read them to progress the Quest.  Wear the Septim Ring when needed, and re-equip it for options.  Books or papers are constantly  added to your inventory on each Quest stage, so keep checking your inventory.  All you need for the Quest is provided.  Thank you for playing. 

Dawnguard + Dragonborn DLC are Required.

M7 2017.
June 26, 2017.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Biopolis - City of Life - by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Biopolis - The City of Life by: M7
This City Mod requires 3 DLC - Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Hearthfires.
(For Modding Assets)

Entrance is a Gate on a hill near East of Markarth City. See Lighthouse Map Marker on Map.
The City is larger than Solitude and Whiterun combined.
Fast Travel is not used in this city - use Subways instead.
June 4 2017 (Start Date) - June 16, 2017.
In this unique large-scale City, you can:

- Earn gold at the Casino (downstairs) or some Quests
- Buy and Furnish a Player Home, prefurnished Shack, Castle or Tomb
- Furniture is purchased in the Furniture Store (touch the Beds for details)
- Homes and Tomb are purchased at the Bank (Biopolis Savings & Loans); Read the Deeds for keys.
- Visit the local Mage College (with Master Destruction Trainer)
- Buy a Summonable Horse(s) or Mark-Recall Spell at the Stables Office
- Travel on the Subway underground
- Harvest Plums, Apples and Wood from trees.
- Mine Salt, Ebony, Clay, and Stone in the Ebony Mines
- Hire or Fire workers in the Castle (Fort Snowmarch)
- Get a drink from the Cafe and other shops
- Acquire Bottled Water from Wells and Marble Sinks
- Make Blue Dye from Bottled Water and Blue Mountain Flowers
- Harvest Cotton and Clay for use in Tailoring or Ceramics
- Spend the Night at the Fireside Inn
- Visit the City Park
- Be Healed at full size Shrines
- Visit the Temple of the Divines with its Restoration Trainer/Healer
- Shop in numerous Stores along the roads
- Get Quests from the Employment Center
- Visit the Hall of the Dead and local Cemetery
- Furnish your own Mausoleum (for Vampires)
- Buy City Cash at the Bank (1000Gold = 1, 10,000 Gold = 10x)
- Buy Fresh Lemonade, Iced Coffee, Soap, First Aid Kits, etc.
- Visit the Gun Shop for all your field Artillery needs (with craftable Timed arrows & bolts).
- Visit the Museum of Nordology
- Visit the Airport via Subway Terminal C
- Earn Gold from as many as 23+ Mini Quests
- Harvest plants from sprawling fields
- Make books from the Printing Press
- Create clothes from the Tailoring shop
- Create Alcoholic drinks from the Distillery
- Cook with new food recipes
- Visit the Dwarven ruins
- Meet Horus M7 (Follower who works at the College in daytime)

Misc. Quests: (@ Employment Center):
Group 1:
1. Kill Caligula in the Hall of the Dead (if you can).  This spawns his Ghost, so kill the Ghost and retrieve the Artifact (Skull) for your reward. Be careful though - Caligula can summon Dragon Priests and other Demons, and resurrect them, too (as can his Ghost). 
2. Make 25 Blue College Robes for the EC (Crate).
3. Make 25 Ceramics for the EC (Crate).
4. Cook 25 Salads (Crate) for the EC.
5. Bring the Bandit Outlaw to Justice. He is loitering in the Cemetery.

Group 2:

6. Make 4 Books, one of each topic, and deliver them to the EC for the College's students.  Books are printed in the Printing Press using Black Ink (from powdered Ebony + Bottled Water), Quils or Hawk Feathers, and Blank Paper (from wood piles or vendor).
4 topics: History, Biography, Sci-Fic, or Occult.

7. Enter the Dwarven Ruins for the next several quests. 
Return the "Eye" Artifact to the EC for your reward.

8. Kill the Centurion.
9. Find a book - Expedition Journal.
10. Return Dwarven Oil to EC.

Group 3:

11. Visit the Airport for next quests.
Return the Captain's Log to EC.
12. Kill an Escaped Alien Troll.
13. Repair the ship's engine with tool kit.
14. Fill the tank with Dwarven Oil (from Ruins).
15. Kill an escaped Wraith.

Group 4:

16. Cooking Quests: Make 10 Mashed Potatoes.
17. Make 10 Veggies.
18. Make 10 Cookies.
19. Make 10 Ice cream.
20. No Quest for #20.

Group 5:
21. Distillery Quests: No Quest for #21.
22. Make Cyrodiilic Brandy.
23. Make Cordials.
24. Make Nordiilic Whiskey.
25. Make Vodka.

M7 2017.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Solved: Why Skyrim Guards attack for no reason.

Skyrim Guards are sworn Enemies of the Thieves Guild.  If you fall into the Thieves Guild Faction the Guards will be hostile to you.  Also do not use "Guard Post" when placing Guards or they draw their swords near you if you are too close to them. 

M7 2017.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mark or Recall Script for Skyrim

Mark or Recall Script: (Skyrim):

ObjectReference Property Marker Auto ; initial location in tamriel where spell is purchased

Actor Property Caster Auto
Message Property A1 Auto

Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)

Caster =(Game.GetPlayer())
Int iButton = A1.Show()

if iButton == 0 ; move marker 1 to player MARK


elseif iButton == 1 ; move player to marker RECALL

elseif iButton == 2 ; nothing


- I tested this in a mod and it works.  On Properties - check the cell where the X-marker is initially, and the Message-Box. 

M7 2017.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Eternal War - Mod by M7...

Required Files for Eternal War Mod (By M7):
DragonBorn & Dawnguard DLC
Enter via: Display Case is in Back Gate of Riverwood, leads to Everland.
or: (COC One01; COC Two02; COC Three03; COC Four04).
House of Audemar (A1)
House of Berengier (B1)
House of Courtois (C1)

Credits: This Mod was assisted by:
AntiSocialEd = for the idea of having Houses of royalty
Snow Peach = for ideas relating to another unfinished Chinese Mod, which I admire.
Peyton = for modding support (My #1 Fan).

(For names); Other ideas were inspired by:

15th Century Steel Helms - Baraban

Hedge Knight Armor - Hothtrooper44
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
3 Kingdoms, 1 God of War.

A Skyrim Mod by M7, 2017.
In Eternal War, you enter a new World. Spread out across Everland are 3 Separate Kingdoms, each with their own Castle for the Knights, an Inn, and at least one Farm with workers.  The Cities are walled and protected. Bandits occasionally attack them.  The 3 Kingdoms are in a state of perpetual war against each other, but are friendly to outsiders (You).  Visit the Control Tower on the Field of Battle and pit each legion against one of three sets of combatants.  Or perform Misc. Quests (5) near the entrance of Everland.  Or purchase the Jarl's Longhouse to the West.  Or visit Shrines of Ares for his blessing. 

Misc. Quests:
1. Bring Wine Shipment to Quest Receiver (QR = Dwarven button near Quest Chest at entrance), shipment is a crate inside Northern Castle towards the hall.
2. Bring 10 Special Firewood to the QR; as found in certain Aspen trees.
3. Make or bring 10 Courtois Ales to QR (Wheat + Bottled Water); in a chest in Castle Courtois Kitchen.
4. Make or bring 7: 16-Gauge Steel Daggers to QR, from Northern Castle.
5. Bring or Make 15 Alms Taxes (ingots) to QR; Northern Castle's Bank (Vault) in City.

Each Quest rewards the Player with gold.


Yes my Mods do work, though occasionally people find something doesn't work.  In which case, I recommend Players:
1. Read All Instructions, see Photos or Videos of the Mod.
2. Ask someone else who has played it or works when they played it. Don't bother the Author.
3. Explore, and Don't give up! Reload the Game after first exiting it completely.
4. Be Patient. Sometimes exiting Steam and reentering works after you hit Subscribe.
5. Don't pay attention to Spammers.
6. Don't be afraid to try something new. Solutions may be right in front of you.
7. Make sure you have all DLC and Mods are in correct load order. 

If using any Mod that alters the back gate of Riverwood, where the Display Case is, try using COC one01.
This Mod should be compatible with the Custom Family Home Mod.
Mod was Tested by Author. Navmesh are associated with Fast Travel mostly as the land is mostly separated by water or by land/mountains. Lod didn't work since Battlescar, though I used the Video by the maker of Falskaar, I may have placed files in wrong folders resulting in Skyrim map clipping.  If anyone has a solution please tell me this. Thank you, M7. Yes, I do sleep. :)

M7 2017.

This Mod was created the last week of May 2017 to First Week of June 2017.