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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Mods by M7



Sara has inherited her ancestral sword, the Deathbane. Unfortunately for her, it was fragmented in 5 pieces and scattered all across Skyrim. Find each piece to craft this legendary weapon.


1 - Outside Riften Bee & Barb - look for a strongbox near a bench/ guard.
2 - Solitude's Bits & Pieces - a strongbox on the floor near entrance.
3 - Winterhold College Arcanum - a strongbox on a table.
4 - Whiterun Dragonsreach - a strongbox on the floor near a table / near Court Wizard table.
5 - Deathbane Sanctuary - near Morthal to the East.

Find all 5 parts and craft Deathbane sword. It has a fire effect and over 200+ hit points of damage.
(Sword Handle, Sword Blade, Stone rubbing, Sian's Moonstone, & The One Ring.)

M7 2015.

M'aiq the Liar's Lair

A House for M'aiq the Liar. East of Whiterun. No DLC needed.


- A bedroom with furniture
- A training area
- Kitchen with Dining area
- Utility room (Blacksmithing, Smelter, workbench, grindstone, tanning rack)
- Cave with waterfall / well
- Mage Doomstone
- Navmeshed interior
- Ore Mines

Of course this is designed for M'aiq the Liar only, so all items are marked in red (set ownership to M'aiq).

M7 2015. :)



The Alchemist Stone

Using a Smelter and Cooking Pot you can create the Alchemist Stone, which can turn base metals into gold or silver and create the Elixir of Life. (No DLC needed).


Alchemist Stone:

1. Fire Salts.
2. Frost Salts.
3. Void Salts.
4. Salt Pile.
5. Chicken Egg.

Gold or Silver ingots:

1. Alchemist Stone + any other metal ingot (except gold or silver).


1. Alchemist Stone. The Elixir of Life restores health, cures illnesses, and fortifies health for 10 minutes.

Salts and Chicken Eggs are available for purchase from the Cooking Pot or any Merchant.



M7 2015. :)


M7 2015.

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