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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ebonheart Mod


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Ebonheart


Castle Ebonheart was destroyed following the last eruption of Red Mountain and the rebellion of its Dark Elves.  So the Castle was moved to Solstheim, brick by brick, into its present form near Raven Rock.... You may take the Castle as your own once you clear out the Bandits who are dwelling therein.  The Bandit Chief and some of [her] fellows have the key to the locked rooms.

This Mod requires DragonBorn DLC, Skyrim & Updates to work.

[Potential Player Home; Mini-Dungeon]   near M7ManorHouse & Emerald Palace   [Both separate Mods by M7].

Includes Castle, Farm house, Guard Tower, Farms, Lumbermill, NPCs, and land inside the walled enclosure.  Castle has non-respawned containers unless marked ("Respawn").  Ample storage throughout.  Fully Navmeshed Interior.

Well-lit rooms (using Sovngarde Lighting template), Storage chests, etc.

M7 2014.