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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Vivec City by M7

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Vivec City, A City Mod by M7
Uses Dawnguard & Dragonborn DLC
A City built by Vivec himself, lost in time...


In the City: (Worldspace is accessible near Dawnstar)
- Houses (15 + interiors)
- an Arena (+ 2 warriors; can be turned on/off)
- Cafe + Merchant, NPCs
- Temple + Priest
- Vivec Stock Exchange/Banking ATM
- Palace (for sale)
- Archery Range
- Pool & Garden
- Farm
- Entrance Tower
- General Store
- Ebony Mines (Non-animation/non-depleted)
- Citizens (People)
- Trees & Rocks
- Shopping Mall
- Patrolling Guard(s)
- Hotel (Near Shopping Mall)
- Doomstones (all)
- Necropolis + Monuments

3 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen, Armory (with mannequins, bookshelves), Main Room/Lobby, Hall (with exit), storage crates, storage chests, furniture, cooking pot, Dining Hall, Library/Den, windows; Basement Cellar with Forge, Grindstone, Workbench, Wine and Soup barrels, mannequins, bookshelves, weapon racks, an extra bed/wardrobe, Shrine, Singing Bard, 2 Followers, Child, Etc. Palace costs 7,000 Gold.  Purchase button is on entrance. 
Dragon Souls Stone (gives +1 Dragon Soul; use only after Main Quest)
Weather Changer Stone (Rain, Snow, Clear)
Horse Stable + Horse
Storage Crates + Safe Chests
Pool in separate enclosure
Archery Range
Side Entrance (Locked)
Walled Enclosure
Mead Brewery (uses Well Water + Wheat to make Ale; Honey & Snowberry to make Mead)
General Store

M7 2016-2017.

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Use with Vivec Follower & Custom Family Home Mods.

Vivec Follower:

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