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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Build Your Own Resort

Build Your Own Resort:

This Allows you to create your own Hotel Resort near Fort Dawnguard (to the left of Dayspring Castle Mod). All materials and construction are included. There are 2 ways of building it -- you can mine the materials below the ground in the Mines or Dwarven Ruins; or buy them at the Resort Interior room (shop keeper). The Steam Engine and Construction workbench are behind the wall / Gate. The Dwarven Ruins has enemies (traps) and Dwarven Oil used by the Steam Engine and Workbench to make items.

Items to make:

Concrete - uses Sand and Lime from Stone Blocks/Ore
Fiberwood Walls - from Firewood
Titanium Ingots - from Titanium Ore
Titanium Steel Ingots - from Titanium Ore and Dwarven Alloy Ore
Hotel Wings - from Walls and other items
Titanium Nails, Fittings, Hinges, - from Titanium Ingots
Ring of Feathery (carrying weight reduced by 7000 points) - from Titanium Ingot
Hotel - from an assortment of items
Hotel Interior - from furniture mostly
Wardrobes - from firewood, nails, etc.
Weapons and Armor - from Titanium Ingots and Titanium Steel Ingots, Dwarven Oil.

Skyrim, Updates, Dawnguard, Hearthfire DLC.

Mod by M7, 2017.

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