Enter Skyrim

Enter Skyrim
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim;
Dawnguard / Hearthfire DLC needed.

Aircastle - A Player Home near Solitude
High above the entrance to Solitude is
this majestic Castle.  If you are already
a Thane to Solitude, the Housecarl will
recognize you; otherwise she is a follower.

The Castle is 2 Levels.
There are 2 entrances - one is alongside a road
for better access, the other one is on a bridge
overlooking Solitude Countryside.

This All New Player Home is part of my
Skyrim Real Estate Collection. 

1. Great Hall with Dining Table/chairs,
throne, cooking pots, enchant/alchemy stations,
planted pots, furniture, & Bard.
2. Bedroom with fireplaces and furniture.
3. Bathroom with bathtub and fixtures.
4. Kitchen / Cafe with Food Merchant.
5. Armory with weapon racks, display cases,
storage chests, & mannequins.
6. Master Bedroom.
7. Den with bookshelves and desks.
8. Vault with ample storage.
9. Smithy - Skyforge, Anvil, Tanning Rack, Alchemy, Enchanter,
Grinding Stone, Workbench, Wood Chopper, Smelter + Blacksmith Merchant.
10.  General Store + Hearthfire Supplies.
11. Children's room (Play area, room for 6 children).
12. Indoor Pool with shrine statues and Gardens.

M7 2017.


COC aaam7ac01

Use with Custom Family Home Mod!

Or: Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions Mod


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