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Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Mall

The Elder Scrolls V:
The Mall - A Shopping Bazaar by M-7
(Requires: 3 DLC - Hearthfire, Dawnguard, Dragonborne)
Situated near Fort Greymoor and Markarth, this Shopping Mall has over 15 Merchants. Exterior resembles Bard College, and interior is like Dawnguard Castle with skylights.  A Mall Prison is below the Food Court (in case you are sent there).

- Youth Merchant: Wooden Swords, Child Dolls and Clothing.
- Scrolls, Soul Gems, Spell Tomes Merchant
- Clothier (clothing)
- Jeweler (jewelry, amulets, circlets, rings)
- Armor, Ingots (armor, metal ingots)
- Weaponsmith (weapons, arrows)
- Apothecary (Potions, Ingredients, Poisons, Recipes)
- Food Court Merchant (food, drinks)
- Fence (sells Moon Sugar, Skooma, Lockpicks; buys stolen items)
- Bookseller (books)
- Hearthfire Materials Merchant (sells building materials for Hearthfire Houses)
- Gems seller (precious gems; emeralds, rubies, diamonds, etc.)
- Liquors (drinks, food)
- Baker (Pies, Desserts, wines)
- Fletcher (arrows, bolts, crossbows, bows)
- General Goods (junk, baskets, vases, glazed wares)
+ Bank Vault (for storage).
+ Food Court
+ Mall Prison (below).
+ Guards (one Patrolling).

M7 2016.

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