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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Buildable Dungeons

TES:V Skyrim - Buildable Dungeons Mod by M7.

Buildable Dungeons:
A TES-V: Skyrim Mod
by: M-7
DLC: Hearthfire, Dawnguard.

This Mod allows the construction of 2 Dungeons in a place near Whiterun City. You can construct the Dungeons using Quarried Stone (Hearthfire DLC) to make Cement and Limestone ingots.  The Engineering Workbench and nearby Computers will show you the steps necessary for items like building Foundations, Walls, hiring Bandits or Dwarven creatures and Armored Trolls (Dawnguard DLC).  Each Dungeon has its own separate Quest line.  An occasional Dragon Chicken is in the Cave once it is complete.  The creatures do respawn.  Each Quest has instructions and the first Quest contains an Instruction book. 

M7 2016.

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