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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blind Cliff Castle

Blind Cliff Castle - by M7

TES:V- Skyrim (non-SSE):
Blind Cliff Castle
by: M7
(Near Markarth and Blind Cliff Cave; left side of Map)
A Player Home - DLC: Hearthfire & Dawnguard.
Level 1:
Main Entrance Hall
Spell Tomes: Teleporter, Lockpicks, Food Spell, Travel-Ring (+5 locations in Tamriel).
Dining Rooms, Kitchen, Pantry; Ice Box, food items, etc.
Barracks for Knights + Hearthfire Automaton (gives supplies).
Great Hall - with Pool, Thrones, Utilities (Skyforge, etc.), Bartender Automatons(2).
Chapel - with shrines, statues, benches.
Stairs Tower to 2nd Level.
Grotto Access
Cook/Chef in Great Hall.
Followers (2: 2H Warrior, Mage) in Great Hall.
Knights (19)
Dragon Soul Dispenser (useful AFTER Main Quest is done)
Weather Stone (choice of 3 Weather types)
Bridge, Stairs, Map Marker, road access.
Waterfall and River.
Castle Defenses (in case of Dragon).
Healing Shrines.
Level 2:
Upper Hall
Master Bedchamber + Shower/Bathroom
Children Playroom
Bank/Vault + Automaton (sells Bank Notes); lots of storage.
Children Bedroom (lots of beds) + Shower/Bathroom.
Recycling Center - with Recycle Smelter (changes items into ingots).
Brewery Meadery / Bakery.

Level 3:
3rd Level Hallway/Stairs
Tower Gardens - a Tree + other plants.
Don Jon (Prison); a Prisoner, and a dog.
Store (with Khajiit Merchant).
Mage Tower Access.
Thieves Fence
Vampire Room - with Coffins to sleep in
Clothier/Smith Merchant
Fruit Seller Merchant
Practice Locks (for Locksmithing Skill)
Blood Supply Barrels (for Vampires)
Level 4:
Mage Tower.
Alchemy / Enchanter.
Mage Statues on upper tier.

A simple Quest - search the Barrel on the Bridge for the Key and the Ring.
Wear the Ring to start the Quest.  Inside the Castle, search for the Crown. When you find it,
wear the Crown.  This ends the Quest. The Crown has 15000 pt Carrying Enchant, water-breathing, etc.
(Hint: the Crown may be in the Great Hall).

I originally designed this Mod on the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit.
It is far easier to use "Vanilla" Skyrim, than "Double Chocolate" Skyrim.
The SSE Creation Kit lacks the finesse of the original, but then it was Free.
November 7-9, 2016.
M7 2016.

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