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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ouranopolis - City in the Sky - Superhero Mod by M7


Ouranopolis - City in the Sky - Superhero Mod by M7

Ouranopolis: City in the Sky, by Ahhotep Permaatra M7
(Uses 2 DLC: Dragonborn and Dawnguard); A Superhero Mod
Near Raven Rock, Solstheim.

A well-known, Sky City dweller recently passed away, leaving his property and secrets to the Dragonborn.  You have a choice: take your inheritance in gold and leave, or join him as his heir – as a Superhero of Tamriel, fighting injustice and corruption as a symbol of righteousness for all time.  First, you need a key, so head off to the City Park and enter the spider-filled Catacombs nearby.  From there you will know what to do. 

Version 1.0, October 11, 2014.

M7 2014


- Craftable Superhero Armor and Weapons (Steel Smithing Perk required)
- Private Hot Tub with jets accessible from the Skyroom (bed chamber)
- Cabana with hot and cold swimming pools
- Cabana with Bartender and refillable Wine Bottles
- Cellar with lots of storage
- Well Lit Dining Room
- Stocked Kitchenette
- Hidden passage with Superhero Lair (in Cave)
- Navmeshed interior
- City with City Park
- Public Works room
- Surrounded  by buildings for Cityscape background
- Entrance Lift  with custom sound
- Music Player in Bathroom
- Well Guarded for your protection
- Utilities in Superhero Lair - Forge, workbench, sharpening wheel, Tanning rack, Enchant, Staff enchant.
- Kitchenette has Cooking pots and Alchemy station
- Mannequins, Weapon racks, Book shelves. 
- Catacombs with treasure, corpses, chests,  key, book, webs, and Spiders (in City Park).
- Marked (RS) means Respawning Containers (DO NOT place items inside these). 
- Containers Marked Player Vaults are SAFE TO STORE INSIDE. 
- No Loaded Doors inside.
- Load Screens appear in Raven Rock district.

This Mod was inspired by the film "Batman Begins" from the Batman Superhero genre.

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M7 2014.

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