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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To Activate Parent on Doors using a Switch

In case you want to open or close a door using an Activator (switch, button, pull chain, etc.) without needing a Script:

1.  Make a Ref name on the Activator (Switch, Button, Pressure Plate).
2.  Go to the Door or item to be activated.
3.  Activate Parent Tab on Door.
4.  Add the Activator Switch Ref to Activate Parent tab in the Cell selected, or use Target.
5.  Add a Time Delay (5.0 = 5 Seconds) - optional.
6.  Save Mod.
7. Test in-game.

This should open or close the door after 5 Seconds have elapsed.

* There may be a limit to how many Activators exist in one cell.

M7 2014.

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