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Enter Skyrim
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Monday, January 4, 2016

Start Game Scripts

Adding a Spell to Player at Start of Game

First: Create a new Quest.  (Character->Quest).  Type: NONE.  Run Once / Start Game: Enabled = checked. Priority: 0.  Press OK.  Then reopen Quest.  

Second: Create Alias = create new Reference Alias.  Name it M7Playeralias.  Specific Reference (checked).  Rectangle – Forced: NONE (checked).  Cell: PlayerRef (from list).  Press OK.  

Third: click Add Script to Script Box.  (new script).  Name it M7AddSpell01Script. 

Fourth: Script:

Scriptname M7AddSpell01Script extends ReferenceAlias  ; Quest

    Spell Property M7TeleportSpell Auto
    Event OnInit()
         Game.GetPlayer().AddSpell(M7TeleportSpell, false)

; referencealias can also be activeMagicalEffect

Fifth: Edit Properties by right-clicking on Properties and Edit Value.  Select your new Spell from list. 


M7 2016.

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