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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Battlescar: Order of Knighthood by M7

TES-V: Skyrim (original),
Battlescar: Order of Knighthood
By: Horus Mike (M7).
This Mod has no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no added content from other Mod Authors, no borrowed Resources.  It is 100% M7's Mod design.  Donations are welcome (https://www.paypal.me/HorusMikeM7).
Battlescar is a new Worldspace accessed by boat from Northern Skyrim, near the Jetty boat to the Vampire Castle.  (Dawnguard, Dragonborn DLC are required).

M7 2017
This Mod contains:
1. 3 Castles (one is a future Player home): Battleborn Castle, Immortal Stronghold, & Castle Emeraldvale.
2. Battleborn Hold (town) + Jarl's Longhouse (with Inn).
3. Lighthouse + village.
4. Mines (Gold, Corundum ore).
5. Island Worldspace.
6. Docks, and Boat.
7. Ammenities (working campfire that uses firewood, light switches, water wells, wash basins, etc.)
8. For Castles: Mannequins, Weapons racks, display racks, book shelves, display cases, Safe Storage, etc.
9. Lots of Storage (Barrels, crates, chests).
10. Bolt Fletcher (makes bolts) in Castles.
11. Battleborn Hold has "defenses" (be on the inside for your safety); i.e. automatic cannons.
12. Ocean waves in island bay.
13. Waterfalls.
14. Custom food options.
15. Private Basement level with Bartender in Player Castle.
16. Quests (includes Main Quest with Misc. Quests)
17. Guide book in a chest near the Docks/statue. Touch the Dibella Statue to begin the Quest.

Note: I attempted to include LOD for this Mod, but when I did so it caused normal Skyrim to become corrupted, so I left it out using an earlier version of the Mod = I followed the directions for the video by the maker of Falskaar, but he left out the part where if done wrong, the worldspaces are affected (as in data folders locations).  I also tested the Mod multiple times while developing it. 

M7 2017.
Vers. 1.2: March 17 2017.

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