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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to make an Innkeeper in Skyrim

How to make an Inns Keeper in Skyrim
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1.    NPC = Rent Room Script (Add Bed Ref# in Properties; & WI)
2.    Factions = JobInnKeeper Faction, JobRentRoom Faction, Job Merchant Faction (all = 0), + CustomMerchant Faction.
3.    VendorFood; Keyword: JobInnKeeper, helps Friends, Allies.
4.    AI = DefaultSandboxHomeOwner
5.    Voice = Female Commoner; NordRace Female
6.    Unique, Essential.
7.    Make certain Navmesh path is clear and not blocked.
8.    (Quest: WIRentRoomWalkT0)
9.    Add gold and leveled items to NPC. 

To create your Innkeeper, make an NPC with RentRoomScript added. In Properties, select the Bed Reference # in your Inn and select WI for the 2nd option. 

Factions on the NPC:
JobInnkeeper = 0
JobRentRoom = 0
JobMerchant = 0
(Custom)Merchant = 0 ; M7Merchant

Stats - VendorFood
Keyword on NPC: JobInnKeeper
helps friends and allies

AI = DefaultSandboxHomeOwner

Voice = I used Female Commoner, NordRace Female
Unique, essential

Add gold and leveled items to NPC or chest reference in Custom Faction.


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