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Enter Skyrim
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Saturday, September 10, 2016



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

An Escape from the Pirate Island Mod
by: M-7

1. Go to Dawnstar and find the Pirate Cove Stone (it looks like a Doomstone).
then touch it.  (coc dawnstarexterior09).
2. You are in the Pirate Ship, so look for a way out, like a Key.
3. On the way out Meet "the Captain" (Statue) and "shake his hand" (touch him).
4. The Pirate Captain needs you to perform 5 Tasks in order to leave his island.
Each Task earns a Task Gem.  You need all 5 Gems to complete the Quest and exit Key.
5. First Quest is easy - find and collect all 7 "Junk" items on the ship (ruined books). Bring to Captain.
6. Go outside and find a chest with pick and axe.  Get them. Then Mine some Gold and use the Smelter to make gold ingots (50). Bring this to Captain.
7. Build the City. (with Workbench). Use the "Cut Log" for Lumber, Gold Mines for gold, and Stone (on mountain) to build City Parts (4) - make all 4 parts to create a City Deed. Take Deed to the Captain.
8. Build a Ship.  Use Lumber & Gold to make it, (Ship Deed). Take Deed to Captain.
9. Provide Food for the Pirates.  Use wheat fields and Grain Mill (from built City) to make flour, then add Water from Water Wells (in Cave) and Oven (in Cave) to make Pirate Food (30). Bring Food to Captain.
10. When all Tasks are done return to Captain with all 5 Task Gems for your key to Skyrim. The Tower is your exit. 
11. In the Pirate Den is a "Cheat Sack" with items for the Quest (for testing purposes).  Only use this if you cannot complete the Quest, or find all the items (due to impatience). 


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