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Friday, June 3, 2016

Create your own Imperial City by M7

Create your own Imperial City:

(Create your Own Series)

Rebuilding the Imperial City after an Earthquake.

by: Skyrim Modifier M7.

version 1.0 ~ June 3, 2016.

Waterfront = COC aa1mc
Arena = COC aaic5
Palace = COC aaa1ic01

!! All 3 DLC are Required!!

On your Map you will find the "Lighthouse Marker" along the Docks at Solitude City (CYO IC).  From there a gold teleporter disk is on a road leading to the East Empire Co.  The teleporter enters a Tower with a front door and a ladder to the Teleporter Chamber (accessing all the main parts of the Imperial City). The front door enters the Waterfront with a merchant that sells components you will need for rebuilding the City.

Why you ask?

Recently the Imperial City suffered an Earthquake that devestated most of the region. You are assigned to rebuild the City with local resources: 

1.  Sand from mining Stone blocks.
2.  Lime, from a chest in the Imperial Prisons below the Waterfront.
3.  Sand + Lime = make Concrete.
4.  Wood = from the surrounding Birch Wood Trees. Used for wood Carpentry, as with making walls, doors, furniture.
5.  Roll of Cloth, Dyes (made from wild flowers), clay = for a pottery kiln in the Market District (once built).
6.  Iron Ingots = for Hinges, Locks, Iron Nails.
7.  Contracts = made from building items. You need these to Finalize the City parts (for Computer).



A functioning Arena with Adoring Fan Follower. Earn 500 gold per kill.
-  Can select up to 4 individual Combatants.
Imperial Legion HQ and Guards.
Arcane University.
Palace - Elder Council Chamber (with Bard).
Arboretum - with pool, animals, guards.
Market District - with Merchant.
Elven Gardens.
Temple District with Temples.
Talos Plaza.
Waterfront with boats and Merchant.
Imperial Prison.
Tents with Workbenches and computers in each segment.
A Cheat Box with Key (make from ingot of Iron) for short cuts to the game (Contracts).
** All Interior Cells ** (Navmeshed)
Marked "Safe Chests" for storage.


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M7 2016.

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