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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Underville mod by M7



A new town in Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC).

Version 1.0 - Work in Progress.



Near the Ice Castle ruins in Northern Solstheim is the location of an ice-walled enclosure known as Underville. This town is completely enclosed in ICE, allowing the citizens perfect security (guards included). Originally I wanted to create a worldspace for this project, then I realized I could build an interior landscape for Navmeshing purposes.  This Mod uses Dragonborn DLC & Skyrim updates. 


1.  General Goods Merchant/Inn.
2.  Metalsmith.
3.  Farmer House.
4.  Guard House.
5.  Chapel of Mara.
6.  Town Hall.
7.  Food & Clothing store.
8.  Working Grain Mill.
9.  2 small lakes or ponds.
10. Guards & other NPC people.

Under Development or Future projects:

1.  The Palace (Player home).
2.  More people. 

Developer's Notes:

The Navmeshing of the first main area took 2 hours to compute correctly due to the size of the town.  Then I finalized doors, etc.  NPCs can walk in specified areas.  This project is ongoing since this weekend (11-29-2013+).  Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please report any bugs or issues in the commentary section below. Please rate & Thank you for playing / testing this project. 


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