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Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Create a Fence Merchant in Skyrim...

How to Create a Fence Merchant in Skyrim...

1.  Create or Rename a NPC (non-player character) Actor.
2.  Create a Faction under "Factions", for YourFactionIDJobFenceFaction.
3.  In your new custom Faction, select hours of merchant, the cell for the chest to be used (ref. ID), crime (if any), and select (x) "Not buy/sell" AND (x) "Only buys stolen items."  (Misc. items checked or other items on list). 
4.  Add this custom Faction along with JobMerchantFaction and JobFenceFaction (Fence) to the Actor NPC Faction list.
5.  Add a Custom Chest (renamed Merchant Chest with some gold [45k] and leveled items from LeveledItems List, and ChestIDRef on top) to cell with Actor or outside of cell and nearby.
6.  NPC should say when clicked on in-game "How much will you give me for these?" when clicking on NPC for buy/sell items.
7.  Set Actor to respawn or unique if desired.  Add an outfit if necessary, and make Disposition 80 under Stats (Unaggressive, Mood :), no crime, with character voice (for character; ex. Sultry for female, even toned for male) and under Class: VendorPawnBroker). Place NPC on a cell or in game near chest.  Save Game Data.  Then load up game to test this.

M7 2013.

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