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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Falmer Hold 1.4 ver. info

Falmer Hold 1.4 - a Skyrim Mod by M7.

Visit the subterranean world of the Falmer, and find a lost bastion of Tiber Septim in Falmer Hold! When first entering this mysterious Imperial Tower on the outskirts of Whiterun City, you will plunge into the Lost City of the Falmer, discovering a Palace built by Tiber Septim himself. Use your map marker to locate this Dwarven ruin near Whiterun Hold.

Enter the antechamber where past archaeologists camped out. There are several choices of where to go next: will you enter the iron mines that finance the post-Falmer residents? Will you enter the Dungeon to find the Key to the Underground Palace of Talos? Or will you bravely enter the Engine room and explore Falmer City? Be careful of traps in the dungeon, for the Falmer are not alone. Storage Chests are marked NR for non-respawn and RS for respawn, though most are unmarked and safe. Visit over 20+ rooms in this Player Home, a Skyrim Modification by M7. 3 Vendors are in the Cafe, and your personal fortune awaits you in the hidden Bank-Vault (**SPOILER: look in the Study for a clue to where this is).


Included rooms:

Entry room, Indoor Pool room, Cafe, Dining room, Kitchen, Pantry, Utility Room with Materials barrel, Music Hall, Tower, Master Suite with bathroom, Chapel of Talos, Study, Secret Passage to Bank Vault; Dungeon, Iron mines, hidden crypt, engine room, and entrance camp.
- update 2/15/2012: I added an Engine room, armor & weapons in the antechamber, Falmer in Dungeon, minor fixes, some glitches cannot be fixed that occur on some computer systems (A tower still disappears at first, and the swim suit appears to be missing boots on some systems though not on my PC). I am still researching character dialogue which should appear sometime on official tutorials from Bethesda/you-tube.com.
- update 2/19/2012: 3 NPC Vendors are now functional in Cafe. (24 hour vendors).
- Update 2/26/2012: fixed entry tower, added Worldspace "Falmer Hold City" to Engine room, with buildings. Added fires to fireplaces and other lights. Added stairs to entry.
- One Bug is related to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary: when first loading the Creation Kit an error flag occurs asking you about this; since M7 simply hit "Yes to all" this may be the case. So use the DB Quests prior to this mod for safety, in case you "fall through the floor of the DB Sanctuary" as has been reported by a patron on Steam Workshop.
- Other bugs are related to the CK loading up when using the CK, and are Not the fault of the Author. :)
- See my videos on youtube.com for Falmer Hold mod.


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