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Enter Skyrim
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

M7's Falmer Hold -- now on Steam Workshop...


An underground Palace was recently discovered. Look on Map for Falmer Hold near Whiterun City. Using the map marker, enter the gate on the hill, the tower may appear missing at first and is visible later after entering mod. Enter the Dungeon to find the Mysterious Chest with the all-important Key (beware of traps!). Then enter the gate on the right and find the palace. There are 20+ rooms total throughout the Palace and other rooms, including some mines. The palace has 3 levels at the moment. Visit the Chapel of Talos on the top, or search for the secret bank vault for your pension. The NPC "vendors" are currently non-functional. This mod is a Work in Progress. Furniture and barrels / chests are marked RS for Respawn and NR for non-respawn. This is my 2nd mod for Skyrim. Falmer Hold was originally planned to be a city of the ancient Falmer (pre-dwarven).


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