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Enter Skyrim
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

on modding for Skyrim...


Most reviews of Skyrim are either pro-game or unpleasant sprinklings of reality.

First, the hype for Skyrim allowed an unfinished game to reach over $450M in sales based solely on appearance.

Second, the delay of the Creation Kit is more meaningful as the players are now compelled to use it to FIX THE GAME, and if Bethesda likes it, then players will add to the profits when Steam uses their mods in future DLC.

So this is all about venture Capitalism (money, profits) and not about quality assurance or the purpose of making such a game (fun, worthiness, righteous conduct).

Now, I have 2 mods (mods = short for modifications) in mind, and this delay of the CK is allowing me more time to dwell on ideas and content.

I must choose between instant gratification or higher quality mods; ones with timely quality and well-thought-of content, or fixes to the game engine. Whichever is the case, I should not be motivated for this by money, but make them for my character in the game, or something I would want.

M7, 2012.

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